Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's no secret to those who know me, S&B features a lot in my closet.
It's one brand where I will buy numerous pieces from each collection. I'm not usually brand loyal but S&B is different.
Not sure of the name of this dress....I usually rip the tickets off and throw them out as soon as I get them home. I really liked the fringing details on the dress. (yes my vacuum is in the background hahaha)

I tried to take a photo close up so you could see the black sequin detail on the front but it didnt seem to pick up. On the bright side you can see my new House of Harlow 1960 ring. It arrived last week and I love it !! It gets lots of comments.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Hermes Scarf

I recently got this beauty from Hermes. 
I just realised I forgot to post about the purple one i got too. eehh.
I will get around to it.
Anyways, back to this Brazil scarf ! I LOVE IT. It's my favourite scarf i own now. I love how all the colours go against the black.
I much prefer the pleated scarves at Hermes. It's just something about the way they sit. I love them! This one looks fab worn as a belt/sash and cute as a headscarf.

But the classic style is the wear around the neck...

Okay bit of a lousy photo with the flash in the mirror..but you get the idea!

My new favourite house item

Lately I've been really lazy with blogging. ... as well as super busy. 
I took this photo a couple of weeks ago after I bought this super cool skull on ebay.
I love it. I think its too cute. He looks like he is laughing.
Right now he has a twilly wrapped around his head and Im calling him Skulpac Shakur.
I guess you have to see it...

Paired with some roses in a Country Road vase i got a few weeks ago as well. Im LOVING this fishbowl style vase right now....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

perth again

So last weekend i jetted off to perth for 3 days ( well it became 4 thnx qantas) to escape to grand prix and to visit CouchShopper.
I arrived at about 10am Perth time which was really 1pm Melbourne time. LUNCH TIME.
CS's flight into perth wasnt due for another couple of hours so i told him id wait and we'd catch a late lunch together. 
After checking into the hotel I realised, there is no way i can wait another 2 hours. im STARVING. so i ordered a "snack" from room service. Didnt realise the serving sizes were American standards...oops. so i ate about half, maybe even less and fell asleep. ( had to get up at 6am to catch flight)
I woke a few hours later in a panic because CS wasnt there! he was REALLY late. called his phone and it was turned off. this is when i go into my regular "CS has died in a plane crash" panic. which happens about once a month.  I should start to realise now that delays and qantas go together like grey goose and red bull.
he arrived safely. glad i didnt wait to eat. i would of been waiting till dinner time.

We decided to do a little "late night" shopping around the city before dinner. late night is like 7pm for perth. haha. maybe other places open till 9. not too sure. i need to have shopping options 24 hours a day. that would be my ideal world. i heard dubai is open crazy hours. might have to check it out.
anyways, one of the cool things about perth city is random bronze statues around the city. there are really cool ones that i regret not taking a photo of. :( like one in a shopping area and the guy is doing a handstand. and its near this cool bavarian arcade. next time i go to perth i will take photos and not feel silly and embarassed. 
anyways, we found some in a quieter area and took some piccas.
these statues show the evolution of the working man and their attire. wish i could of fit them all in. the latest one shows a man on his mobile phone.
CS and i decided to add the next man in the series which only SMS/emails on his blackberry.
this picture reminds me ! i should of added in some photos of all my shopping from perth!
will do!
have to remember to take photos. and i also forgot those shoes i bought at David Jones. completely forgot. must wear them tomorrow. YAY for the blog.
please note CS is paranoid and doesnt like his pretty face on the internet. HA

Here is one of me. it was windy k? ahah cant you see how windy it was? so windy it was bright blue. hahaha.
FYI we're not 4ft the statues are REALLY tall. hahaha

Wind has kind of stopped...not really. couldn't get a picture with normal hair.

CS and i know nothing about perth. we kind of wander around aimlessly and confused.
we went into Freo for a while. it reeked. but im guessing we didnt know where to go or where in the wrong area. we got the cab out of there stat.
on saturday night we went to a club called  The Manor in Leedersville? or something like that? not sure. but it was fun. apart from the one hour que to get in. ughghghhghg. my feet could of died.
anyways here is a cool picture of the interior...well the picture isnt cool. its probably one of the worst photos on the blog but u get the idea of the club. 
kind of wish my house looked like this.
and this is outside on the wall.
to enter the club you had to go down an alley way. maybe it made me feel like melbourne styles or something. i dunno

on sunday we went into subiaco. that was awesome. nothing was open. cool.
so we got a taxi into the city and looked around at the same stuff and then the nice man at Bally said some stuff might be open in Mt Lawley. so we cabbed it up there and a few things were open and we did a little shop and had some beer in a pub.
perth has so many pubs i couldn't believe it.
it seems lots of pubs, not many bars.
anyways, i woke up on monday to go home and then arrived at the airport to this maddness below.
u make me angry. this was only the start. imagine this many people times like 10. thousands of people squashed in like ani-mals. at the airport.
so annoying
our flights were delayed by HOURRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
but what can you do?
its nice to get on the airplane and then they say " oh btw your lugguage isnt coming on board " and you dont get it for another 2 days . yeah nice. how about telling me that before i got on so i could of taken some stuff out that i NEEDED? yeah cool no worried. you knew from the start my luggage wasnt coming. dont try act like it was a suprised qantas.
yeahhhhhh youuuuuuu.

qantas = evil.

okay looking back on this photo it really looks like a normal airport. the people are all hiding in the dark i tells you!!!

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