Monday, August 31, 2009

kahala chillin

The days always look so beautiful in hawaii. what a place to live!
what i love about it, is the people. they always seem so chill.
and why wouldn't u when you have beautiful blue skies, green grass and a nice sea breeze.

this day a cyclone was passing so it rained all day. HA
( i was secretly thrilled because this meant we got to shop all day!! wooo!)

S&B top ( damn u general pants. i dunno if i wanna wear this in aus anymore :S )
and let me tell u, i had this awesome Supre bandage skirt on that the camera did not pick up. it looks like i have some black blob below my top. hahahah

I picked up this ring from Diva. Love it to bits. I get so many comments on it. Lots of people think its $$$ but infact its $

YAY coffee in a can,
Another thing that I love about Hawaii is how japanese it is. You can get so many Japanese snacks in the convenience stores.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going for French

I will slowly do some blog posts about hawaii ! yay

We went to La Mer restaurant in waikiki...i think its supposed to be one of the best restaurants in hawaii but being vegetarian, i can never really judge the food quality. to be honest i cant remember much of the food because D and i drank sooo much that night. The service was really good and the view was lovely.
i took this photo from my seat.
ughh. when we got back to the hotel we saw the dudes from no doubt. whatevs their names are. HA. they seemed chill.

In this photo, I pretend to push the elevator button. HA HA HA

and in this photo D used the flash to make me look fuggers. seriously flash is no ones friend, but he pointed how how funny this photo is because it makes me look so tall. like im nearly at the ceiling, where as, first photo shows my true height . hahaa

I wore,

Thomas Wylde top ( the print is actually scorpions close up)
Witchery leggings
Country Road heels
Hermes Click clack

in hawaii my hair was being a bitch. swiming in the ocean everyday and then trying to dry your hair with the 'hairdryer' the hotel has ( PFFT A HAIRDRYER FOR A BALD PERSON) and i just cant be bothered with long hair in the heat so a bun was the go on most days. i look like a boy with a bun. but anyways,

end blog.
family guy is on, and its one of the weird ones where megs voice is all horrible.

p.s why is there chairs at the elevator? do people sit down and chill there? or wait on the chair for the lift? and put their stuff in the draws ?
yahhhh i thinks so.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Costco crazy

(iphone camera post so shoddy pics soz )

So I just got back from Hawaii and it seems melbourne has gone a bit costco crazy.
I like things that are oversized so when my friends mentioned they wanted to go i was down!
We drove down there even though my friend said a hurricane was coming. ha ha.

So as soon as you sign up and get an oversized trolley you walk in and u want a $9000 TV.

I got this OPEN LED sign for my uncles lunch shop!

I really wanted the jumbo sized brie cheese circle but i thought it'd go off before i ate a third of it. nom nom

i did manage to get 1 litre of peri peri sauce! woot.

After deciding NOT to buy the massage table ( ur lucky D) I picked up some "Vegie Straws"
and let me tell u , i will be back for MORE! NOM NOM! so good.
i want to eat them all day and night...

Here is me eating them before i even hit the car park. AHHAHHA

Full trolley! oh Dear! let me rethink what i got,
120 rolls of toilet paper
slab of V energy drink
massive tin of wasabi peas
huge bag of lettuce
1kg of zuchinni
1kg of green beans
a vase
some serving platters
neon sign
some mushrooms
peri peri sauce
water filter parts
electric toothbrush heads
and more boring things.
OH a massive box of protein bars and a box of nut bars
and enough linguini to last me another 12 months!

costco was funny.
and u can get a refund of your membership at anytime if you arent satisfied!
i guess that is kinda cool.
they sold diamonds too! i should of taken a photo. dang. i saw the $150,000 engagement ring too. hahah a 5ct stone. wowza. okay i saw the CZ display one but stills. and they were selling a fendi bag. random
woop der it is.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

im back!!

just got back from hawaii and ready to blog again!!
went to costco today. ill blog about it tomorrow after my friend sends me the photos she took on her iphone!
in the meantime, here is a photo i took on my iphone on the plane to hawaii!!

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