Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Xmas Everyone!!

Last time i was up in K town i took this photo. So when i went back this time and saw it had an xmas make over i HAD to take a photo. I had a bit of an toe issue ( still cant walk on it 9 days later!!!) so i had to do a one legged kangaroo jump.

Hope everyone has a lovely xmas/ holiday season !!

I have eaten so much food over the last 2 days and had way too much alcohol.
xmas is the season of dark spirits. dry manhattans are the only way to go.
best cocktail ever!
straight liquor makes me happy.

tomorrow i have another xmas party, and then xmas day.
i will be a good 5kg fatter by the end of the week.
expect a double chin in my next post.

Tonka Truck

On the way back from Cossack we drove through Wickham and i had to take a photo with this huge dumper.
Thats me "pushing" it. Ha. Funny. D thought it was really unfunny. Every party has a pooper.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


D and I like to take photos of us jumping and compare who got the most air. I think we have photos from all our holidays of us doing this. Cheap thrills.

We took a drive down to Cossack on Sunday. It's now a ghost town but was established in 1871 to house all the pearl divers that came down hoping to strike it rich.
Up above I am jumping in front of a shop that was built in 1890. Most of the town has been destroyed by age and cyclones but there are still a few buildings around. But I wont post photos of them all. Snoozey. Plus it's more of a suprise if you ever go there yourself.

Down below is the view from a lookout point in Cossack.
I'm pretty sure this was low tide. It was about 5pm

Here is what I wore... I look like a "blogger" here don't I? HA! D took a photo of me getting shitty at the flies and storming back into the car.
But it totally looks like I'm trying to "werk" it.

I made him take a close up photo of my vest. I like all the beading. It's really heavy though.
The vest is by a brand called Kachel. I thought I was really stepping out of the box here with this vest. But then two people have already asked me if it's Sass&Bide. So clearly I'm not. I thought I was doing great but not buying something S&B for once. GAH!
Although, I just realised the t-shirt and shorts are. shit.

I spotted two cute gallahs on a power line and made D get out in the blistering heat and take a photo for me. He is a LADIEZZZZ man. swoon.

I've given up on sandals in the 42 degree heat. My feet get too dirty. Sandy. Grimey. Annoying.
Next time I come up I'm bringing more closed toe shoes.
Orange iron ore feet isn't pretty.
I'm getting a nice iron ore tan though.
Pity it comes off in the shower each night.


I really enjoy when I hear middle aged women with top 40 ringtones. I'm next to a lady who has Katy Perry as her ringtone. She has children. She'd be in her late 30s. But rock on with the Kate Perry ringtone. It's especially funny when they can't find they phone in their handbags that carry the kitchen sink and it goes on for ages and they get flustered.
This is so my mum. If she could figure out ringtones. Or how to answer a mobile phone.
As for me, I always have my phone on silent. I like missing all my calls.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sitting on a palm tree. like i always do.

It's pretty hot up here but i still refuse to wear shorts and t-shirt. I'm just not kind of girl.
I have been seen wearing long pants and long sleeves when it hits 42. i dunno.
im just not into skin. its like wasted space that could be used on clothes.
im suprised im not wearing a cardigan in this shot. ha! in my defense it was really hot. like sweaty hot. eww.
these photos turned out pretty average because D was covered in (no joke) about 25 flies at any given time and he was getting frustrated. and i was too because i was hungry.

Remember how I posted ages ago about the kirrily johnston maxi skirt?
well i finally got around to taking a photo of it.
YAY. its hell comfy. Wish it was more flared at the bottom but then i'd run the risk of looking like a hippy. ok maybe not.

How cool is this palm tree?
I thought it would snap when i sat on it but D assured me it wouldn't. ha.

Here is a close up of my belt. Yay for cheap finds.

T-shirt - sass and bide. I love these ! i have three now. sssshhh.
Skirt - Kirrily Johnston
Thonnngsss - thats how we do up in the pilbara ok.
Belt - Forever New . I bought this when i bought that blush jacket ages ago.

