Friday, July 5, 2013

hawaii pt2

we hired a car and drove to waimea bay for snorkelling.
is that how you spell it? I'm too lazy to google spelling right now.
so dizzy. think i might have vertigo
i have no idea why i thought id try and blog right now. 
this could make no sense overall.

amazing no?

we saw all sorts of crazy fish and even a huge ass TURTLE!!! kate found it and we all came a swimming as fast as we could.
we had a dodgy $8 underwater disposable camera and took photos. ill have to find it and get them developed. probably shit as.

after we snorkelled kate and i got the buggy back up the cliff and the guys walked.
they took this snap of us as we drove past and i think its one of the funniest photos of me ever
i think i was just horrified that kieran would take a photo of me looking so horrible.
but its hilarious.

mcqueen scarf cover my beach hair.

also stop it from getting in my face.
being in the backseat of a convertible is not fun.
u just get slapped in the face by the wind

look at the mist on top of the hills.
i felt like i was in Lost. even thought I have never seen the show.

here we are up on the north shore but it was starting to rain so we didn't swim.
the waves were mental and i was too scared to even go knee deep.

dion thinks he is a pirate.
actually, he thinks this pretty often now that i am thinking about it.

here we try and be comical in photos.

if only they were in focus.

i am super human

no make up.
thank fuck i had lash extensions.
dions sleazy moustache

i already miss you hawaii.

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