Saturday, July 31, 2010

Urban Remedy Cleanse Results + Sass&Bide tee + jewellery

BUSY week.
I have finished the Urban Remedy cleanse!! Let me say. I DID NOT CHEAT ONCE!
I didn't even have the "okay foods" (celery, cucumber, lettuce)
Nudda. I am v proud.
I can honestly say I didn't get hungry ONCE. I just missed the smell/taste/process of eating. I realised how much I thought about food though. I plan a lot of my day around food. Interesting.

I have to say on Day 2 and Day 3, I REALLY struggled with Juice 3. It's really quite horrid. I only had 2/3 of the bottle on Day 2 and D forced me finish it on Day 3. It's just hard to drink.
Juice 6 really tastes like something that should be slapped on my face at a day spa.

I forgot to take photos of the juices. Dang. Every lunch time I'd remember but then get home and forget!
But here is a photo of the little cooler bag they give you to carry your juices around in !

I weighed myself on the morning of Day 1 and the morning after Day 3.
I know you all want to know the numbers.
I lost 3.4kg
I don't know if thats a good thing or bad thing.
Did it mean I was carry a lot of fluids in myself that got flushed out with all the drinking?
Cuz it surely isn't any fat loss.
I did work out during the cleanse though. So perhaps I lost 1kg of real fat? Only time will tell.
I wonder if I would of lost the same if I didn't work out? Probs not.
I also did dry brushing and had 1x 1hr body massage and 1 x 1hr reflexology and shoulder massage.
My skin looks brighter according to D but I dunno.
I think my stomach is a bit flatter.
It's odd that I didn't experience any symptoms as well. I dunno whether that meant I was healthy or my body wasn't flushing toxins. I have no idea.
Oh well. I feel proud for finishing it !!

Here is a couple of photos of some recent buys!
Here is the new cut tee from the "Tomorrow the Great" collection from Sass&Bide.
I like this cut. I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore S&B tees but it didn't seem to last long.
I'm not so sure about this colour of tee. I think it looks a bit "I washed my white tee with my black tee" but D liked it, so I thought I'd give colour a chance!
I like the hemming at the bottom.

Lately I've been really liking S&B jewellery collection.
Here is a a necklace I got..

And a close up of them all...
I couldn't get a good shot of the talon ring because it doesn't stand up on it's on.
My camera didn't want to play focus today either.

I thought I'd share my skin care stuff too.
A few months ago I started using Perricone MD Cold Plasma range and I really love it!
To be honest the smell is OFF but I'm hoping no one comes that close to notice.
*mask with perfume* haha.
This is the ONLY product I've ever used that I've noticed results within 3 days.
My skin just feels smoother and the tone of my skin seems more even. I think I looked fresher. Whatever that is. My skin looks less manky and dry.
You use the cold plasma under your normal daily moisturiser. I use Clinique DDML and it works really well together.

Look at these weird roses I got for home.
Weird huh? I wonder if they grew like this or if they put some sort of dye through a white rose? I have no idea about this sort of thing.
Do pink and white roses growing next to each other kind of "breed" ? HAHA
I dunno. Rose Sex. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.

And a last but not least, my IPAD!!!
YAY. I'm pretty sure I forgot to blog about this.
I was in Perth on the day they came out and I wasn't planning on getting one. The lines were CRAY CRAY in Melbs and Sydney.
At about 3.30pm I was on Hay St and thought I'd go take a look in DJs at the display ones.
Well. I am a sucker because 5 mins later I was swiping my CC and saying "gimme gimme"
No Lines...Nothing!! Thank you PERTH!

Anyway, I am obsessed with playing Words With Friends on my iPad.
My user name is Ninibeee.
Add me and we can play faux scrabble!!!
Tell me who you are from here though so I know your not some random dude who sending me weird pervy msgs. *block*

Okay I must be off!
I really CBF proof reading this post so if it is full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes, please forgive me!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urban Remedy Cleanse : Day 1

YAY! I survived day 1.

I was pretty scared on Tuesday night. Thinking "Why the hell am I doing this?"
I wanted to binge so badly but refrained.
It was just instinct to eat 3 days worth of food!!!

OK so

Apple, Lemon, Cos Lettuce, Celery, Silverbeet, Parsley, Cucumber.
This juice tasted very "detoxy" something I wouldn't choose to drink but tasted like some sort of healthy juice. Ha. I can pick up more on the celery and parsley in this juice than the other flavours. I wish they had used continental parsley instead of regular parsley. Then it might taste like some yummy tabouleh juice!! OOOH YEH! Some nice tabouleh juice for breakfast.
The first juice took me about 30mins to drink because I was excited about starting detox.

Pinapple, Apple, Mint. This sounds delicious!! It's pretty much tastes just like straight up pineapple juice though. I can't taste the mint at all ! I wish they went heavy on the mint so then I could pretend it was a mojito and i was back at Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza.
Maybe I can add extra mint? That would be nice!
I might email them and ask them!!
Surely that would be okay to add fresh mint leaves? Because I can drink peppermint tea.
I'm excited by this.