I know it seems silly to spend so much on basics, such as plain white cotton tee and plain black cotton skirt but i wear basics A LOT so i want ones that look decent after washing them. and feel nice to wear. the fit always seems better as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fleetwood Mac

Here is my room up here in K-town. The flowers where from D. How sweet.
T-shirt - Fleetwood Mac tour tshirt
Nails - OPI My Chihuahua Bites
Lipstick on mirror - Housemates girlfriend


I went to Fleetwood Mac last week and it was SOOO amazing. I don't usually do band tshirts but I can't say no to a penguin in a top hat. Can anyone?
BTW, this was an EXTRA LARGE.
The people who make concert tees are gross perves. Why are womens tshirts always "baby doll"???
I hate that shiz so bad. So off.
Anyway, the concert was seriously so good. I was pretty far back but the sound was really good. They played for about 2.5 hours. Crazzyyyyy. I wish people got up and danced though. I was holding back. I heard on the radio it wasn't allowed. Ha!
Highlight of the night was TUSK. Soooo good. Crazy good. I got so drunk though. Didn't have time for dinner. I looked a mess. Eww. My hair was all greasy from the hot day. Off. So no photos from that night.


So I arrived safely in K-Town last night. My second flight wasn't as bad as the first. Quite smooth actually. Snooty male flight attendant but whatever.
I went to a local restaurant for dinner and the owner remembered me. YAY. She said in January she is starting a new menu which will have vegetarian options. Double YAY. Usually they have to make something up.

Oh and a MASSIVE gecko ran in front of me before. On his HIND legs. HAHAH so cute.
How funny are they? I need to get some footage of this. It's just so funny.

My mission for the week : Make one with the flies. About 237 have tried to befriend me since I've been here but I'm just not ready for it yet.... Maybe later.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WARNING : massive crazy rant ahead.

Watching "Up" while eating my povo lunch. seriously qantas. step yo game up. I'm a vegetarian. not a second class citizen. why are you giving me a childrens meal fruit cup for dessert? it's an insult. and you will be hearing from me.
this is why im switching to singapore. and virgin for domestic.

im sitting in the lounge. where one TRIES to do work. but for some STUPID reason. their internet never works on my MAC. and i wrote a massive post and the internet timed out as i hit PUBLISH post and i lost it all.
i hate qantas more than any other company. they have taken over telstra in my hate ranks.

half way through "Up" the video system fucked up and i couldn't watch the end.
typical qantas.
cant get anything right.

anyway, to clarify, im not leaving qantas because of a fruit cup.
its because of the fact that they always screw me over. i wrote a long list of things they have done over the past but it got lost now. HOW CONVENIENT QANTAS?!!

its the fact that everyone else gets a nice normal dessert of ice-cream and wavers or cheese and fruit platters and i get a fruit cup. " oh ill see if there is anything left over that you can have. your dessert was the fruit cup"
UM WHY? im not a vegan, i didnt request a vegan meal, and im not a child. and i paid the same amount as everyone else. this is bullshit.
all i want is to be treated equally. and not like some big hassle.
on my last international flight my meal was steamed rice with green beans. NO SEASONING. imagine that for 12 hours. hellz yeah! TASSTYYYYY qantas. THANKS! everyone else gets neil perry designed menu and i get that shit steamed carbs and green beans. that'll tide me over nicely. YUM. (sarcasm off)
ITS almost 2010 YO!!!!!!

yes yes, this post makes me sound crazy. but whatever. big companies love to screw the little guy. like how they treated that blind lady !!! wthheell. i heard on the news this morning. so typical of qantas.
they're an embarrassment of a national airline.

Monday, November 30, 2009

dancey time

On Saturday night I went for a bit of a dance with my girlfriends. It was the worst weather!! Just pouring down allll dayyyy. Almost like winter...
Anyways, the place we went to doesn't have a cloak room ( annoying) so I cant really wear a jacket...
I remembered I bought this jacket at the "Salvos" about 6 months ago and decided to give it a try. It's my first time wearing something second-hand or vintage. I like everyone else in vintage but it scares me thinking about the previous owner..... I should google the tag on this jacket because it was definitely from the 80s. Think black tag with gold writing. ha.
Oh and it had real shoulder pads!! So funny. I was going to rip them out but I thought they added funniness so I kept them in....

