Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Notre Dame

Here i am waiting for a taxi on the Champs Elysees. I like this photo. I think its funny as.
Its perfect for Perez Hilton to squiggle a penis to my mouth. aaahahhaha. that was off. but its funnnnnyyy.
and you get to see my Missoni scarf. Yesssss winter wonderland magic that i purchased on sale at saks in hawaii. Srsly, which purchasing genius at saks thought woolen scarves would sell well in a country that hardly sees below 30 degrees. Oh well. I'm NOT complaining. Missoni makes me happy.

Yes now lets move along from my ugly mug,
We caught a cab to Notre Dame...
As soon as we arrived the bells started going crraaazzzyyyy. They knew i was coming. HA.
that was like a dad joke wasn't it? hahahha
How beautiful is it?

What a let down of an xmas tree. It was so ...unimpressive.
It was like this ugly thing in the way of a beautiful cathedral.

If you are into photography like me, you will go nuts here.
However, it is a church, and they do mass. respect.
i didn't use flash, and was very discrete with my photo taking.
some other people are foul.
there was a lot of people who obviously found this to be a very touching religious experience, and then you've got tourists all over the place going snap happy. so gross.

You can kinda see my new Zara boots in the photo above. soo buckletastic. cant wait to wear them again.
Below is the priest during mass. i felt odd taking his photo but i stood ages away and used a zoom lens with no flash.
is it weird to take a photo? i dunno. D's mum is catholic and i thought she'd really love it and i wanted to share it with her so i took it anyway. i thought if the photos would be enjoyed by others it would be okay.

All the lovely candles in the church give it a really nice vibe....

There was also confessional booths which really fascinated me but i didn't take photos because they were in use and i thought that would be off. They were doing confession in so many languages. i was so impressed!!
The whole idea of confession/repenting really intrigues me.

Have any of you guys been to notre dame? How did you feel? I felt overwhelmed and very intimidated at the start. But then i found it very moving the more i thought about it. Just how old it is and how different things would of been back in the day..
The church organ was HARDCORE. it kind of hurt my ears. I found it hard to handle.

The photo below I took from the outside. This hasn't been edited, i promise. It's the true colour not sepia etc.
It turned out kinda cool and i think i will print it for our home.
Because we turned up so late, the towers were closed. No gargoyles for me !! BOO!
Oh well, next time for sure! I want to see the notre dame during the day ! It would be amazing.
I highly recommend going there during a holiday in paris! I loved it !

And in other news,
here is the photo of my ringading.
I hate my chubba fingers so i did the ultra corny ring in flower photo.
yayyayaya. hahhahha. Well D's mum loves it and i took it for her because she wanted a photo. And if she is happy, i am happy.

I was watching 7pm Project. I like Father Bob. He is alright.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Printemps shopping wooooo!

D forced me to go to Printemps. FORCED ME. because the concierge gave him a "discount card" that gave us 10% off all the stuff there.
UM yeah, its called Tax Back and everyone gets that "discount"
bless his heart.
He means well.
We got there early and had a sort of brunch/lunch thing at the restaurant on the top floor.
Wow how pretty is it? the chairs were Starck Ghost Chairs.
MY FUTURE CHAIRS. yes im yelling. im excited about them. ohhh they are the best chairs.

xmas tree goodness

stain glass goodness.

a close up...they could probably do with a wash but it does rain everyday....ill let it slide..

Here is ME. I look a bit dopey in this photo. You can see the senior gentleman in the bottom right corner thinks im batshit crazy. i love the expression on his face.
i hope when i am his age i still go to lunch.

I'm wearing a Karen Walker dress. I love this dress. It's HUGE. I wish it wasn't as oversized but i got the smallest size it was made in and its still massive.
i just love the spiderweb print.

After walking around for ages and finding nothing I wanted. ( i swear all the good shiz goes before xmas) I saw something I loved ( for years)....but needed to think it through...
so D and I went to Laduree for afternoon tea. We had some macaroons too. You cant go to Laduree without trying them!!
Flavours - Pistachio, Red Fruits, Licorice, Blackcurrant.

This trip in Paris meant a lot to us, and apart from all the photos and tourist moments, we had so many amazing moments and conversations that will never be forgotten. I wanted to get something that wasn't going to end up in the salvos a year later...and something that i'd use that everytime i look at it i smile and remember our secret times together...
so with a lot of thought i bought ... .... ...

