Friday, July 5, 2013

hawaii pt2

we hired a car and drove to waimea bay for snorkelling.
is that how you spell it? I'm too lazy to google spelling right now.
so dizzy. think i might have vertigo
i have no idea why i thought id try and blog right now. 
this could make no sense overall.

amazing no?

we saw all sorts of crazy fish and even a huge ass TURTLE!!! kate found it and we all came a swimming as fast as we could.
we had a dodgy $8 underwater disposable camera and took photos. ill have to find it and get them developed. probably shit as.

after we snorkelled kate and i got the buggy back up the cliff and the guys walked.
they took this snap of us as we drove past and i think its one of the funniest photos of me ever
i think i was just horrified that kieran would take a photo of me looking so horrible.
but its hilarious.

mcqueen scarf cover my beach hair.

also stop it from getting in my face.
being in the backseat of a convertible is not fun.
u just get slapped in the face by the wind

look at the mist on top of the hills.
i felt like i was in Lost. even thought I have never seen the show.

here we are up on the north shore but it was starting to rain so we didn't swim.
the waves were mental and i was too scared to even go knee deep.

dion thinks he is a pirate.
actually, he thinks this pretty often now that i am thinking about it.

here we try and be comical in photos.

if only they were in focus.

i am super human

no make up.
thank fuck i had lash extensions.
dions sleazy moustache

i already miss you hawaii.

Friday, June 21, 2013


blogger does my head in with this formatting and what not.
does it happen to anyone else?
it won't let me type where i want to type and puts my photos all over the shop.

back in april, i went to hawaii.
with my husband and some friends.
it was awesome.
i love hawaii.
it was my fourth trip. still haven't left oahu. lazy.

anyway, we stayed at the trust kahala resort. i like it. but i have stayed here every time so i can't compare.
there are weird turtles. feel bad for them.

here we are at the cheesecake factory. we ate so much food it should not be mentioned.
the staff i think were annoyed at our over ordering but we wanted to try lots of things.
whats it to them.
here you can see D and K lady and the tramping some nachos.
with their stupid " hawaii moustaches" that they had the WHOLE TIME in honour of miami vice.
it was really unattractive.

here i am eating some garlic noodles, or spaghetti, if you will.
i love spaghetti aglio olio. its my fav shit.
does anyone else miss when perez hilton was funny? and scribbled shit on peoples faces and was bitchy? now he is so boring and moral. snooze

here we go back to the hotel and its weird fish ponds with sting rays.
bindi says hi.

it also has some dolphins.
sad no? whats your thoughts? i felt bad.
we swam with them. and by swim, i mean you just kind of wade around while they do stuff.
i mean, they seem happy enough but surely they miss the freedom of the ocean?

the hotel had no espresso.
whats with that? 
we had to go to the local mall to get starbucks.
in america its called a mall.
learning new things? you can thank me later.

   kate got some cute new sandals at balenciaga at the ala moana mall.
   she loves a t bar.

  here we are back at the cheesecake factory. thank you blogger for the nice rearranging of my photos.
we are smashing a cheese and spinach dip.

here we are back at the mall eating a PB & J.

we followed this creepy guy down a dark ally to shoot guns......and the guy with the sign came too. BOOOM TISH. burnnnnnn D buurrrrnn.

i shot all sorts of guns , revolver, glock, m4 and more. i can pretty much join the specials ops now.

if you look closely you can see a trail of stairs that go up the mountain.
some raving lunatics do this as their daily exercise.

my favourite place on earth.
miss you whole foods with a small "o"

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

kates bridal shower

Hi there.
Here are some photos from mates bridal shower.
i didn't have any time to take any photos all day! NOT ONE. boo.  so i have found some photos taken from other people. 

it was a mexican theme. duh.
we got catering from blue corn in st kilda and it was so delicious.
desserts were by lux bite.
i wish i had time to eat them all.

