Tuesday, October 23, 2012

water sports and tater head

In bali, we did water sports. or perhaps its more "water activities"

we did banana. or the naaaaniiii.

and we did jet ski. 
i look petrified so you are going to have to just look at alicia. 
I've never been jet skiing in an ocean before. 
lets just say its very different to a lake.

we're on a boat.

we take photos with random status and pretend we are the animal/person in statue.
lets all take note at how lucky kate is for not showing her brittney. lucky? or skills? you decide. 

we go to Potato Head. or tater head. or tatey head.

we take photos of our cocktails.

we take photos of doors on walls.

we take photos of our clutches. 

this was my wedding clutch. a lil anya hindmarch gold glitter number to match my shoes.

we walk around in a blurry manner wearing camilla kaftans.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


when in bali, we go to kudeta.
it always has different decorations which keeps it fun.

must run to bar first thing.

happy now that i have drink. awks face. bad hair - don't care.

sunsets and sand. kieran taking a photo of.

side bar.


espresso martini. was yummy. tasted too eggy for me. had to pass it on. had a chocolate on the side. odd.

lychee rose martini. zoo good. its like turkish delight in a cup and i love it.

holly says hi

maryanne gives me the side eye. i think now is the moment where her husband would like me to clarify that she is holding a mocktail.

alicia tries to seduce the camera

pink skies no lies

group shot. BALLLIIIIII !!!

lots of floating lanterns. some weird orb in the middle


jump shot!

Now i am going to try and figure out how to reply to comments on blogger.
i have instructions.
wish me luck

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bridal Shower

In Bali, I had a bridal shower.  The invites looked like this: 

It was in our villa which looked like this :

There was fluffing of pom poms

There was lots of champppss                                                                             

There was more alcohol. Strawberry daqs with straws that had hello kitty on them.
They would go soggy half way through but we all pretended it didn't for the sake of cuteness.

There was a faux flower bouquet with hello kitties on it.
bom dot com

 In this photo it looks like i am caressing my boob. but it is my gut really. holly next to me is caressing her thigh. odd. maybe she got turned on by the thought of bridal bingo.

My headpiece was from limedrop. it broke though and i dunno how to fix it. sad days.

happy lab candies for all.

There was fooooods, (boobs with nipples HA)

And more foods, ( willys with green fungal infection)

I was made to wear an ugly sash for a small period of time.

my lil dress is from free people and my cuff is sass and bide.

there was more silly games.
this looks like what i imagine an african tribe members huge dong to look like.
but get your minds out of the gutter, it was just a tennis ball in a stocking.

There was sweets and they were delicious.

There was more daiquiris.

There was relaxing by the pool.
Sarah is pulling some weird unhappy face and fran and alicia are finding this funny.
Must find out the condo deets
Maybe they are discussing how their outfits all match. The Blue Crew.

Here is a group photo.

Fun times were had by all.
D's cousin took the photos.
Isn't she good?
Thank god for her or otherwise I'd have no photos.
I didn't take 1 photo the whole time war were in Bali.
All my posts will be with hand me down pics.

I am going to go get a chinese massage now.

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