Friday, June 21, 2013


blogger does my head in with this formatting and what not.
does it happen to anyone else?
it won't let me type where i want to type and puts my photos all over the shop.

back in april, i went to hawaii.
with my husband and some friends.
it was awesome.
i love hawaii.
it was my fourth trip. still haven't left oahu. lazy.

anyway, we stayed at the trust kahala resort. i like it. but i have stayed here every time so i can't compare.
there are weird turtles. feel bad for them.

here we are at the cheesecake factory. we ate so much food it should not be mentioned.
the staff i think were annoyed at our over ordering but we wanted to try lots of things.
whats it to them.
here you can see D and K lady and the tramping some nachos.
with their stupid " hawaii moustaches" that they had the WHOLE TIME in honour of miami vice.
it was really unattractive.

here i am eating some garlic noodles, or spaghetti, if you will.
i love spaghetti aglio olio. its my fav shit.
does anyone else miss when perez hilton was funny? and scribbled shit on peoples faces and was bitchy? now he is so boring and moral. snooze

here we go back to the hotel and its weird fish ponds with sting rays.
bindi says hi.

it also has some dolphins.
sad no? whats your thoughts? i felt bad.
we swam with them. and by swim, i mean you just kind of wade around while they do stuff.
i mean, they seem happy enough but surely they miss the freedom of the ocean?

the hotel had no espresso.
whats with that? 
we had to go to the local mall to get starbucks.
in america its called a mall.
learning new things? you can thank me later.

   kate got some cute new sandals at balenciaga at the ala moana mall.
   she loves a t bar.

  here we are back at the cheesecake factory. thank you blogger for the nice rearranging of my photos.
we are smashing a cheese and spinach dip.

here we are back at the mall eating a PB & J.

we followed this creepy guy down a dark ally to shoot guns......and the guy with the sign came too. BOOOM TISH. burnnnnnn D buurrrrnn.

i shot all sorts of guns , revolver, glock, m4 and more. i can pretty much join the specials ops now.

if you look closely you can see a trail of stairs that go up the mountain.
some raving lunatics do this as their daily exercise.

my favourite place on earth.
miss you whole foods with a small "o"


  1. Perez is well boring!!!! Bore off Perez. And he's wayyyy too skinny now. Btw I met faux and we spoke about your fabulousness!! Xxxxxxx

  2. I miss you, you are too funny for words. I did meet Sophie- we went for dinner at Bibendum in Chelsea and had a lot of fun.

    Feel sad for the dolphin too x

  3. I thought the cheesecake factory only sold cheesecake!!!
    K's shoes are awesome
    Have you seen the new Chanel sandals?!
    They have your name written all over them ALL OVER them


  4. Americans do mostly drip filter .. espresso is a European/Australian thing. Apparently Australians have a more discerning palate when it comes to coffee. I think it's changing over there, although I can't speak from direct experience.

    This is one of the areas where we are ahead of the curve ball. /factoidfortheday

    It looks like a lot of fun in Hawaii. Very envious!


  5. love these photos! I want to go to hawaii :( shooting guns is so much fun isn't it, I shot guns in thailand, it was awesome x


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