Thursday, February 25, 2010

Siglo again. shoosh. i am not a booze hound.

I know what you're all thinking.
I don't live a this place.
It's just the best bar in Melbourne. I can't turn down an invitation to go to Siglo. Everyone who knows me, knows this.
Dry Manhattan.
Cherry is a must.
Once they put an orange twist in it. What the hell were they thinking?
I threw it across the table in true diva style. Hahaha. What a baby I am.
I am usually pretty chill, but if you make a crap cocktail then I loose my cool.
Cocktails are so stupidly priced, EVERYWHERE, so they must be made to perfection.
I had an average mint julep the other day. It made me mad.
Anyway, back on topic,
Manhattan goodness below,
Does drinking Manhattans make me butch? I think it does. I don't care. I love them too much.

Notice how crap the photos are? It's because my friend A took them. She is the worst photographer. I have asked her to take photos for my blog a few times and they have all been unusable. All out of focus. Or like, I'm not even in frame. Hahaha she will get angry when she reads this. Love you A !!! love love love *pats head* She is cute.

Anyway, look above again and notice my top. It's ALL sequins. YES. SEQUINS but MATTE sequins. Matte sequins are the best of sequins. I got this top from the mature lady section of David Jones. I love that section. D gets so annoyed when I shop there.
Whatever, the clothes are cheaper and good and no one else wears them.
WIN WIN. If this top was in the young womens fashion area it would be like three times the price. Rude.
After quite a few Manhattans, I decided to switch it up and try this supposed "drink of the gods" - an Amaretto Sour.
It came in a martini glass and that confused me, because it's not a martini.
I put my Alpha 60 pleated scarf back on to hide my armpits. Armpits remind me of something I don't want to be reminded of.

I would say the Amaretto Sour tastes like a box of Nerds in drink form. Which is good. I enjoyed it. But don't smell it. It smells like wet dog. Everyone on the table agreed.
I don't know how that happens? We had two on our table, one neat and one with ice and the one with ice smelt more like wet dog.
Weird huh?
So if you like Wonka Nerds, then you must try this drink.
I will try this drink again. It is fun and it's nice for summer time.

While I am on the topic of Siglo, I have to tell you all something.
They have the best Vegetarian Spring Rolls in the world.
This isn't an exaggeration. This is a fact.
I hate spring rolls, fried food and coriander and it's all three but I am obsessed with them.
Please everyone try them and tell me if you agree.

Okay next topic,
I am going to share with you my favourite salad. I make it a lot. It's the best.
Here is a photo I took of it so you can get the idea,

Ingredients List:

Mache Rosettes ( This is the name of the lettuce you must use. any other lettuce will destroy it)
Feta ( Dodoni only, use other feta at your own risk but make it a good creamy one )
Pomegranate (Fresh only)
Mint Leaves
Salt ( The good stuff you grind )
Olive oil ( Don't get cheap here either its the only dressing used so you will taste it)
Avocado ( Apparently they are like $4 each now so you can go without if you like)
You can also use peas if you want to make it more filling. Please no frozen peas. Only fresh. Frozen peas will ruin it. You will get what I mean when you try it)

So basically,
You just throw it all in a bowl.
Make sure when you cut the pomegranate you don't wear a white tshirt.
Pick all the weird white stuff off them too.
Make sure you wash the mint well and shred it nicely. Or you can use the whole mint leaves but make sure you take them off the stalks.
Mint is very important to the recipe. Don't leave it out. Use LOTS of mint in it.
I hope I explained this well. I don't use recipes ever, EVER so I don't know why I thought I could write one.
If you have trouble finding the lettuce, go to Coles. It is always at Coles. Haven't seen it at Safeway before... It's usually in the area where the lettuce is in a plastic wrapping on the shelves.

Best Salad Ever.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Please all tell me your favourite cocktail, or are you not a cocktail person? Sweet? Fruity? Dry?

I don't like sweet cocktails so my top picks are
- Dry Manhattan
- Grey Goose Vodka Martini ( good olive or die)
- Mint Julep

YAY. You can't go wrong with this picks, unless you don't like your booze strong, then don't try these drinks.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wine time.

I took this photo the other week. I like it because I like colourful skies...
Dusk is such a beautiful pretty with the clouds...