We popped a bottle of champagne before we left and I took a photo a la Porcelain Blonde. Sans ice bucket. Love her blog!
Yay my crazy zebras made it in the picture, and so did some random xmas decorations I'm sorting out.
Anyways, girls nights are always such a blast and I had an awesome time. It MAY of been because I finished the night with Lord of the Fries in Canadian gravy!! WOOOOOO!!!
Ohhhhhh and I'll just forget about the 1.5 hour cab line.... ahhhh.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

Oh! And I was on Channel 10 tonight in the audience of the Dave Hughes special.
Woot!! I wanted to vomit at the start because it was all up in my face but now I'm over it.

Edit - Okay looking at this picture I can almost see my britney. I pulled my skirt down before leaving the house I promise.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ben, Jerry and John

Right now I'm eating Ben&Jerry's and watching John Safran's Race Relations... i love him!!

First off, I want to smash John's friend who said he wouldn't turn up to his wedding if he married a non-jewish girl. that makes me so mad. what an idiot. he's not really johns friend.

now back to the good stuff.
how good is ben and jerrys? OOOMGGEEEEE
im NOT an ice-cream person. i like the occasional almond magnum mini but thats it.
but for some weird reason i bought these the other day to see what all the family guy references are about.
and daannng
they're sooo good!
lets start with strawberry cheesecake. it actually has the cookie goodness in it!!!
and the chunky monkey has big walnuts and chocolate chucks in banana ice-cream
and its so chunky. usually ice-cream has like 97% ice-cream 3% suprises. but this is like atleast 30% goodness. every bite has fun in it. and its gooooood. yayayayayay
i heard there is a peanut butter flavour. im going to go in search of it.
ADD 5kgs BEFORE XMAS! comon everyone! you can do it!! hahahhaha
actually i need to lose 5kg. but i have been on it! i promise
now im going to put the ice-cream away.
see blogging is good!! it made me back away from the tub.

FYI i was eating them out of the tub with a spoon. ahhaah and they are about 60grams of fat per tub. FOUL!

i love john safran <3>

Friday, November 20, 2009

Skull money box

When i went to chadstone the other day for the opening of the new boutiques, i went with the intention of buying the new melbourne chanel exclusive flap or a red flap but seeing them in real life, made me think meh. so i opted out.
i walked past smiggle and saw this money box skull and was way more excited.
so i snapped it up straight away!
my skull collection is getting large! ill have to take a photo of them all one day!

and now it sits here with some peonies i picked up today... in a country road vase..
i like country road vases because they are nice and heavy...

the photos are a bit lousey.....couldn't get any natural light in the room..the sky is so gloomy now the cold change has come was 38.4 degrees this morning! and now itslike 20 degrees!! crazy!!

oh and interesting fact for the day.
i came home at about 3.30 today to find the house reeking of gas. like REEKING. from the front door i was like wtf. i thought at first i was being silly, and then i went to see if i had forgotten to take the trash out... and then i saw the stove and realised i had left the gas on from 7pm the night before!! WTF insane!!!
after i cooked dinner i went for a walk for an hour and then to bed and i closed my bedroom door. when i got ready this morning i went straight from my bedroom outside so i never went near the kitchen to smell the gas. holey moley!! that was nearly 24 of gas on. its so bad.
ive had the doors open for over an hour now to try and air it out.
what if i lit a candle or some shiz? ( which i do ALL THE TIME)
im such an idiot.
atleast i will be more careful from now on.
i have no idea how i did it. i feel stupid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

im not quite sure what im doing

I made a pasta from scratch. is it still scratch when u use a tin of tomatos instead of fresh tomatoes?
i dunno
probs not. HA!
anyways. it tasted like ass so im not putting the recipe/photos up. hahah
lesson learnt.
just use jar sauce.

i forgot to mention i went to Ladyhawke the other night. I love the forum. such a good venue.
she sounded really good live minus the first two songs. but man she has zero stage presence.
such a snoozefest to watch. she literally did not move the whole time. just stood there. and it sounded too much like the cd. very very very little improv. i wanted them to rock out. rockk ouuuttt. and such a downer crowd. everyone just stood there dead like. come on peeps, bop your head atleast.
then we went to the afterparty where she was supposed to dj. waited till 2am then left cuz my friend had to work the next day. i wonder what her dj set was like?
i like ding dong but i hate the stairs. stairs and drinking dont mix well.