Voila !
Chanel J12 38mm with Diamond Bezel
For some reason i photographed it like im selling it on ebay or something. i have no idea why i did that.
maybe i was losing my mind with excitement? I hope no creep face steals my pic to use on ebay. if i wasn't lazy i would watermark it.

it sparkles so much in real life but i find it hard to capture on camera...
I took a close up photo back in melbourne.

I've become so dependent on it. I was always on of those " why have a watch when i have a phone" type people. I find myself checking the time so often and it really is easier than pulling the phone out.
plus its black. and black warms my heart.
i considered getting a rolex etc looking at heaps ....but none of them felt "me" especially not now. I LOVE YOU WATCHY lskdjflskdjflskdjf poor than D. HHHAHAHH just kidding.
I told him to get one but he is obsessed with his current watch and didn't want a bar of it.
i did catch him trying on my watch and trying to be gangsta with his "bling"
hahahah AHHAHA
how embarassing.
i bet he will ask me to delete that.

How is everyones Australia day weekends going? watching the tennis? i tried to last night. It's hard to keep focused when laptop and magazines are lying around.
Im not sure what i will do tomorrow to celebrate. something aussie.
even if its having a Coopers Pale Ale.
i will do it for my country!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My bday at Disneyland

I am in such a lazy mood today. Having such a shiiiiittttt day. CBF etc etc
I thought i'd blog to lift my mood. it better work. ZZzzzZZzzz Maybe i need chocolate? YES~!~!!~~! that will lift my mood and energy!! two birds. one stone.
okay back to the story,
I had my bday in Paris and when i got out of the shower i walked into my newly decorated room. Thanks D !! he's so crazy. hahah
i must admit i had a feeling. i could hear weird blowing sounds coming from the room.
i must of been in the shower for ages for him to do all this. i washed my hair.
i love that the happy birthday sign is in french. LOVE. i kept it.
Do you like my rexona can on the bedside table? It adds a certain something to the photo yes?

And then the door bell went and a cake arrived with a candle! what a suprise!!
It was a chocolate cake with that gold shiz that people go nuts for. i dunno what its called. it tastes like nothing to me. i dont get the hype apart from the prettiness.
I was channeling Rachel Zoe in a white bath robe. I didn't enjoy it. it was heavy and annoying. i dont get why she lives in them.
I like to iron all my clothes each morning. please note the ironing board.

My parents sent me these flowers. ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA. well not really. but u get what i mean. The bunch was HUGE. It was awesome. I was very suprised.

Two of my dearest friends gave me presents before i left for paris so i could have something to open on my bday. YAY they are the best. it was really touching to think around all the xmas madness they had thought of me. i love them dearly.

Disney Couture bracelet sitting on top of Missoni towels. My friends know me so well. YAY LOVE the presents. yayayayayayya.

What a coincidence i opened my Disney present on the same day I'm going to Disneyland.
Here I am in the Alice in Wonderland Maze.
I had a lot of stupid photos from the day but this one is hillarious. So unflattering but everytime i look at it i laugh. ANUS MOUTH. AHHHAHA funny. but it really does look like an anus doesn't it? D will be cringing as he reads this.
hahahah sorrrryyyy honey..
I was trying to pull a spookey pose in the spookey maze. hahah it didn't work.

This coat i bought from Topshop is super cute. Well when worn without 6 layers underneath. It's like an oversize tulip jacket. I can't wait to wear it again in Melbourne.

My favourite rides at Disneyland are It's a Small World and The Haunted Manor.

And here is Main Street at night. awee princeesss castttlleeyyyy.

It rained hardcore. we watched the parade from the Walt restaurant on main street. it was awesome.
The fireworks were cancelled because of the rain, which usually would devastate me because i love fireworks like a 6 year old. That night, i was kind of happy. I was soooo cold and wet and sicky.
Xmas tree goodness

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
and long weekend for some!
I have some fun plans for the weekend. I will detox all next week.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shopping Day

First off, i want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their kind words!!
reading them all brought a tear to my eye. which means a lot. because i have a black heart. hahahha.
no but really thank you everyone!! :) :) :) !!!

My dad is full into Harley Davidsons or whatever they're called. My mum and him and their friends go on little trips and stuff. He full loves it when i get a tshirt from another city for him. drops hints for weeks leading up to my departure.
anyway, being the loving daughter i am, i got his tshirt.

Can we talk about humidity now?
okay, ive never experienced cold humidity. i didn't know it existed. am i sounding stupid?
every morning i would get up and blow wave my hair or set it in hot rollers, and by lunch time my hair would of dropped into a flat straight mess with no pizass or volume. angry. ANGRY.
my hair would often feel damp. it was odd. paris didn't like my hair. but in an opposite way to singapore.