We met up with D's workmate and his lovely partner for some wine-time. D's mate looked like Jacob from Twilight.
Can I use wine-time if no wine is consumed? I believe yes.
Here is my Valentine's Day Louis Vuiteezy gift.
The Stephen Sprouse Leopard scarf.
I looked for this all over Paris to no luck. Only scoffs and laughter (please read in French accent) "hohuhuhuuh oh that is so last season"
WHATEVER leopard is forever so gimme gimme.
Then in Singapore no luck either. Thank the lord we are so behind the times in Melbourne.
I posed next to some randoms car for a nice photo.
Just Jokes. I was trying to hail a taxi and D snapped this photo of me.

I wore my impossible to find Country Road jeans. I love them. Shiny goodness and tightness. Paired with my comfy Country Road faux pony hair heels.
OH and I forgot.
I got this jacket at Sportsgirl the other week.
It's too hot to wear so I have to wait a few more weeks/months. But this night was cool so I wore it.
Below is D and I. He is wearing his beloved Bape shirt. He got this in Tokyo I think.
We are at Siglo. It's pretty much the best place on Earth. I used to think it was Disneyland but then I found Siglo.

They have the best cocktails in the world. I usually have a dry Manhattan but in this photo I am trying a Tom Collins for the first time.
It was citrusy but it had a cherry in it so I liked it.

I love my new LV scarf.
Thank you so much D !!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate this!!!! I thought I would never have it and I cant wait until winter to wear it every day.
xoxo Thank You !!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Night

After the movie D told me we were checking into a hotel and going to dinner.
I hate suprises. I like be prepared for everything.
But these were nice and I didn't suffer an anxiety attack. Thanks D <3
We checked into Crown Towers and when we got to the room D had organised for a box of 12 long stem red roses to be there and the bed was covered in rose petals. cheese to the max!!!
I gave him shit for not doing it in paris because it's soooo cheese to do it on an engagement night. I think that's where he got the idea from. HAHA so funny. I've never had rose petals scattered before. awwww.
BTW the petals were fake. Apparently its the hotels policy to not have real ones because it stains the bed sheets. I say Napisan.
Sooo no photos of all of that jazz because its a bit of an over share.
Here is a photo of the view from the room though.
Do you like how I included the side of the wall too? I thought so.

Anyways, I didn't really prepare for my hair to be taken to Vue De Monde, as you can see below.
This photo makes me look like such a douche but it was the only one I had which showed some food. I thought it would be nice to see what we ate there in case you guys are planning to go.
The dish below is "Risotto Aux Truffes" or as I like to say mushroom risotto. ha.
They grated the truffle on the spot and I told them to stop right there. I'm not into truffles but I really liked this dish. Two thumbs up.

I am wearing a top by Elizabeth & James. Olsen twin steezy.
Euughh I can't stop staring at how flat my hair is in that photo. I hate posting it. Boiusdghl with hair, I believe bigger is better.
Moving on,
Look at my bling.
It's from sportsgirl. I love it. It says " BAM"
Don't snigger at my old maids hands. I need get on them asap.
I worked in a nursing home for 2 years and it ruined my hands.

Please note the best dessert ever.
A chocolate cigar that came with a coal that was burning to emulate burning cigar.
D told me to pose like an old school gangsta
I couldn't stop laughing. Then I smashed it down like I hadn't just had 6 courses. heeee.

Here is the the petit fours which the waitress said she likes to call petit fives. HA. She was a comedian. While I remember, the staff there were so good. All of them. Amazing.

This was the best one. Some sort of lychee thing.
Can you tell we were drunk at this point?
I didn't take any proper photos of food because I find it embarrassing to take photos in a restaurant. We had the matching wines to food degustation so by dessert number THREE i was pretty smashy. 10 courses of wine tasting is not my best friend. But it was SO GOOD.

My nail polish is OPI Red My Fortune Cookie from the Hong Kong collection.

Upon leaving they gave us breakfast for the next day. Interesting. Nice.
Here is a little snapshot.
Not pictured is the recipes for the breakfast, mint seeds they want me to plant and grow and the tea leaves for breakfast.
I'm not going to grow the mint. I have a hard enough time trying to keep my succulents alive.
I love how the give you a menu to take home of what you ate and drank that night.
I am going to go to Dan Murphys and buy some of the wines we had.
Soooooo good.
The whole Vue De Monde experience was ( as FF would say ) 11/10.
Oh and in that photo it says they are Green Eggs. I don't eat eggs. I have no idea what that means. Is that even a thing? I thought Dr. Suess made it up. Am I stupid here or what?

Anyway, back to Crown. I lost cash gambling. Boo Hiss. It was fun but I got bored quickly so we went back to the room. Here is the fancy Chinese New Year display in the atrium.