I got my nails did in a new colour this week. ive had black and red almost exclusively for the past few years. but i like this new shade.
skin colour goodness

i wish i could remember its name. its OPI if that helps. ive let you all down. ohhh.
can i just make up a witty name that sounds OPI-ish?
yes. its called nude-a-loo.
ok that wasnt funny. but none of the OPI names are funny so it works right?
I went to the "new" chadstone today. it was so shit. massive let down. i cant believe we waited so long for like 6 new shops. the other "new" shops are just the old shops that have moved to a new shop fit out in a different part. so crap. doncaster looks a lot nicer.
chadstone you reek!!!
Outfit details :
an ode to no one dress
sass and bide cardigan ( yes i know. im boring)
crazy face by me.
Oh that reminds me i got my hair done yesterday. it took 4.5 hours. and i didnt get a blow wave or cut. sooo long. they tried to fix all the fuck ups from past hairdressers.
so in my next photo hopefully my hair looks different slightly! less orange and more of a clean blonde.
i need to stop talking but one more thing.
im so over xmas already. OVER IT. its turning me into a crazy. i get real mad and annoyed when shops are busy and people step infront of me or have no rack manners. if you come and look at something you say excuse me. you pyschos. dont just shove in and grab clothes from my hands. ( not literally)
i feel so bad for shop assistants at this time of the year. it must be hell for them.
i will make an effort to be extra friendly to them this xmas season.
im finished with my long speech now.
have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I got a blog award!!

how exciting.
Thank you to Fashion Westie!!!
everyone check out her blog. she is much more dedicated than me and uploads lots of stylish outfit pics. she has her own style which makes her blog really interesting to read !
Plus she is from New Ze ! Beautiful Country!

Anyways I'm supposed to reveal 7 interesting facts about myself.
I cant even come up with 1.
I suck at this type of thing. I asked Kate and she came up with nothing and Ds were really NOT interesting.
you guys both suck! actually, its me that sucks. im clearly not interesting!
I will try and think of stuff.

1. I am crazy about my baby girl Taco !!! She means so much to me and i miss her so much. Im currently renting so she lives with my parents but i drive 45 minutes away to see her several times a week. Love her to bits!! Life isnt the same without her and i constantly miss her.
She has about 20 names.
Taco, Taco Bell, Nini, Nini bee, Squiddle, Widgey, Skimmy, Nacho, Corn Chip, Buzzy Buzz Bee, Widget, Nindi, Skimmy Bee omg. and these are the ones on high rotation. there are more.
I talk like an idiot when with her eg " whoooss myyy babbyyy guuurrllll?? NINIIII beee isss!!!" etc but i dont care!! YAY NINDIIIII

2. I was in the Herald Sun when i was young. on page 3 ! hahah it was a half page story about how i used to be a dancer that also rode dirt bikes. HAHAH how boring. slow news day or what? but it was so odd. i have no idea why they did it. ( i was pretty young. primary school age. im guessing 9yo?) and he took photos of me riding and then came to my dance classes and took photos etc. i really dont know what the point was. maybe ill find it and read it one day. i cant really remember it. i remember they called me a "dancing daredevil" HA! i hated it and cringed. even at that age.

3. My bf and i spend more time apart than together. its sucky but we deal with the situation. its why i started this blog! we thought it would be a fun way to stay in contact. he has been the laziest shittest blogger though. and then some people started reading our blogs and the rest is history! anyways, we live on opposites sides of the country but we still see each other every 2 weeks despite the 12 hour distance.

4. Once i won $8000 at crown on pontoon. i was 18. i thought it was the biggest amount of money ever. like ill buy a house with that shiz. god i was stupid at 18. HAHAHA
i think i spent it on clothes. and went to japan. and bought a LV handbag. hellz yeah.

