Monday, February 8, 2010

Mornington Peninsula

A couple of weeks ago my dad and I went for a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula.
His mother lived there for a long time in her life so it's nice for us to go down there for memories. ahhhh. hahahha
Anyways, on the way there we stopped off in Frankston to see the Sand Sculpting Exhibit.
The theme was "Great Moments in History"
I took lots of photos but I'll only share a few, incase you go, and then it'd be spoilt for you.
Look, taataas. Hahahahahha
Immatuuureeeeeeeee. Yes I am!

I liked the detail in the dragon. Impressive.

"Dad. Can you please take a photo of me?"
"Yeah sure"
Ughhh ok? What is this?
I think he finds technology challenging. Your supposed to click when I'm looking at the camera. I know D will say I was the bad poser. But I like to think that my dad was the bad photographer.
What was I doing anyway? Checking for tomato sauce stains? Possibly.
This was supposed to be great buildings in history. Does anyone know what the building is on the left with the hole in it?

The sand sculpting exhibit is down there until April so check it out. All the kids seemed to love it. I was like mildly interested. Hahhahah No it was nice but it was gnarly hot and I don't like being exposed to direct sun with no shade. Sand got in my toes. etc. etc.

After we saw the sandy exhibit we drove down to Portsea for lunch.
I have never been to the Portsea pub before but I was suprised. I liked it.
The food came out quickly and I liked my meal. I don't usually like pub food. It's not really a great place to eat if you're a vegetarian. I had some sort of pesto pasta and a greek salad. They forgot the feta in the greek salad. I wasn't impressed. A greek salad without feta is like ughhh something without something that sucks. You get my drift.
Moving along... after we ate we had a beer outside and you can sit on this lovely grass....

And your view is of the beach. Nice! You can walk directly down to the sand from the pub. Which I liked.
I took this photo and now as I look at it, I must of looked like some creepy perv.
But you cant see anyones face so its okay right?

After lunch we went to the Boneo Maze & Wetlands centre...which had no wetlands. They said it dried out because of the drought. They should like, change the name or something. hahah.
I didn't mind. We did the maze. It was easy. We got lost for a bit and I got a bit scared so I just kept yelling " DDAAADDDD" like a crazy till I found him. hahaha
Anyway, no good photos of the maze. Sorry.
But I pretended to play monster chess in this photo,

It's not so convincing. Half the things are fallen over. I didn't realise this when I was posing for the photo. Dang
After that we drove to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. Ooohhh soo good.
We went strawberry picking. I was so shit. My dad found good ones.

Close up ... well of course it is..hahah

The strawberry farm was CRAZY packed. It was atleast 35 degrees that day and there was no aircon in the cafe area. People are crazy!
Anyway, if you are into strawberries check out their website HERE
They do all these strawberry chocolate desserts and they looked amazing!!!
The wait time for desserts was 45-60 minutes so I gave it a miss and got strawberry icecream instead. Yummy. I should of taken a photo. But at 35 degrees there is not a second to spare with melting ice cream!
I want to go back so bad.

I have to convince D to come with me. He hates the Mornington Peninsula. He has no reason. I can't convince him with strawberry farm. He doesn't like sweets. Dang.
Maybe I'll have to find someone else to go with me.

Ok Stop rambling on.
I have ironing to do.

Happy Monday everyone!! :D Hope you all had a smashing weekend.
I had the best cocktail ever! A Mint Julep. I will drink this again.


  1. Giant Chess, I am convinced hahahahaha. I dont hate it, I think its a beutiful place, just everytime I been, it kinda sucked. WRONG COMPANY I GUESS hehehe

    Dont feel home sick when I read the blog Cotton, it is so funny ;-)

    See u soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. My best friend lives in Mornington Peninsula now. I hope to get down there to visit this year. That looks like fun! x

  3. Mint Juleps are 11/10. Have you read the Great Gatsby? They drink mint juleps 24/7. Read it. 9 chapters of perfection and gorgeous descriptions of parties, clothes and love lost.

  4. Great photos, I love the giant chess set - looks like fun! x Sushi

  5. The sand castles look amazing! So did the strawberry.

  6. OMG you look like you had so much fun! Such a jam packed day, love the strawberries! Yummy. I need to check out Mornington Pennisula and this maze, sounds like an awesome outing :)
    Can't wait to read more!

  7. ahhhhhhh!!! looking at your photos is making me miss Melbourne even more. i love it at Mornington, the sun, the sand, the drinks, the strawberries.... yada yada. ok i should stop there.

    great to see you were enjoying yourself! my mom is a techno-klutz like your dad. let's just say she can't handle the camera well. hahah.

  8. Best photos ever! I am totally checking the Frankston exhibit out. What camera do you use? xx

  9. love the name of your blog :)

  10. I lIKE IT HERE! Your blog, I mean. Sans the heat issue and sandy toes (not a fan) if D won't go with you I'll join ya :-) it looks like SO MUCH FUN! So when someone invents a (free-to-use) teleporter, count me in.

    No idea what the holey building is, sorry.

    ANY Dad + technology=disaster. This is basic physics.

    Sparkles xoxo

  11. Great blog entry hahaha.. Nice castles, what do they do when it rains?!

    Now I want a Mint Julep...

  12. I loooove those sandcastles! Amazing!
    And as a kid I always played on those massive chessboards when we went on holiday.
    +Mint Julep = yummo!

  13. Your commentary always makes me laugh! I think I've been to that wetlands place once on the way back from a school excursion or camp many moons ago! You always look like you're having such fun.

  14. Lacey Socks clocking on for duty.... what my first assignment. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    Not sure about Lacey socks.


    @Oreboy drinking fun times when you get back

  15. OMG strawberry farms are my idea of heaven! Thank you thank you for adding a badge!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. The peninsula isn't too bad! Frankston on the other hand, I don't like. Maybe those sand buildings are impressive, but I don't want to go to Ftown, too many scary bogans.
    Can you convince D to go to the Hot Springs for a splash maybe? And on the way home, just go the wrong way and accidentally end up for some more strawberries. They look de-lish.

    Great blog, btw. I'll be back!

  18. FF - I will add the Great Gatsby to my list of books to read!

    Jenny - Hi :) I use a Canon 500D

    Mez - I read that they spray some sort of water proofing stuff on the sand so it doesn't effect them!

  19. what does he have against wine and good food?
    does he like wine?
    and good food?
    and lighthouses?!?!?!


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