And the dragon. Happy New Year to all !!

D was going to take a photo in the lobby for my blog. I fell asleep waiting for him to sort it out. He is the most painful photographer. It takes him about 30 mins to turn the camera on.
I'm wearing my "comfy" heels. They are from Country Road. I love them. They are "pony hair" Imagine if it was real pony hair. Gross. Who would want that?

YAY Success with the camera. But I'm over it and can only force a fake smile.
I wish I had that floral display in my place. I love it.

And that is all I can be bothered to do!
This was a huge post and I am pooped.
So I'm sure you are pooped reading it.

Till next time,
Adios Muchacos!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AC/DC & Valentine's Day Part 1

Gahhhh Long time, No blog.
Yes I know.
My internet has been playing up and I have hardly spent any time at home.
When I've been home I've been checking your blogs and then run out of time.
Eeeep !

Anyway, BORING , back to post. hhaha
For Valentine's Day I suprised D by taking him to AC/DC on the Friday night. He was so shocked hey. It was hilarious. One of my friends picked us up and we were supposed to be going somewhere else and then we stopped outside of Etihad Stadium and he still had no idea.
I had to literally spell it out for him and I think his heart stopped beating for a good 30 seconds.
He really wanted to go but we missed out on tickets. Last week I heard my dad talking to his friend about how he had some spare so I snapped them out quick smart. SOOO glad I got the tickets and didn't have to get them off eBay scalpers. SO against that stuff!
Anyways, here is me rocking out. In the lobby area. HA. Off. My hair hated me that day. Frizz mania.
Oh and I wore my Lover tee that I always forget I own. It always seems to get lost in D's dirty washing pile. Eww. It has a snake and a rose on it. So good.

I wish I had a full outfit photo but my camera went flat after being in the arena for five minutes. Idiot. I hated myself.

Here is our marvelous seats. SUPER CLOSE YES?!!!
hahahah It kind of worked out good though because there was an empty section and we all got up and danced and did other hooligan type activities.
See all those red lights in the audience? They're all devil horns. People went nuts for them.

Here I am with some family friends that also came.
How super cute. They full LOVED IT.
Jet, the younger one wore construction site ear muffs during the concert. Safety first. haha
Morgan full loved Wolfmother. She danced. So super cute.

After the gig we went to "Back in the Day" which is like this 80s/90s rock club in the city.
So funny. It's fun to go there and rock out. I danced to Poison, Black Sabbath and Guns & Roses. It was tack-tastic.
There is a strippers pole in there and I was so disappointed that no one got on it. Boo Hiss.
We had the best night though! So funny. AC/DC was the best! So much fun!

Okay, Now onto the actual Valentine's Day,
After I woke up in a post boozey daze D shouted at me that I wasn't allowed to leave the room. TWO HOURS later I came out and he had set up a little breakfast for us.
How sweet. Thanks D !!

We exchanged gifts after breakfast. I gave him some Black and Blue suede Nike Dukes. He liked them. He collects them.
D gave me a super cute hello kitty USB stick and two photos of us that had been turned into puzzles. How thoughtful. Best of all was the sweet card he wrote for me. It was funny we wrote each other nearly identical messages in the cards!!

Oh and he also got me a suprise. Woooo !! I took a photo of the box but never took a photo of what's inside. You'll have to wait until the next post to find out.

After that he said we were going to the movies! YAY I wanted to see the cheesy Valentine's Day movie so bad. It thought it looked so shitty good and I was right ! ahhh so many cringeworthy moments. So cheesy Vday goood.
Here I am looking foul in the cinema while we waited for the movie to start.
We went to the Directors Suite at Melbourne Central. It was alright. Compared to Village Gold Class I would say they are pretty much even. I find the seats at Village more comfortable though.
We only had coke and long island iced teas and a small popcorn. Still so full from breakfast!

I wore my Thomas Wylde top that I got from The Outnet. I think I've had this top for about a year now but it's still available on the website. People have no taste. BOO!
FIRST of all the print is SCORPIANS. Whats not to love?
SECOND of all the beads are SKULL HEADS.
Awesome x 10000.

But let me tell you,
Ive worn this top twice since i've had it because the shoulders keep falling down.
So if you buy this top, you have to get it altered. I got the ties stitched together but it still slips off. I have to get it altered again. Its so annoying to pull it up every 30 seconds.
No exaggeration. Booo hiss Thomas Wylde. You should know better.
Actually you can see in the photo how its fallen down. SEEE!! I told you.
SO annoying!!!
I want my clothes to be hassle free. I hate fiddly clothes.