You dont take photos of yourself in elevator mirrors?
okay. your the weird one, not me.

can you see this top/dress? clearly, i love it. it's 100% silk. its by some random label in the mature womens section of david jones. anyways, my mother ruined this top today "washing it" im so mad. so this top is now going to the rubbish bins. R.I.P random mature womens top. i will miss you dearly. The scarf is missoni. i got it on sale at Saks. I like its "winter wonderland" vibe. i wore it a lot in paris.
and a peak of orange behind my bag!

D bought me a bday present for the next day. yayayayya.
I've wanted one of these for ages and finally took the plunge.

collier de chien

I really wanted a yellow gold one. but apparently its rare. i love this one equally.
this photo doesn't show much detail.
i will feature it in future outfit posts.
its such a pain in the ass to wear. i find it kind of hurts. its takes a few days for my wrist to recover. maybe i have weak wrists. im not into calcium. it could be true.

i tried to take a photo of my engagement ring today. its really hard.
i think i need to go into full sunlight.
my hands look off in the photos. i never realised how ugly hands were until i saw them in 12megapixels.
so many veins and tiny hairs.
and in one photo my finger looked like a deformed carrot. i was thinking about posting that one for shits and giggles. maybe i will if i cant take a proper one.

today was such a busy day. im exhausted. cant wait to go to bed. which will be now.
hope everyone has a lovely day!
and for those of you in melbourne, its going to be warm again! i enjoyed the cool break but im looking forward to the warm wednesday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Eiffel Tower

After Galleries Lafayette D forced us to go to the Eiffel Tower. I really didn't want to go. We've been there before. It was cold as. I was tired. Mehhhhhh

Anyways, when we got there it was a good idea because the sky was nice and blue...which I assume is rare in a Parisian winter? not sure. I took a few snaps... like the one below...but couldn't be bothered taking proper photos on good angles...too cold. hahahah

Anyways, we walked back away from all the annoying trinket sellers " cheap cheap" ugh. no i dont want your crummy eiffel tower keyring k thnx bye.
We found a quiet little seat and took a minute to take it all in...
We had made it ! ... all the way to Paris! We've done our first trip in the cold !
Remembering when we came here 2.5 years ago...our first holiday together and how young we were and how things have changed over the years...
Then suddenly D got down on one knee ( HA HA!)
and proposed!
I said yes.
tee hee
Before ............and..............After !!
I will leave the details to ourselves..its not really a matter for a public blog. ITS PRIVATE. hahhahha
Anyways, after a while we came back to the hotel and had some celebratory Dom Peri. a must. tee hee
Then we got changed and went to dinner.
D doesn't like his photo on the internet cuz of work. wah wah wah
You can't see my ring in this photo. oh well. i'm sure it will be in future posts.
This was in the lobby of our hotel.
i give you my cottonsocks word. i would never touch real fur. and i even struggled with the idea of wearing faux fur.
Okay back to the night,
Dion had arranged for us to eat at the three michelin star L`Arpege. We don't eat meat so he researched this place to be the best vegetarian option for our night.
It was amazing! We took no photos this night. Let us enjoy the moment! It's D's thing. Whatevs. I have a shit memory man. I can see me in about 5 years getting him to describe the night cuz I'll have no idea.
Anyways, I have a new appreciate for beetroot. That is for sure.
I wish i could of taken snaps of the food. soidfuosdfjlskdfj best dumplings EVER!!!
and we had beetroot macaroons.
Anyway, I'll keep this short on the mushy details.
Next post will be back to normal. Mush Free. I promise!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Galaries Lafayette

Anyone who goes to Paris MUST go to Galaries Lafayette. Because I said so.
Ha. No because its pretty and has this amazing roof top terrace with views all over paris. If its a good clear day you'd get amazing photos!! ( and entrance is FREE!)

Views of the Eiffel Tower,
(you can just see the displeasure in my face. i love taking photos. hate being in them.)

Views of the top of the Opera house...
I have lots of wide angel photos too..but i wont bore you with them. Hopefully you all can go see for yourselves one day!! I believe our government should subsidise our flights to europe. Not our fault we were born so far away. why should we be robbed of culture? ok this idea just came to me so ill have to think it through. but it sounds like im onto something.

Inside with xmas decorations. PINK theme this year....

How amazing is the roof? Im not into stainglass but when its this huge and domey i can make an exception.

