Sunday, September 20, 2009

creepy smudgey blur tool.

Thank you D for leaving your laptop at home this rotation. I LOVE PHOTOSHOP.
its so fun to play around with all the tools. i love making my self look mutant.
some of the things i did to my face were hilarious but i thought no one else would find my mutated face funny so i tried to tone it down.

the other day i went shopping in the city for some new clothes/shoes.
didnt really find anything actually.
i did by the new nylon mag with anna paquin on the front. SOOKIE STACKHOUSE!
true blood fever!

probs should of fixed the blinds before i took these pics.
i took it myself as well! i this is the first time. hence the crappiness of them!

YAY at first i twisted my face to the point where it was just kinda scary
and then i tried to distort it more in a less psycho clown way. and look at my hand! that was straight weird from the camera right there.
photoshop forever!
oh and what happened to my other foot? ha!

and a close up of my shoooessiiies

so glad i rediscovered my old tsubi jeans. but its ksubi now isnt it?
well whatevs, on the tag it says TSUBI
old skool.
i think i actually purchased these jeans about 5-6 years ago. and theyve been unworn for probably 3-4.
i got inspired by judy from
i love how she wears non skinny jeans rolled up with heels.
i actually prefer her blog to sea of shoes...maybe because janes looks are a bit too young for me? i dunno. i just prefer her mums blog. she has made me feel more confident in wearing loose clothes. ive always been scared that baggy jeans make me look fat, but now i dont care.
im having a baggy everything moment! and with the lovely spring weather in melb, its been good!

outfit details :

elizabeth & james top ( this is so soft and comfy im going to live in it this summer!)
tsubi jeans
wittner shoes

gosh i cant stop eating cherry MnMs. i got them from the candy shop at melbourne central that imports american candy.
im going to put on 5kg for summer instead of lose.
but they're SO GOOD

Monday, September 14, 2009

nobu in all black

im really far behind in blogging about hawaii. tee hee. i am lazy with uploading photos.
when im in one of those "im fat and ugly and my hair is shit" moods i tend to wear this dress.
all black saves the day. i think i changed like 6000 times before i went out this night and possibly threw a few tantrums.
i think the 2 reasons stopping me from moving to hawaii are
1. shit coffee
2. my hair is always wack there.
i think it has something to do with their water. or something. hard water or soft water.
next time i go there i am getting a good hair dryer. my parlux wont even turn on there. ha!

an ode to no one dress
elizabeth & james shrug
country road shoes
chanel handbag
HOH jewelery

watching the VMAS. kanye boo taylor swizzles yay!!
eating fruit salad
i spent $5 on these stupid blueberries and most of them are sour. boo coles! boo!!
does pineapple make anyone else burp a lot? just me? hmmz

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

palm tree poser

d and i decided to have a bit of a shop before dinner and headed to the aloa moana mall where we did a few last minute family pick ups. we went into chanel and d pressured me to try on the diamond bezel j12. err crazy. i felt like i didnt want to touch it. like i wasnt worthy. haha.
what if i scratched it? ahhhh it made me feel nervous.

i stood in front of this pot plant to take a photo for my blog. i always pull the most akward poses and faces when im taking a photo. i feel so stupid. and if i see someone coming i quickly run away. hahaha.

i probably should of tied up the rouching tie so it didnt look like i was peeing fluro orange.
this kirrily johnston is current season i think. i picked it up from david jones before i left and i think it was new. i wished it came in a different colour though but they said no. but i think now it does. dang. i really like how it has the ties on the middle, back and sleeves so you can make it "butterfly" style or like a loose top. i like orange, dont get me wrong, its just i feel i need a gnarly tan to wear it. which i dont have. ever....

anyways, after dinner we headed to nobu for dinner and had one too many sake,

which resulting in D taking "arty" photos of half dead plants.
nice work honey. <3

and him telling me to pose on the palm tree. how hawaiin. HA!
i found this flower on the ground and put it in my hair.
after all that sake, we thought this was a fab idea.
in retrospect, the dude watching us take this photo probs thought we were on drugs.

posing out the front of Puma. awesome.
i wish i could show u the photos of D teaching me how to pose. (he said i was shit. which is true. hahaha)
they are HILARIOUS. but he would kill me.

so you can just laugh at me. in my hawaii pose. flower in hair and all.

kirrily johnston top
zara leggings
sam edelman shoes
house of harlow jewelery.

can i not include my jewelery anymore? i pretty much wear the same jewelery everyday.
every time i try something else on i dont like it as much as my HOH pieces.
obsessed perhaps.
i even went out and got a new new necklaces and i cant wear them cuz i prefer my HOH.
arghhhh. i need to move on to something different.