I will update soon with my second part to the day.
How was everyones Valentine's Day?
Did you spend it with a loved one?
Get smashed with your single friends?
Please share!

I was about to say Happy Monday. geez. I need to catch up.
Happy Tuesday everyone!!
The night of cheap movie tickets.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mornington Peninsula

A couple of weeks ago my dad and I went for a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula.
His mother lived there for a long time in her life so it's nice for us to go down there for memories. ahhhh. hahahha
Anyways, on the way there we stopped off in Frankston to see the Sand Sculpting Exhibit.
The theme was "Great Moments in History"
I took lots of photos but I'll only share a few, incase you go, and then it'd be spoilt for you.
Look, taataas. Hahahahahha
Immatuuureeeeeeeee. Yes I am!

I liked the detail in the dragon. Impressive.

"Dad. Can you please take a photo of me?"
"Yeah sure"
Ughhh ok? What is this?
I think he finds technology challenging. Your supposed to click when I'm looking at the camera. I know D will say I was the bad poser. But I like to think that my dad was the bad photographer.
What was I doing anyway? Checking for tomato sauce stains? Possibly.
This was supposed to be great buildings in history. Does anyone know what the building is on the left with the hole in it?

The sand sculpting exhibit is down there until April so check it out. All the kids seemed to love it. I was like mildly interested. Hahhahah No it was nice but it was gnarly hot and I don't like being exposed to direct sun with no shade. Sand got in my toes. etc. etc.

After we saw the sandy exhibit we drove down to Portsea for lunch.
I have never been to the Portsea pub before but I was suprised. I liked it.
The food came out quickly and I liked my meal. I don't usually like pub food. It's not really a great place to eat if you're a vegetarian. I had some sort of pesto pasta and a greek salad. They forgot the feta in the greek salad. I wasn't impressed. A greek salad without feta is like ughhh something without something that sucks. You get my drift.
Moving along... after we ate we had a beer outside and you can sit on this lovely grass....

And your view is of the beach. Nice! You can walk directly down to the sand from the pub. Which I liked.
I took this photo and now as I look at it, I must of looked like some creepy perv.
But you cant see anyones face so its okay right?

After lunch we went to the Boneo Maze & Wetlands centre...which had no wetlands. They said it dried out because of the drought. They should like, change the name or something. hahah.
I didn't mind. We did the maze. It was easy. We got lost for a bit and I got a bit scared so I just kept yelling " DDAAADDDD" like a crazy till I found him. hahaha
Anyway, no good photos of the maze. Sorry.
But I pretended to play monster chess in this photo,

It's not so convincing. Half the things are fallen over. I didn't realise this when I was posing for the photo. Dang
After that we drove to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. Ooohhh soo good.
We went strawberry picking. I was so shit. My dad found good ones.

Close up ... well of course it is..hahah

The strawberry farm was CRAZY packed. It was atleast 35 degrees that day and there was no aircon in the cafe area. People are crazy!
Anyway, if you are into strawberries check out their website HERE
They do all these strawberry chocolate desserts and they looked amazing!!!
The wait time for desserts was 45-60 minutes so I gave it a miss and got strawberry icecream instead. Yummy. I should of taken a photo. But at 35 degrees there is not a second to spare with melting ice cream!
I want to go back so bad.

I have to convince D to come with me. He hates the Mornington Peninsula. He has no reason. I can't convince him with strawberry farm. He doesn't like sweets. Dang.
Maybe I'll have to find someone else to go with me.

Ok Stop rambling on.
I have ironing to do.

Happy Monday everyone!! :D Hope you all had a smashing weekend.
I had the best cocktail ever! A Mint Julep. I will drink this again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Adios Paris

I can't post about Paris anymore. I've been back for too long. I'm over it.
This is me at CDG. On the travelator to the gate. BOOOO I pulled a sad face for the photo. Or maybe I had this face for the whole of the morning. Plus it was early in the morning. I cant crack a smile before noon. I miss Paris so much. Can't wait to go back!
Boooo Cryyy Hiiissss.

I'm wearing my Missoni cape/dress thing. It's supposed to be some sort of multi piece. Dress/Strapless dress/ Cape. It came with a belt but the belt was hell uggers and I threw it out.
It's the most comfortable thing ever. I love it.
My trusty MJ mouse flats. They are the most comfortable ballet flats ever!