5. are you all bored yet? this is a lot of typing for me. i told you all im not interesting.
can this be included as a point? hahahah ok ok think THINK!! ughhh. OK I GOT ONE
i can kinda speak japanese. well i learnt japanese for 8 years and i did it for a bit at uni. but uni was 7 years ago ( AHHH IM OLD) and now im forgetting it. ive been to japan 4 times and last year a bit came back to me. i think i can understand a lot but to speak stuff im starting to forget quickly. but can still have a basic conversation easily. and i can still read it !!
This photo below is of me in japan last year wearing the yukata in the hotel room. is it weird that i put it on and took a photo? i think so. look at my hair colour!
maybe ill dye it back again this winter. it was fun.

6. My bf is a full stalker. ok not really. but after we went out for a while we realised his first cousin was my bff from dancing in primary school and he used to come to all my dancing concerts. hahah. it was quite possible we met at the young age of 6.
i like to say he was this creepy child who stalked me from age 6. HA. HAHAHHAHhaha
its quite weird considering none of us lived near each other. and never went to the same schools or social scenes. i ended up meeting him through a friend i also met randomly through another friend at a club who wanted me to do his hair for a concert. and im not a hairdresser. all hard to explain

7. still ready ?? wow! umz okay
im full on scared of flying. is that interesting? im prescribed valium for flight anxiety and the last time i didnt take it i got thrown of my flight to japan in cairns. i dont really remember much but i was sick on the plane and i woke up in the emergency room at cairns hospital.
whatevs, i still went to japan 24 hours later. doped up.
but i fly a lot with work/holidays so its quite odd.
i just hate it and think im going to die.
it kills me. i cant eat for like a week before i fly.
i MAY wake up screaming if i fall asleep on flights...well once or twice...maybe. hahaha
people get scared. i sometimes pray when landing. i sit there and count to 2000 when landing as well. that sometimes helps. hahahhaha
im that girl

ok YAY
thank you for reading if you did!
EVERYONE must reply!! Let me know if you do?
This took me ages, and i think it was about an hour. I suck.
im so tired
bed time

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

summer might be here

but then with melbourne...who knows....
i feel in such a style rut.
BOOOOOOO i cant find any clothes i like that arent sass&bide. it sucks. i need to go to the city and do a hard search for new stuff. but shopping in the heat isnt fun is it? hmmz
maybe ill hit up chaddy.
but half the effing place is closed. so annoying. hurry up renovations!!!

i took this photo last night
pink skiiiessss
reminds me of flamingos and florida keys....swampy crocs..hmmz
watching too much dexter perhaps?

cant wait till d gets back so we can go get igloo zoo!!!
im addicted to that shiz.
wish there was more stores...currently there is only malvern rd but everyone must go try!!
and get the pomegranate flavour. yayayayyaya

ooooh and i got my first blogger award! how exciting. i feel mighty chuffed. i have to think about it for a few days because i dont know anything about me thats interesting...
and i have HEAPS of work to do. BALLSSSSSS
thinking about buying a new laptop/computer. i currently use a macbook air but its not enough for what i have to do for work now.....hmmmm tough decisions

outfit details:
missoni cardigan
sass & bide tshirt
HOH necklace and ring
diva cuff
hermes bangle

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the reception

after the wedding we headed back to school camp, i mean, the resort and got changed into evening wear. HA! ahaha

cute duck!!

the trees were so tall. this was taken with my super zoom lens...

here we are at the reception.
im kinda too lazy to keep editing my face out. but im scared to show my face.
it seems like heaps of people with blogs get abuse these days. so im kinda scared to show me.
eeep. plus im paranoid so if people look at me weird im going to be like " ohhhh they're laughin at me from my blog"

im probably going to delete this photo in like 5 mins and chicken out. and d will probably have a sook. he hates photos on the internet.

this was the only photo i got from the wedding!
so sucky! u cant even see my outfit. boo.
i was wearing a sass and bide dress and the bottom has all ruching detail. and i wore my black rats with my sportsgirl frilly heels.
dang. i wanted a photo! i wore this dress to a wedding back in august and forgot to take a photo then too! i suck clearly. i will probably wear it to another wedding in december and take a photo then.
so lucky! three weddings with different crowds so i can repeat the dress. YAY

outfit details;
sass and bide dress
review cardigan

thank you to everyone who reads my blog. even though i dont make much effort for it to be interesting.
i will try!
i read back at my first few months of blogging and i put more effort into it.
now i will try again. it was supposed to be fun! and a good way for d and i to share things because we spend so much time apart.
so i will head back to my roots.