Hi kate.
you love your tackalicious sash and you know it.
bridal showers are not the occasion for classiness. its tacky fun all the way.
i got this sash custom made from etsy.
you know you want one.

it was so damn hot it was painful. it was 39 degrees. we were all dripping in sweat. it was sexy.

kates niece is half aussie and half japanese.
she looks like she was not having a bar of it but she was loving it.

Hello flowers. how are you handling the heat?

here i made a little bar area and served strawberry and lychee mojitos and pina coladas.

does a big bowl of limes get you going?
it does for me.

For floral decorations i got a few wooden boxes from daiso and sarahs farm and spray painted them. chucked some yuccas in from the garden.

Here is me making zee drinks.
It was too hot for a bra.
My boob is kinda slopping over to the left.
You may all be happy to know that I am starting to wear real bras now.
they are painful but i am trying to stick with it.

we played many a bridal shower game.
we played bridal bingo that spread over 4 rooms.
there was a lot of shouting to get all the words to 50 people

this one here is a game where you put a certain amount of ping pong balls into an empty tissue box and the first one to get them all out wins. simple yet hilarious to watch some people shake their rump.

can't have a bridal shower without the toilet paper dress competition!!!
you'll have to guess who kate chose as the winner.
oh the suspense.

after lunch we went to crown and saw the princes of the night burlesque show.
it was the funniest thing i have ever seen.
i would definitely recommend for a hens.
its hilarious!!! and there is no penis so its fine for the oldies.

then after that we all met up with the guys from their bucks day at silk road.
we had a private room upstairs and had snacks and what not.
it was such a fun day.

at 10pm it was still 37 and i was dying. sweating like a whore in church.
here is sarah and me.
god I'm ageing.

and here is the bride and groom.
i think he is looking for something on her neck. or giving a hicky.
or you know just being all nice and lovey


yay i am blogging
bloggity blog

ARGHHHHHLSDFJLSDKFJoiweut09wu234r5hnljnv ,xmcvs[d0fv9-0-ik;osldfv;sdgvg

give up

Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I Need..... okay want. bleh

I think i ned these items.
miss louise said they are getting the shoes in. yay. i tried them on in hawaii last week but they sold out of my size.
going shopping next week so the sass and bide tshirt will be my first stop.

i think i am going to start blogging again.
i am too lazy to take photos with a camera but i got a new iPhone and the camera works so i will use it.
maybe blogging will help me become motivated to lose the massive TEN KILOS i put on after our wedding. i am proud of all my eating. it was a glorious time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Happy Holidays everyone.
I am so sick at home BLERUUGHH.
But then i remembered i had a digi cam and can take some random picas and make a bloggy.
lets hope i don't pass out by the end.
it may take a while. i am delirious and dizzy eyed.

okay. that made me feel ill and i had to have a lay down.

so here are the photos i took this arvo.

my puppies say merry xmas. kind of. HA

and here is my xmas tree that is still up. i have been too ill to take it down.
wah. i will hopefully do it this weekend.

Hello Kitty says Hi.

left over presents for perth peeps that i am yet to see.

 hello little teddy bear. how cute are you? i got this one from myer.

D bought us this lamp. Isn't it the best?
Do you like how i embrace the asian way of covering electrical cords with fake flowers?
I know you do.

god my head hurts.
i haven't eaten since friday. i had a  few crackers last night and it hurt a lot.
i want out.

i see on the news now there are some bush fire issues in NSW.
thats so horrible :(

is everyone on a health kick for the new year?
i wish i could say I'm on a fat kick but I've got so out of control with the eating since the wedding.
in order to be healthy, i ordered skin care from strawberry net.
this is way easier than eating good or exercising.
the post man came this morning at 7am banging like a mad man and yelling " HELLOOOO"
i didn't answer because
a. im sick as and it was 7am and i was in bed
b. don't know if I'm contagious still

he stayed for about 5 minutes while the dogs went ballistic. how weird.
and now i got a note saying i have to pick it up at a post office 3 suburbs away.
balls because i can't

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