On the way back we got the A380 again ! Yay. So good. I felt so sick though. It was horrible. I vommied. HAHAHA Did you all enjoy that overshare?
D and I decided to go cameraless in Singapore so I have no photos to share. The hotel room was really nice though. I can't be bothered posting those photos. They are boring anyway.
I really like Singapore. It's so clean and cheap and people are polite. I will go back soon.
On the airplane I did duty free shopping from the booklet.
I randomly bought these two products;

Lancome - Genifique
It is supposed to give me visibly younger skin in 7 days. But to be honest, I haven't used it 7 days in a row yet. I'm lazy. I like it though. I think i can see a difference. But maybe because I'm looking for it. It has a weird texture though.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.
How fun is this? I love it. Don't do it in winter. Somehow the masks are FREEZING cold when you put them on your face even though they are room temperature. You just wack the mask on for 10 mins and then rip it off and done. So easy. I love it. love love. Added bonus : you look a bit like Jason from Friday the 13th with the mask on.
Apparently the pitera ingredient in SK-II is some miracle ingredient which was discovered from the women working in sake breweries. Their hands were so youthful after years of working with this ingredient. So the story goes.... I dunno if this is true...Oh well.

I'm not into skin care. I never try skin things and just use Clinique DDML and thats it. I don't do facials or toning or eye creams or whatever.
My mum the other day told me to stop wasting money on fashion and start buying anti-aging products because " one day you will look in the mirror and see an old person staring back at you"
and that kind of freaked me out, but then I realised she meant me, not some creepy intruder.
But I figure I'll just get botox or something. I dunno. I'm too lazy to worry about the future now. Anti-aging creams are boring, just like super ann. funds? ZzzzZzzzZzzz

What do you guys do for anti-aging? Anything yet? When should I start?
I went to Mecca Cosmetica to buy anti-aging and the CHARMING sales assistant scoffed at me and said I'm too young for anti-aging and tried to force me to buy an SPF cream. ugh
Now I'm too scared to go back to the shops.

Have a lovely weekend everyoneeeeeeeee!!!
Drink/Eat/Relax/Go Crazy!!

It looks like my weekend is going to consist of atleast 3000 hours of cleaning.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Opera !

On the same day we went to Notre Dame, we visited the Opera during the day.
I don't know why I did the posts in the wrong order. Haha. Oh well.
This is a image heavy post. Beware!
Here I am in the lift looking like a stunned mullet. Ha!
But it's the only clear photo i have of my new wooly jumper!
How good is it? I got it from H&M in Paris. Cheap thrills! YAY
To be honest, I didn't really like anything else in H&M. The materials used looked yuck/cheap.
But I scored this jumper so I'm happy. I like the line detail and the batwing arms.
(Missoni scarf from previous post and Tiffany and Co necklace)

Anyway, back to Opera,
When i walked in D had the camera and took this photo as I was taking my jacket off.
I like it because it looks like I have a hunchback or wings. One or the other.

How amazing is this place? It was such a highlight for me. I LOVED IT.
D was not keen on going but changed his mind as soon as we got in.

I tried to cut back from the huge amount of photos I took. It was SO HARD! So many beautiful features.
I feel so blessed that I can see things in my lifetime.

haha so good.

When I move into my "grown up" house, I want to have major chandelier action.
I'm obsessed with them.
I might have them in every room.
Well I would if they weren't so crazy expensive.

So much gold !
Imagine all the hours that went into doing all of this.
Buildings are so boring these days. I want the days of over-decorating to come back!

D loved this ceiling.
I would recommend for anyone going to Paris to check this place out !
It will only take about an hour. Your neck will get sore looking at all the greatness!
It was about 8 euro for entry. I think. I'm about 50% sure on that. Ha. Don't take my word for it!

I just took a close up of my Zara Boots I bought in Paris. YAY buckletastic!!
They are so comfortable!
Seriously, ZARA PEEPS LISTEN UP! If you're not going to open here, Please let us do online shopping. kthnxbye.

D and I just rode our bikes down to the shops to get a coffee.
I fell over my bike. HAHA so funny. It was his fault. I know it.
I don't know how it is possible to fall over when I wasn't even sitting on it.
I have some nice grease action on my legs now. I feel tough!

On another irrelevant note, I love awards season!
I've been watching the Grammy's today. I wasn't digging Beyonce's dress. I think I'm the only one. I'm digging the black dress on the girl from Glee.

Have a lovely week everyone!
Mondays can be a drag.
I am going to throw a whole heap of my clothes out today. "Decluttering"
I am trying to embrace this. I am s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g.

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