my first day back in melbourne. had a REAL coffee and REAL food. so greatful. we have the best shit in melbs.
i need to do more searching in perth for good stuff. i know its out there!! right now the best coffee i can find in perth is at gloria jeans in borders. if any perth peeps wanna help a girl out let me know!! i like my coffee of the soy milk kind. and not so good, or red vita soy. love bon soy or the green/purple vita soy.
do i sound picky and annoying? maybe.
hahahah coffee must be done right!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was down in pemberton (350km south of perth) for a wedding and it sure was different to what ive been around lately..
its almost weird to be in the "wild". i felt odd.
im back in perth now and finally have phone reception and internet!!
three days with no phone/internet!!! ahhh!! at first i was having a mild panic attack. but the weekend went so fast i didnt even notice.
but seriously though, when u want to talk to someone you have to walk to their cabin instead of SMSing them. ugh annoying. hahahah

here is D feeding the birds....wrong town...dont feed the wild!!!
here is what i wore to the church..... CHURCH
i wanted to wear a hat/fascinator but i was really lazy and didnt find one in the shops
but SOOOOOO many people at the church did. made me feel left out.
and ughhh whats with my foul hair? yeahhhhhhhh i had a bad hair day. the water was off and i couldn't get the conditioner out. whatevs.
what happened to my face? it looks all blurry. HA. HA. i made a funny.
it full on felt like i was at school camp hey.
so weird.
there was people canoeing and stuff. hahhaha canoes!!!
so school camp style

the rooms are on the lake. as in half in the lake..built on stilts...and you see the ducks and fish etc.
its nice and quiet though.
twas fun.
more piccas coming soon!!! probably when i get back to melbourne.

outfit deets:
thomas wylde dress/top thing
kookai slip underneath
sportsgirl ruched leggings
mollini kitten heels. ( need to reserve the foot pain for dancing at the reception!)
plus i feel odd wearing sky high heels in church.

im in the executive club at the hotel in perth and these two ladies behind me are getting shit faced off the free booze. its so odd. they even took the bottle from the bar to their table. they're my mothers age. all rowdy and boozin it up.
hahahah so funny.
boooozzeee iiittt upppp laadddiieeezzz

i heard summer arrived in melbourne. yay-ish.
not sure how i feel about heat in melb yet.
i like that i have heat here and go back to cold in melbourne.
makes it fun for my wardrobe.
now its like im sick of all my "perth" clothes ie summer clothes.
and i need new summer stuff
ARshlgkjdlfgkjdflgjk HATE shopping.
ok have to find somewhere nice in perth for dinner.
might take all night. HA... i kid. i kid.

cant wait to catch up on all the blogs!

Friday, November 6, 2009

bbacckkkk in W.A

Im back in W.A again. It feels like I only just got back to melbourne.....which i guess, i did.
its starting to feel like a second home here.
Atleast its nice and chill and i can walk around the CBD in a tshirt and im still dressed up. HA!
ahhh perth is great. so relaxed.
last night i went to a chinese place with a friend for dinner to find a massive hair embedded in my meal. SO GROSS. this kinda thing happens to me heaps.
anyways, the lady didnt even apologise. she said she'd give me some spring rolls and thats it and then charged us for the meal!! whhhatttt
ookay lady.
it was funny atleast.

anyways, the reason why i have this shoe here is because i NEED it.
Miss Louise is selling them but that shop is not for me. plus i know i can find it on the net cheaper anyways.
i feel like ive looked on every giuseppe zanotti online seller there is and ive come up with squat. ive found the heeled version but not the flat. AHHH
if anyone sees them online please let me know? ill be forever greatful!!
they kind of dont look exciting in the photo but the silver bits sparkle nice in real life and im a magpie. A MAGPIE. SQUUARRKKK!! Swooop.
step away from the blog.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

dodgy iphone shot

I got this sass and bide top the other week and forgot to take a photo of it, but i just found this photo in my phone. ill have to take a proper photo of it next time i wear it. maybe NYE? isnt NYE a night for sequins if any? I'm not going to vegas any time soon, so NYE will have to be it.

such a dodgy photo with such a messy background. gross.
but you guys take photos of yourself before going out and email it to someone asking if its okay right?

ugh and why am i standing all man like with my legs? odd.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DJ Hero!!

