Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wine time.

I took this photo the other week. I like it because I like colourful skies...
Dusk is such a beautiful time...so pretty with the clouds...

We met up with D's workmate and his lovely partner for some wine-time. D's mate looked like Jacob from Twilight.
Can I use wine-time if no wine is consumed? I believe yes.
Here is my Valentine's Day Louis Vuiteezy gift.
The Stephen Sprouse Leopard scarf.
I looked for this all over Paris to no luck. Only scoffs and laughter (please read in French accent) "hohuhuhuuh oh that is so last season"
WHATEVER leopard is forever so gimme gimme.
Then in Singapore no luck either. Thank the lord we are so behind the times in Melbourne.
I posed next to some randoms car for a nice photo.
Just Jokes. I was trying to hail a taxi and D snapped this photo of me.

I wore my impossible to find Country Road jeans. I love them. Shiny goodness and tightness. Paired with my comfy Country Road faux pony hair heels.
OH and I forgot.
I got this jacket at Sportsgirl the other week.
It's too hot to wear so I have to wait a few more weeks/months. But this night was cool so I wore it.
Below is D and I. He is wearing his beloved Bape shirt. He got this in Tokyo I think.
We are at Siglo. It's pretty much the best place on Earth. I used to think it was Disneyland but then I found Siglo.

They have the best cocktails in the world. I usually have a dry Manhattan but in this photo I am trying a Tom Collins for the first time.
It was citrusy but it had a cherry in it so I liked it.

I love my new LV scarf.
Thank you so much D !!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate this!!!! I thought I would never have it and I cant wait until winter to wear it every day.
xoxo Thank You !!!!


  1. LOVEEEEE the scarf! Pfff to the frenchies who think it is sooo last season.
    Leopard print is forever yo.

  2. oh the french and them with their noses up in the air. who cares if it's last season?! as long as it looks good on you, it doesn't matter and the scarf definitely looks good! (: great gift from your partner. hoooo

  3. Hi Cotton:)
    Really liked those pictures:)
    Have a nice evening...


  4. love the scarf!! so so lucky!! love D's sleeve too.. from what i can see!!!

  5. Woot! Love the scarf! (and the blog too!)

  6. leopard print is Killer. That scarf is divine. 11/10 I say.

  7. That scarf is pretty fantastic. And I agree, leopard print is far too fabulous to ever give in to things like trend cycles.

  8. That scarf is ah-ma-zing!

    Loveeeeee it

  9. GRRRR jelousy! I have wanted that scarf forever! My credit card bill stopped me though. And I LOVE that your boy got you that!! My boy is not as clever with presents.

    Your shiny jeans look good on you. Mine are OK but they stretch too much! So i dont wear them outside of work but you have convinced me to! xx

  10. mine have stretched heaps too!
    too scared to wash them.
    scared i will ruin the shine effect

  11. Lady face, love, love, love the scarf and the CR jeans.

  12. The photos do look very lovely! Congrates on your new scarf! Looking lovely as well! You are so photogenic!

  13. Wow, I saw that sky, pretty intense! I want that scarf, never gets old, gorge!

  14. Wow, what a beautiful photo! Love your outfit too - and that scarf! it's gorgeous. Leopard print is a classic :)

  15. I might just steal that scarf. It's awesome! You're a lucky one!

  16. You scarf is making me f*cking die. Very envious!

  17. Are you my younger style sister?!

    First off, beautiful photos, dusk is my fave time of day :)

    And you're in one of my fave bars, yay Siglo! and I can not believe you have that scarf!!! I too have been eyeing it off and then found it at Crown LV over our V Day stay - wish I'd seen you! - and am going back to get it this weekend, that or a silk LV leopard scarf.

    Maybe we're in some weird fashion sync, ha?!
    Hey have you scored Chanel's Jade polish yet?
    I still haven't :(

    <3 xxx

  18. your scarf is gorgeous! Lucky you=)

  19. agree agree with you and jenny on the jeans stretch.. i love mine too much not to wear them though :)

    one word regarding the scarf. lucky.


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