Thursday, October 28, 2010

Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore

Here are some photos from Universal Studios on Sentosa Island in Singapore.
You can tell it's still in its soft opening stage. Not all rides are open and during the day, two rides were closed for a period of time for repairs.
It was still such a fun day and I would recommend it. I think tickets were only around $35 because it's still in its early stages.

Universal Studios did NOT have enough novelty food like Disneyland does.
We need more trashy goodness!!
I thought this photo of D and K2 hilarious.
We got buckets of popcorn to eat during ride lines.
However, there were no lines all day. YAY!

We went and watched the Shrek 4D movie which was lots of fun!
I may have screamed like a baby.

We ran over to the Jurassic Park ride to find out that it was closed for repairs. I had a tanty.
K2 and I took a photo looking like dinosaurs though.
So did K1 and D but theirs was inferior so I didn't post it. HA!

I went on this dinosaur ride while the other guys went on a roller-coaster.
I was too scared to go on it.
I was scared on this kids ride to be honest.
I am woosey.

This is the "main street" area that is supposed to look like NYC I'm assuming.
None of the shops are open yet though.

Although there was a hat shop.
I tried on a Pharaoh hat and did my best impersonation.

We ate in this cool 60s diner place and listened to Elvis.

Here is me at Shrek and Fiona's castle!

We then went back to the Jurassic Park ride which had been fixed!! YAYYY!!
The sign said "You may get wet" so we bought some ponchos to wear!!
Imagine if I didn't wear a poncho.

So with my hair ruined and clothes INCLUDING UNDERWEAR being soaked we decided to walk around to try and dry off.
U.S should REALLY have hairdryers at the exit of the ride. They dont even have the hand ones in the toilet that you can put your head under.

We left U.S and next door is a Hershey's store.
We decided not to buy anything though because it would melt in the heat.

Then we went over to Hard Rock cafe for some cocktails and nachos!
YAY. I had a traditional margarita. I love them. mm salty.

Still soaking wet.
Sitting in air con while wet is balls.
At least you can see the cool shoulder pads on my tee shirt!

Then on our way back to U.S I bumped into a Reese's Peanut Buttercup!

Then a few minutes later some more characters came out!!
I dunno WHAT D is doing to that Hershey's Kiss.
Maybe trying to eat it?!

Then we went back to U.S
The main rollercoaster was broken down but looks how scary it would of been!

My friends all went on The Mummy ride a few times and loved it! I was too scared.
We went back to the Jurassic Park ride and I think in total, we went on it about 8 times. AT LEAST.
The staff thought we were nutsos.
By the end of the day we were all HEAD to TOE SOAKED.
We couldn't be any wetter.
We all stank of chlorine.
It was 7pm and we weren't drying so we jumped in a cab home.
It was disappointing not to have a Parade or Fireworks at the end of the day like Disneyland does,
but maybe they will introduce this after their full opening?
I'm not sure.
The Park is VERY small and hopefully it will be expanded over the years.
It was still a fun day though! All due to the company I spent it with.
Thanks guys!!

(btw if anyone is interested,
S&B Tee
Zara Pants
Hav thongs)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Singapore Night Safari

After Bali, D and I flew to Singapore to meet friends K1 and K2.
In Singas, D and I decided to keep up the buffet breakfasts in the morning.
It was good.
The Mandarin Oriental in Singapore has one of the best buffet breakfasts I've ever had.
Some mornings I would eat Indian for breakfast.
I just try and pretend it's not breakfast time.
D ate Indian for breakfast everyday.
He's straight outta Calcutta.

I had below just one big of Indian. Those lentil donut things.
I had to MAX UP on fried carbs because I had 10 days of no carbs before going to Bali.
I missed them A LOT.
I also had fresh pink guava juice. It's the best.
The next day I had green.
It was good too.
I also had wheat grass shots most mornings. How disgusting are they?
Remember when they were the best shit in health? Now they are old news.

During the day we went shopping. No exciting photos.
Then at night we had to get one some coach and go to the Night Safari.
Wish I could of got a cab.
I dunno why we had to get two buses there and wait around a dock for 40 minutes.

So you go on a golf cart like train thingy through the "jungle" and your host tells you about the animals.
No flash is allowed so all the photos turn out like this,

That was a hippo by the way.
I forgot to bring my glasses and it's all very dark so I didn't get to see much at all.

After the tour you go and watch a show.
Here is the clearest photo from that.

Then they teach you about recycling and the environment and protecting the jungle.
Wah wah.
I didn't pay for a lecture on that.
I'm thinking it's for the kids. Clearly we all know to separate our recyclables and not to be a litter bug.
We got to see these cute little otter like creatures put cans in bins though.
It was the best part of the night safari.
They were so cute.

D got a coke and it came in this cool pirate mug.
I wanted him to steal it but I'm scared of Singaporean police.
They'd probs give him a life sentence.
K1 and I got Ice Milo because that's what you do in South East Asia.
It was delicious.

The Night Safari had some Halloween stuff going on.
I liked it.
This guy below would be still for 10 mins and then all the sudden move and growl.
It was scary.