Friday, September 4, 2009

elizabeth & james

Whenever i look at the olsen twins brand, elizabeth and james, on the internet, the clothes are always foul, but when i looked at their stuff in aloha rag and neimens in hawaii, there was awesome stuff. (longest sentence ever) its like all the crap bits get sold on the net. anyways,

i loved this oversize tee. it goes low at the front. i bought mine in an xs so imagine how huge they get as the sizes get bigger. crazzzzyyyy ovvverrsiizzeee

Elizabeth and James top
Roxy shorts (gnarly ha)
House of Harlow ring
and i wore with
Mimco shoes below

I'm thinking of painting the pink and blue bits black. Just cuz colour gives me anxiety. ha.

Anyways, we hired a car for the day and drove to the north shore.
mustang sally

we went to some "famous" place for shave ice, which is really just a snow cone.
didnt really get the big deal.
some people got rainbow ones and they looked cool.
i just got plain cherry and D got green apple
yummy but so huge. and mine was a small

sunset at north shore....

i found pear grey goose there too! YAY so happy i was.
sometimes, the small things in life make me happiest.
this day was SO MUCH FUN.
It was Ds birthday and we hadn't really planned much, we never do, but driving around the island was so fun.
we stopped by a starbucks and got coffees and snacks and cruised around the north shores, and saw a place my grandpa raved about when he was alive ( 25 years ago) and then stopped by some shops ( scored some missoni scarves! YAY presents on Ds bday)
then we stopped by taco bell. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

anyways, best day ever!!! hawaiins are so super nice. this crazy cockroach x mutant fluro yellow bug kept attacking me and we pulled over on the freeway and within 2 mins some nice fellow stopped to help us.

enough rambling from me
D is coming home tomorrow morning!!!! YAY cant wait.
i just sprayed Spray'n'Wipe on my keyboard and now the shift key isnt working.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whole Foods Market = nom nom nom

I loved Whole Foods Market so much! best place ever!!!
if you thought Macro was good think Macro x 100000000
i will die if we get it here in australia. die.
nom nom
scoff scoff

D got the pizza each time and it was so incredibly yummy. perhaps the best pizza ive ever had, and that includes all pizza eaten in europe. big call. i know i know.

my tub had this awesome cous cous with currants and almonds so yum.
kalamata olive and feta penne pasta
sesame and soy tofu
roasted carrots

and fresh fruit with yoghurt.

im getting so hungry just thinking about it!!
wish i had a photo of my chocolate sago pudding!!!
nom nom!
should of taken photos inside but i dunno if thats a bit weird or not.
my camera is huge so its super obvious.
i did take a photo of soy whip cream for a friend though
must send to her now.
or tweet
tweet tweet, tweet tweet yeah.

beach coverup - Topshop
Sunnies - Raybans
Nails - O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark

p.s Starbucks coffee is even worse over there than here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bike riding is the best!

i had so much fun bike riding in hawaii!! memories forever!
i like american bikes too. they have wide handle bars. wish i had a bell but oh wells.
riding on the right side of the road took a bit of getting used to but Hawaiians are pretty chill on the road so it was okay.
most days we rode our bikes to the whole foods market to eat the yummy goodness!!
i miss these days
come home soon D ! nini and i are on the couch waiting...

wearing a full aussie ensemble!
sportsgirl oversize tee ( wish u could see the detail. the sleeves are silk and have slits in them.)
billabong shorts ( gnarly )
sportsgirl shoes

and i ruined my true blue outfit with a chanel classic flap.

i feel i was so lazy today. i napped for 3 hours on the couch in the arvo and i feel really guilty. hope i can sleep tonight. i walked 5km but i feel i have to clean the house to makeup for napping.

hoping to get more accomplished tomorrow and go for a swim with a certain awesome friend of mine!

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