Lining up to get into Chanel. Lame.
but i wanted to goooo!! I found a cute bracelet there last time i went to paris and wanted to go in for memories sake. its just a tiny little one...there was nothing good.

look how frizz my hair is with the downlights on it.
i need to get a treatment asap. maybe i can try that bull semen one thats all the rage with the british glamour girls.

Back to Galaries Lafayette.
I bought nothing. Okay, I bought a paris xmas tree ornament , but basically, nothing.
oh wait, on the top floor there is a cheap ( for paris) cafe where u can eat inside while looking at the views)
but anyways, back to my point.
i find the place too crowded with tourists to do any real shopping.
Printemps or Le Bon Marche is better for real shopping and basically has the same shiz.
The bottom floor of GL is the shoe level. Yes a whole level to shoes. AND I GOT NOTHING.
and i lowered my standards.
Perhaps all the good shiz went before xmas. Thats what i like to think. the time between xmas and NYE isnt the best for shopping... especially because there were NO SALES in paris.
BOOO!! sales started on the 7th of jan or something stupid like that.
assholes. its like they knew when i was leaving and decided to plan around that.
yes. yes thats right.

Sportsgirl Jacket
Topshop skirt
LV scarf
Chanel bag
Rayban sunnies

P.P.S Hello and THANK YOU to all my new readers! I'm so shocked and humbled by all your kind comments. You are all the bees knees!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paris at night.

When it turns dark all the beautiful xmas lights in Paris turn on. I took so many photos but i thought it'd get boring to post them all.
I ran out in the middle of the road and took this shot. Scared for my life. Crazy parisian drivers go hard.
I wish those two buses weren't in my photos. they shit me. i waited ages for them to move but the traffic was gnarly and i got cold waiting.

During xmas time there are street markets that sell random rubbish. They were super cute. But really, all rubbish. like wooden door signs and cheap pashminas. I'm not into random market goods. But they had heaps of food. i wanted to try a nutella crepe but i hate waiting for stuff so i never did.
OH and they sold HOT red wine. scary. i wanted to try it. it looked gross but once again i dont like waiting. the lines were crazy long.

Here is a xmas rollercoaster. i told D i was too scared to go on it and he said it was for children 10 and below. HAHAHAHA. i was still too scared.
crazy kids dont know about the real world dangers! thats why they go on crazy rollercoasters.

Here is the magical, magical land known as Hermes. The mothership.
Man i stalked this place like a crazed lunatic on my trip trying to get a bag. I knew that inventory is really low after xmas but i still had to try. The Hermes gods did not shine down on me.
Oh this snap is funny !!!
HOW WHIMSICAL> AHHAHAHA. ummmm no. its funny because im the most non girly person.
but how CUTE is this window? i need that tutu costume ASAP. not sure what for.
But i was standing there getting ready for a photo and D took this shot and i think this turned out better than the proper photo.

And this shot was taken while we were walking back to the hotel. I was walking infront and D called me and i turned around and SNAP. i like natural kind of unstaged photos. So i dont totally hate this one of me.
Or maybe i do? i dunno. I will probably delete it later. im fickle like that.

My beanie is Mimco btw. Incase anyone is going beanie shopping in the middle of summer......

Paris at night is so is Paris in winter.
If any of you are considering going, dont let the cold put you off! It's not that bad! I would rate it slightly worse than melb. only slightly...But i wore like 6 layers under my jacket everyday so I guess thats why.

my post ends now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally we arrive in Paris !

We arrived in Paris at about 6am and by the time we got to our room it was more like 9am. Still not really light outside so we relaxed for a bit before we ventured outside. It was a Sunday anyways...Sunday is rest day.
Here is D just chillin on a chair. THRILLING STUFF?? hahaha. You can tell he is trying to act too cool for the photo but really he is secretly posing with his arm up like that. HE LOVES THE CAMERA. hahhahahahahaaaaaa ( yessssss you doooooooo)

The whole week I felt like i was going to hit my head on roof. But how cool are the weird bronze naked bodies on the mirrors? Actually they were all over the suite. I'd say there was atleast 8 of them in our suite.
We stayed at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris. It's nowhere as nice as other park hyatts but amazing for Paris. I wish Paris would jazz up its hotels. If your not into floral nanny style decorating it's hard to find anywhere "nice"

When you open up on of those windows (like the one he is sitting infront of) you get amazing views of paris.
I had no idea you could see the Eiffel Tower outside our window. They didn't tell us on our room tour either. BTW room tours are so odd. Why do they show you how to turn on the TV and the lights? Does anyone need help to figure these things out?
I used my zoom on this photo. We weren't that close.