Here is K1 and moi in a "Halloween Horrors" photoshoot.
I think we needed two more people to make this photoshoot work but D and K2 were taking photos of us.

Here I pretend to be eaten by a croc.
My head hardly fit in.
It wasn't comfortable.

So I decided to "wrestle the croc like Steven Irwin".
Looking at this photo, it looks more like I'm humping it and enjoying it.

I wore my best jungle/safari outfit.
Witchery shirt
Sportsgirl singlet
Country Road jeans
Havs Thongs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bali 2

I'm in Perth right now and got some new S&B stuff from the resort collection. Can't wait to wear them all! I will try and take photos to share. ayaaya.
I got PANTS. I am wearing pants all the time these days. Random!

Okay. Back to Bali.
Here I am in the Lobby looking down at the ground.

Here is what I am looking out at.
Can u see the temple in the distance?
I never made it down there to visit up close.
What a pity. Hopefully next time I can!
Wikipedia says it's from the 15th century.

Here is the only photo I have of my Bali Pants.
I had to over expose it so you could see them.
How funny are they?
I love them.
I got them from Supre.
I got them for wearing around the resort but now I really want to wear them back in Melbourne.
I miss my Bali pants. I want to wear them now. :(

Here are some hotel workers setting up for a wedding.
Everyone naturally hassled D and I. Blah.
I'm not getting married any time soon OR in Bali.

Here are a lovely bunch of coconuts.
I ordered one. It's coconut water and not milk.
I read that they have 3 x the amount of electrolytes as water.
My dad poured dark rum into it and half a glass of long island ice tea.
It was then deemed " the most disgusting drink EVER"
and had to be thrown out. No one could drink it.
I now know not to let my dad near my drinks.

Here is one of the bajillion pools at the resort.
I wish I got some photos of all the pools and the water slides.
D and I were obsessed with the water slides like 10yos and played on them for hours.
I was sore the next day.
Why can't they have a chair lift for water slides?

Hello Pinhead!!

One night we went for dinner and drinks at the The Legian. I didn't get any photos of the hotel. What a pity. It was lovely.
I ate this tasty tofu dish.

It was right on the beach and we walked down there to have a look.
There was bats swoopin all over the place!! Wahh I got scared I was going to get rabies so I ran back quick.
As a result, in the photo I look like a ghost.
I hope one day this photo turns up somewhere as a ghost photo.
Oooooo SPoooooKkkkyyyy!!

I want to go back to Bali ASAP!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have been away.
We went to Bali and Singapore.
I went to Bali with D and my family. There was 10 of us in total.
It was a lot of fun!
I was scared to go to Bali.
Eeeeek!!! I actually expected to hate it, but I had such a great time. I will definitely go back to Bali!

We stayed at the Pan Pacific Nirwana and I have no idea where it is.
Near Tanah Lot temple? About an hour from Kuta.
This trip was all very last minute and planned by my cousin so I'm not too sure on the details.

Here is the villa D and I stayed in.

Here I am. On the right is our bedroom/bathroom hut.
On the left is our day beds and outdoor dining area and behind me is the plunge pool.

Zeee plllunngeee pooolll.
Was great for privacy if you don't feel up to the pool scene.
The kids loved it because it was nice and shallow and they didn't need their floaties.

This was the first holiday in my adult life that I have ever got up early enough for buffet breakfast!
It was fun. I will try and do it on all future holidays!
I like making plates of weird combinations. I feel guilty if I dont eat it and try and pass it on to someone else. ie. D or my mum or dad. Hahhahaaa.
Who knew such a thing existed? And how does it exist?
People say I was crazy for eating salads and fruit in Bali. But I wasn't scared of "Bali Belly"
I could of lost a few kg from all the vomiting.

I like to eat my All Bran with banana and blueberries for breakfast in the mornings so I BYOd my All Bran.
HA. Don't laugh. I take my fibre seriously.
There were no blueberries at the buffet so I requested strawberries and bananas.
They gave me a massive plate.
How can one person eat all these bananas?
I thought the bananas were funny.
HAhah. I made D take a photo.
They tasted weird.

One day we got a driver and did a little run around Kuta.
I'm so glad we did. Drivers are so cheap in Bali and it's so much easier because they can pick you up/drop off exactly where you want to go. No getting lost and dealing with heaps of taxi drivers.
We went to Hard Rock Cafe because I wanted Nachos. Bali Nachos. Haaaaaa!!
Here was Kuta Beach.

And here...

and here...

To be honest, I don't get the appeal.
I would never go back.
We were there for a whole of 30 seconds and it was 30 seconds too many.
I've never seen such a large collection of Aussie Bogans in one area.
Even in Hard Rock Cafe, girls would come in with wet bikinis and a singlet on for lunch.
I was like "Plz cover your cooch while I eat nachos with my parents k thnx"
I dont get the whole Kuta Beach thing.
The rest of Bali that I saw, was lovely. I don't know why people would hang in Kuta, when a paradise awaits them in nearby areas.
Maybe it's because I'm getting old and cranky.

Balinese people are so lovely and friendly. I dunno how they put up with all the obnoxious bogans.
BTW My photo of me with a Bintang singlet and bali braids is coming up next.

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