Tuesday, December 15, 2009


D and I like to take photos of us jumping and compare who got the most air. I think we have photos from all our holidays of us doing this. Cheap thrills.

We took a drive down to Cossack on Sunday. It's now a ghost town but was established in 1871 to house all the pearl divers that came down hoping to strike it rich.
Up above I am jumping in front of a shop that was built in 1890. Most of the town has been destroyed by age and cyclones but there are still a few buildings around. But I wont post photos of them all. Snoozey. Plus it's more of a suprise if you ever go there yourself.

Down below is the view from a lookout point in Cossack.
I'm pretty sure this was low tide. It was about 5pm

Here is what I wore... I look like a "blogger" here don't I? HA! D took a photo of me getting shitty at the flies and storming back into the car.
But it totally looks like I'm trying to "werk" it.

I made him take a close up photo of my vest. I like all the beading. It's really heavy though.
The vest is by a brand called Kachel. I thought I was really stepping out of the box here with this vest. But then two people have already asked me if it's Sass&Bide. So clearly I'm not. I thought I was doing great but not buying something S&B for once. GAH!
Although, I just realised the t-shirt and shorts are. shit.

I spotted two cute gallahs on a power line and made D get out in the blistering heat and take a photo for me. He is a LADIEZZZZ man. swoon.

I've given up on sandals in the 42 degree heat. My feet get too dirty. Sandy. Grimey. Annoying.
Next time I come up I'm bringing more closed toe shoes.
Orange iron ore feet isn't pretty.
I'm getting a nice iron ore tan though.
Pity it comes off in the shower each night.


I really enjoy when I hear middle aged women with top 40 ringtones. I'm next to a lady who has Katy Perry as her ringtone. She has children. She'd be in her late 30s. But rock on with the Kate Perry ringtone. It's especially funny when they can't find they phone in their handbags that carry the kitchen sink and it goes on for ages and they get flustered.
This is so my mum. If she could figure out ringtones. Or how to answer a mobile phone.
As for me, I always have my phone on silent. I like missing all my calls.


  1. I wanted to buy this vest last week, didn't look anywhere near as good on me as it does on you!

  2. I too snigger at the top 40 ringtones...and also like to silence my phone cos I hate talking on my cell espesh in public. I've laughed my ass off at this, thank you for the entertaining post. And the vest is cool.

  3. awesome pictures! you're too funny :)

  4. I LOVE THAT VEST. Gosh, you look rad. I love that first photo, by the way. The sun looks so beautiful! Follow me, please? :)

  5. haha, that galah is mad cute. I laugh at top 40 ringtones as well, especially with old people and especially in class... hilarious. and I'm the same, always got my phone on vibrate and miss all my calls. eep.

    that vest is awesome, love it. and love that you and your man have made a tradition with the photos - awesome idea.


  6. looking very cute! sweet vest.

    my mum has 'so what' by Pink as her ringtone! I laugh everytime it rings - she's so not into any new music but has a thing for that song apparently!

  7. i love that vest! it looks great on you.



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