Monday, December 21, 2009

Tonka Truck

On the way back from Cossack we drove through Wickham and i had to take a photo with this huge dumper.
Thats me "pushing" it. Ha. Funny. D thought it was really unfunny. Every party has a pooper.


  1. haha! totally didn't realise it was that huge until i saw a small you there HAHA~~ go you muscles!! x

  2. I hope you checked that the brakes were on! We don't want a squashed Cotton Socks..what would S&B do without their main buyer?

    That truck is a monster and you look teeny..cute pic!

    Don't worry, Big R is also the resident party pooper unless it's his joke, then it's all on!

  3. whoa! that's a crazy fun picture :)


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