Last friday i bought DJ Hero for my nintendo wii.
sooo muchhh funnnn!! i can live out my dreams of being a rad dj in my living room.
ive played it so much that my forearm muscles ache and im getting a blister on my thumb from scratching for hours.

OH and i got my zimmerman dress altered. it used to be over the knee. now its a mini skirt length. so much better.

wicka wicka wow

Sunday, November 1, 2009

pale pink meh

I am definitely not a pink person. or a girly person....but when i spotted this pale pink "silk" jacket at forever new i had to have it. i think its the puffy sleeves..

i never look in forever new...not sure why i was there that day but sure glad i went in.
because its so thin it will perfect for those weird summer days that are in between.
i bought a new white tshirt to wear with it as well which will be perfect for summer! yay

forever new jacket
sportsgirl black tee (probably should of ironed it. woops)
ksubi jeans
and im wearing my green HOH necklace in this photo but u cant see it. dang!

oh and ive cut all my hair off. SOB. i hate it
grow back soon hair!! i miss you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Everytime i see a kangaroo i must take a photo. They are quite good models. They manly just sit there like a deer in headlights....dunno why...they might get scared? im not sure.
perhaps they think they are camouflaged better still?
very likely!

look how well they blend into the land!!
can you spot the two kangaroos in this photo?

happy halloween everybody!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When i saw this cool kangaroo statue i knew i had to have a photo of it.
and i thought it would be funny to jump like a kangaroo. hahha.
u can see my stupid goofy laughing face. hahaha how embarrassing.
people were watching me do this as well. ughhhhh!!

this sass&bide maxi dress...i love...but because im short...and stupid..i keep getting my foot caught in it and tripping...

as shown below. i dont know why D took a photo of me falling over instead of helping me...ass

sass & bide maxi dress
sass & bide tshirt tied in a knot over

AHAHHAH speaking of tripping over,
yesterday on swanston st i tripped over and my boiling hot coffee pushed up in my mouth.
ARGHhhhh ahhah so embarrassing....yet so funny if anyone saw.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

rock art !

D and I drove down to the burrup peninsula to see if we could find some indigenous rock art. apparently its one of the biggest collections in australia.
im such an idiot. i thought it'd be like easy to find and signs and stuff ( ha!)
but you had to actually hike around this huge national park. as if. im wearing gladiator sandles and its 40 degrees celsius.
so we drove around a bit...walked around a bit...the flies made me MENTAL. i may have screamed curse words loudly
imagine having atleast 5 flies on you at all times. so gross! i need me a bushmans hat with corks attached pronto!!

anyways, we found one.
a lizard or something.
ughhh. whatever. atleast we found something. hahah
oh and i found a bazillion kangaroos. photos coming soon! YAY
so cute

oh yes and here is a closeup of the neckline on my dress.
its like a brassy metal pieces that is detachable for washing. yay. i think they look like bones.
pretending to look up into the tree so i dont have a double chin! i fooled you guys right?!

outfit details
sass & bide dress ( ugh soooo annoying always falls down cuz of the heavy neckline and shows off your tatas to the max. i will probs never wear this again. so mad and not only that the material creases so easily it looks gross after 10 mins of wear)
witchery leggings
sam eldeman shoes
diva cuff
ray ban sunnies

if i look greasy in these photos its because i have SPF on + 40 degree sweat. anyways.
i hope everyone is proud cuz i never wear SPF. yay. all my friends who read this get off my case! i wore SPF!! Happy now? yayyy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

night lights

So pretty....

I took an outfit photo yesterday but i forgot to upload the photos...oops least i uploaded all the work photos...
i thought this one was pretty...

oh and i may have taken about 50 photos of kangaroos. should i upload them all? i dont think i can pick which ones i like best! D thinks i should make a calender with them. hahahhaha
i may have gone slightly overboard but its exciting to see wild kangaroos right!!??!!

ahhhhhhh i thought so

and now for the shit news
qantas completely trashed my samsonite suitcase. its got HOLES IN IT. and now i have a hole in my new sass&bide maxi dress. ughh RUDE. and they wont do anything about it.
um lucky it was only in the dress. D's "good" suit and my marc jacobs jacket were in there too! if they had holes in them i'd be going completely mental. qantas is such a rubbish airline.
boooooo qantas booooooo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

biggest strawberries ever!