Then once it got a bit lighter we headed out to Champs Elysees. YAY. It's open on Sunday.
I took a photo here at the Arc de Triomphe. D and I came here together 2 years ago! I have to find that photo to compare them both! Ahhh memories. We love Paris!

A close up shot D took... of the tree......Ahahahahhah and the arc... your the best photographer D!! love love love.

I guess there is no point in giving outfit details. It all just blends in as one black blob. I wore my mouse flats in this photo and almost everyone stared at them. It gave me a complex.
I wore them a couple of days in paris and every time everyone just stared. D thinks it's because people like them but I think it's because people think I look weird. i dunno. Maybe because I'm not wearing boots. I'm not a BOOT person. They just dont suit me. I just wore 2 pairs of thick tights everyday. Somedays 3 pairs. hahahah.
whatever. I'm not a boots/pants person.
It makes me feel weird. Like im wearing a straight jacket. THATS IT !!! PANTS ARE LIKE WEARING A STRAIGHT JACKET.
I hate pants.
You will never see pants on my blog!!! huuzzzuuhh!!

I just saw on the news that where i took this photo is now covered in snow.
Want to be back in Paris now.
Just got back from -5 degrees and straight into 43 degrees. Cheers. My body will LOVE this.
Im going to go take some vitamins now.

Adios muchachos.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boxing Day in Singapore

Argh so after about 3-4 hours sleep we got up and finished packing and rushed to the airport.
It felt so weird to be leaving so soon after xmas. i wanted to play with all my xmas gifts. boo!
but then when we got on the plane it was decorated xmas style! it made me so happy.
btw, i love the camo seat covers singapore airlines. tres chic.

Singapore has lovely xmas lights. very festive. step yo game up melbourne.

Singapore i love you but you make my hair go REAL FOUL. All the humidity made my hair go frizz x 10000 so i ran into sephora for emergency brush buying. D obviously felt the need to document the adventure.
Oh and the starbucks cup i am holding contained the best starbucks ever made. im not kidding!!
the xmas flavour here was so shit. "gingerbread" pfft. more like pine needles.
singapore had cherry mocha and choc mint mocha. we got one of each and they were amazing.
so good. sdflkjsldfjsdlfj so good.

More xmas goodness in singapore.
how good is that tree? makes mine look rubbish.

yayayayya festive lights. so cute. i LOVED IT.
i might of taken like 200 photos. hahahahahha. D loved it.

Back at the Singapore lounge at changi, and let me just say, this photo is for you qantas,
plz take note.
this is how its done.
i ate so much shiz in here it was off. i took the buffet seriously.

some lovely ladies bought us "xmas tea" and they had a trolley full of xmas treats! should of taken a photo. slightly odd. anyway
i chose these. SO GOOD.
i took a photo of D and i posing with them but he had a sook that he looked stupid and wouldn't let me post it and suggested i posted a photo of him sticking his finger up instead.
so looks like im posting neither.

2nd leg of the journey onto paris.
i was excited to be on the A380. Not only because its like the biggest plane ever.
but because its NEW and it has that new plane smell.
its like the TITANIC of the sky. i so knew it was going to crash. it didnt. oh well. maybe next time.
how bomb is the seating ? really? QANTAS PLZ LOOK TAKE NOTE.
qantas seats are like half the size. actually a third of the size. i want to love qantas but they make it hard.
plus the singapore staff are so amazing. nicest people ever.
singapore has won me over. and that is no easy task.

These seats turn into a fully flat bed. I MAY of slept the entire 24 hours to paris. HA ok minus 3.
*runs away in shame* but D slept about 18 of it so he is just as bad. We slept through meals as well.
I ate this pasta though. I am so obsessed with plane food. i took photos of ALL my meals. PYSCHO. yes. but i like to compare.
this was their vegan pasta. im not vegan, just vegetarian, but i order vegan on planes out of fear they will give me quiche. and i hate eggs. so gross.
eggs be gone.
singapore meals are way better than qantas.

ok crazy random photo heavy post done.

In other news, my dad was on the radio this morning because he won a contest. ( who even enters this shit anyway???!!) and he sounded SO HILLARIOUS. omg i have not stopped laughing. i recorded it and i want to post it but he says his real name.
he sounds like a woman.
omg. too funny.
i will be making fun of him FOREVER!!

so glad im back in melbourne. i can catch up on everyones blogs. i have missed all your blogs deeply!
YAY melbourne i love you!
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