Sunday, September 20, 2009

creepy smudgey blur tool.

Thank you D for leaving your laptop at home this rotation. I LOVE PHOTOSHOP.
its so fun to play around with all the tools. i love making my self look mutant.
some of the things i did to my face were hilarious but i thought no one else would find my mutated face funny so i tried to tone it down.

the other day i went shopping in the city for some new clothes/shoes.
didnt really find anything actually.
i did by the new nylon mag with anna paquin on the front. SOOKIE STACKHOUSE!
true blood fever!

probs should of fixed the blinds before i took these pics.
i took it myself as well! i this is the first time. hence the crappiness of them!

YAY at first i twisted my face to the point where it was just kinda scary
and then i tried to distort it more in a less psycho clown way. and look at my hand! that was straight weird from the camera right there.
photoshop forever!
oh and what happened to my other foot? ha!

and a close up of my shoooessiiies

so glad i rediscovered my old tsubi jeans. but its ksubi now isnt it?
well whatevs, on the tag it says TSUBI
old skool.
i think i actually purchased these jeans about 5-6 years ago. and theyve been unworn for probably 3-4.
i got inspired by judy from
i love how she wears non skinny jeans rolled up with heels.
i actually prefer her blog to sea of shoes...maybe because janes looks are a bit too young for me? i dunno. i just prefer her mums blog. she has made me feel more confident in wearing loose clothes. ive always been scared that baggy jeans make me look fat, but now i dont care.
im having a baggy everything moment! and with the lovely spring weather in melb, its been good!

outfit details :

elizabeth & james top ( this is so soft and comfy im going to live in it this summer!)
tsubi jeans
wittner shoes

gosh i cant stop eating cherry MnMs. i got them from the candy shop at melbourne central that imports american candy.
im going to put on 5kg for summer instead of lose.
but they're SO GOOD


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for your comment.I like your sandals. This kind is very in this season. And the jeans... boyfriend look!

    B* a la Moda

  2. Love your top and shoes!

    Ha to the photoshopping efforts :)
    I've never tried - I know I'd be no good, god knows what I'd do to myself ;) xxx

  3. Very cute!!! I like the photoshop effects. There are so many cool things you can do with that program.

  4. Have u seen a Sass and Bide Sale shop has opened on Swan St!? (off topic)

  5. I'm looking for this kind of sweater .I love it !


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