When I look at this photo they dont seem so big...there should of been a point of reference.
this punnet is actually a jumbo punnet and not a normal size punnet or strawberries.
they are huge
i couldn't resist taking a photo! they were so yum i ate them all in one sitting

YAY summer fruits are BACK!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

charity clothes!

I recently went to Witchery and snapped up this vest. It was $150 ( i think ) and 100% of the money goes to charity! Im not sure how long this is going on for, but they are selling a few different pieces and it all goes towards research for ovarian cancer! ( weird cuz i thought it was breast cancer month?) oh wells. atleast its going to a good cause! thats how i justify things! yay!

and here is a close actually zips up in a weird way. dont think i'd wear it zipped up. i like it to hang loose...
its so soft and light..perfect for summer!!!
and it was hooootttt this night.

Witchery black tee underneath
Witchery cream vest
S&B black rats
Wittner wedges
regular jewels ( HOH, diva, disney couture)

my nose is filled with red dust.

It is sooooo hot. well compared to melbourne..
today hit about 33 and with full length sleeves and pants boots etc its hooooot.

snazzy onsite outfit.

underneath the ship loader.
i hate heights!! and i especially hate heights when you're walking on grid mesh! and there are sharks swimming underneath. !! ARGH!
the photo below doesnt really show just how high it is. it actually looks quite low.

i wish i could show how tall i was in perspective so you can see how high it is. ughh nervessss

the water is such a pretty colour here.

They would kick me off site with this outfit above . hahahhaha. but there was nothing dangerous at the top of the hill so i had to jazz it up a bit for the photo.
first off,
WRONG glasses. the safety glasses are off and i kept changing whenever no one was looking. some sort of stand issue bolle gross sunnies. ughh.
shirt must be tucked in.
no hard hat on. oops (its so annoying)
plus i dont think green doc martins are classified as steel capped safety boots.
oh wells. i try hard but seriously, why is safety wear so freaking ugly?! i'm pretty sure they can merge safety and stylish together. right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

why do hairdressers like to screw me?

ughhh!!!! i went to rokk ebony south yarra and they totally screwed my hair!! i was blonde. now im grey/orange poo colour. so mad. and i paid $250 for the privilege.
" oh come back next week and we'll fix it" YEAH OKAY COOL ILL FLY BACK TO MELBOURNE JUST SO U CAN FIX IT.
ugh idiots
so now im stuck in rural WA with horrible hair.
im not posting until my hair is fixed.
im so mad. so so mad. grrrrrrrr.
grrrrrr x10000000

last week i went on a pyscho shopping blitz. so i have lots of things to post about.
but im going to photoshop out my horrible grey hair.
i have two weddings and a work function as well. nice meeting new people with horrible grey hair. awesome. thnx rokk ebony. u reek. k thnx bye

S&B dress
sportsgirl jacket
marc by marc jacobs shoes
diva ring

( this was taken the morning of trip to rokk ebony. i preferred my hair with the 7 week regrowth to this horrible excuse for foils)

looking back at this pic its so hard to imagine how cold it is in melbourne when its so freakin hot here. 33 degrees right now. arghh!!!

i got this cool cuff from Diva !!
i just took this in photobooth
also i got the S&b singlet a few weeks ago too.
its my favourite singlet right now. i MIGHT be wearing it to death HAHA
also in the photo im wearing my new S&B crackerjacks. which i think i will wear to death this summer. kinda over leggings right now and i needed something loose. i feel like a bit of a fat heffa in them tho. hmmz.

its so good up here.
im so happy to be back. YAY
everyone come visit me!!!!
we can sit on the patio and breath the humidity and then laugh and think that this is australian.
outback towns rule.
everyone is so super nice.
and you can park anywhere for as long as you want and you dont have to pay! HUZZAH!!

i am clearly going a bit psycho from the heat and need to step away from the blogger.

till next time!

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