Orange, Acai Berry, Cucumber, Pineapple, Carrot, Broccoli. This was my least fav of the group. It's taste is just like ass and i was in struggle town. I had to just gulp it down without thinking.
After juice 3 I had a nice peppermint tea. It really helped feel warm and content.
I have to remember " NO PAIN NO GAIN" I knew it wouldn't all be easy.

I had juice 4 at about 5pm so I considered it my "dinner juice" HAHA. I kinda feels way because it has Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Spirulina and Ginger. But you really only taste the beetroot. I think there should be more ginger.
But WARNING: Use a straw with this juice. I didn't bring a straw out with me and I had to drink it from the bottle. You get beetroot stain all over your mouth and lips and look like you've been sucking someone's blood a la True Bloods fav lesbian vampire Pam.

Before I had Juice 5 I went to Starbucks and got a Venti Peppermint Tea. Yay. They assured me it was herbal and no caffiene. I don't trust Starbucks so I have to ask these questions.
By juice 5 it's now 7pm so by this time I should be hungry but I'm not.
Juice 5 was actually my favourite juice of them all. Lemon, Water, Agave Nectar, Cayenne Pepper. I liked this one a lot and I think it's something I would of bought if I saw it in the shops. Its just a nice refreshing lemony type juice.
I think this juice is very similar to the Lemon Detox Diet.
I don't think I could do this "diet". I just love lemon too much and I fear I'd get sick of lemons forever after having only lemon water for days.
By this time I took a one sip of juice 6 to see what it tasted like and to curb any sugar cravings.

Coconut Milk, Raw Cashews, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Water, Agave Nectar.
I thought I would like this juice the most because it was like a dessert juice but i thought it was just okay. I only drank half of the bottle.
I was too tired to finish it.
I wish it had more Cinnamon but I am NUTS for cinnamon.

I fell asleep at about 10.30pm last night which I haven't done since I was about 12.
I was so tired. Not sure if it was because a very long busy day or because of detox.
I had to carry around all my juices because I was out all day and night. I hated having to answer to everyone about the detox and why I'm "starving myself"
It became tiring after the 3rd person.
My mum thought I was on a doctor ordered detox. HAHAHA Bless.

Let me tell you one thing though that no one from Urban Remedy told me.
I was peeing all day.
It was embarassing.
I had to pee like every half hour.
Pee Pee Pee.
I thought it was just me but I asked my friend K who is doing the detox as well and it's the same with her too.
Prepare for peeing.
If you are in a job where you can't take breaks to pee then rethink this detox during working days.

I weighed myself yesterday morning before Juice 1 and this morning before Juice 1 and I have lost 2.5kg.
Isn't that mental?
Surely that can't be right. I might of been carrying loads of water weight?
I have no idea.
I was really shocked when I weighed myself.
I thought I'd be about half a kilo lighter.
Weird huh?
I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
My stomach does look flatter but I'm still a bit confused.

Reading all your comments is making me really motivated!!
I feel like I cannot cheat now.
Not at all !!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am doing a detox!!

I am sitting here in bed at 12 terrified of the thought of the next three days.
What have I donnneee???

I read about the Urban Remedy detox on Marlo Perry's blog.
I thought I wanted to try it. I dunno why.
Probably the cutesy packaging.
Lets not lie. I am easily sucked in by things like that.
Ok but more seriously, I think it was because it didn't require pills and powders.
That kind of detox seems weird to me.

For those of you who don't know, I will be drinking 6 juices a day for 3 days and that is it!
You can have water and herbal teas too.

I think I was drawn in by the challenge of not eating for 3 days.
I think there is no way in hell I can pull this off.
I'm trying to remember of the money I'll be flushing down the toilet if I cheat. I will use this as a motivator.
I will try and blog the next three days so I can be honest about my experience.

I think if when it comes to being told I can't eat something, it's going to be all I think about for the next three days.
Today I kept thinking I need to stock up on three days worth of food so I dont get hungry. Hahah. I resisted temptation mainly.
Although, I did have an extra coffee before dinner.

I just hope the next three days go by quickly.

I will try and take some photos of recent buys too!
I need to get my ass into gear with this whole blogging thing I know.
I just find myself really not into computer things lately.
The work I've been doing is off computers and out of the house so I guess less time at home as well.
I've learnt a lot about toilets and showers. It's been interesting!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Weeekeeennddd

Hey everyone!!
Thank you all for welcoming me back :)
I thought no one had noticed I stopped.

On Wednesday I took photos for a friends T-shirt label.
It was fun but a lot harder than I expected.
I have zero photography skills. The only photos I take are the ones you see here.
But I think they were happy with the results.

While M was changing into different Ts, D, his brother and I were mucking around.

Here is D pretending he is some sort of break dancer. Which is 1000% not. Hahaha.
This photo is kind of convincing though. Hahahhaa

Here is Ds brother trying to be cool. Which is 1000% not. Hahaha.
I think he had fun. He is on school holidays now so it was great to have his help.
I think it took his mind of VCE for a day so thats good too.

Here is me trying to do a jump shot. Ughh. HAHAHAHA. I think it's pretty obvious I need to exercise more.
Or practice jumping without pulling crazy faces.

Here is a keyring I got in Tokyo. It's cute. I dont know where I will use it.

The night before the photoshoot we went to Nobu for dinner.
We ate/drank a lot. It was glorious.
I heard yesterday that Robert De Niro is in town. I like to think he was dining with me that night and I just didn't notice.
Here is my new S&B top. It's from the new season but looks almost identical to everything from the last season.
I liked that it had a high neck. D thinks I always have my "rack out" so I'm pretty much going to only wear turtle necks from now. HAaaaaaaa.
He is going to not like that I wrote that. Hahahaaaaa too bad he doesn't have the internet right no so he can suck it.
My nail colour is Chanel Lotus Rouge. It matched my drink!

A few weeks ago I went to ACMI to see the Banksy film Exit through the Gift Shop.
It was fun. I felt bad for Mr Brain Wash. They made fun of him a little too much perhaps. I dunno. I felt bad for him.
Anyway, I liked this huge thing outside so I took a photo. Just found it then!

Along with these photos too!
I got a Nespresso machine about a month ago.
I love it.
It's so easy and no cleaning.
I recommend them. Obviously it doesn't compare to "real" coffee but its nice quick and easy to make while I'm getting ready in the morning.

I love the cute little pods that come with it!

I love photographing roses.
They always look so much nicer in close up photos than real life.

I am watching TV and relaxing tonight. I feel so burnt out from the last 2 months.
I think I need to sleep for 3 days to catch up.

I am heading back to Perth tomorrow so I will try and take some more photos this week!
However I might not be able to blog :(
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello !

Long time, No see !

I haven't been taking any photos lately, but i just uploaded some old photos from camera to share.
This is from Perth about a month ago?
Sometimes I cant be effed with clothes and I just wear something of Ds.
Nice and baggy and easy and comfy!

Ds Bape shirt
Sass & Bide shorts
Sass & Bide beanie
Zara boots

I love these boots. Mainly because of the buckles and the comfort factor!
I wear them nearly every day. I should get them topy'ed so they last longer!

Here are some photos of foods I recently ate!

These are from MAMASITA on Collins st.
Yummy. I could eat guacamole every day!

Here is a cheese and mushroom tortilla and some sort of vegetables cooked in a red pepper.
They were nice.
For drinks I had the mamasita margarita. It's very nice!
D had this red chili beer type cocktail that was also nice. Sounds gross though!

This was supposed to be some sort of mint dessert but really was just some sort of custard shiz. EW. I had two mouth fulls. Yuck.
Ignore my deer in headlights expression.
Hahahha. So stupid.

I wore a S&B tshirt
with a
Kate Moss for Topshop vest

This dessert sounded so exciting.
Jalepeno and chocolate ice cream.
It tasted like chocolate ice cream.
I dunno where the jalepenos were.

Next we have the newish MAZE restaurant at Crown Metropol.
I really loved the food! Will be back for sure!
The staff all seem very young there and it was quite hard to get attention for drinks etc.
Then once you finally do its about a 10 min wait.
So we started ordering heaps at once so we weren't constantly without a drink.

We did the vegetarian degustation. I think it was 8 courses.
My favourite dish of the night was the first dish, the soup. But I took no photo.
D and I both thought it tasted like Aperge in Paris.

I wore this black Country Road knit that has a sparkle through it. But the camera didn't really pick it up.

Here is a course which was basically beetroot with goats cheese.

This was some sort of potato salad with the thinest sliced avocado ever! Very impressive.
Almost looks like cucumber!

Cauliflower dish.

The bread there is so delicious!!! They serve it in this warm steel canister so it stays warm, and serve it with salt and seaweed butter.

Here for dessert we have a lamington thing.
We also had a carrot cake.
I didn't like either of the desserts.
I think I'm not into 95% of deserts. I'd rather eat salty chips anyday!

Then after dessert you get these strawberry ice cream balls covered in white chocolate.
Which we also didn't eat.
Its all too much sweet and sugar.
Three desserts Bleughh.
But I think most people would really enjoy it!

Here is two random shots from NOBU
If you guys go there you must try this cocktail!!
SO GOOD x 10000
Its a raspberry and hazelnut martini.
Best sweet drink!!
I usually dont like sweet alcohol drinks but this one is v nice!

Cute tasting plate!!
I like small little desserts to try.

I will try and take some more photos of recent purchases etc.
Winter makes me not want to take photos.
Being in Perth so much makes blogging difficult also because I don't have the internet there :(
I am still trying lots of new places in Perth.
Thank you once again to all of you guys that suggested places for me !

Have a lovely day :)
People down south, rug up!

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