Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bali 2

I'm in Perth right now and got some new S&B stuff from the resort collection. Can't wait to wear them all! I will try and take photos to share. ayaaya.
I got PANTS. I am wearing pants all the time these days. Random!

Okay. Back to Bali.
Here I am in the Lobby looking down at the ground.

Here is what I am looking out at.
Can u see the temple in the distance?
I never made it down there to visit up close.
What a pity. Hopefully next time I can!
Wikipedia says it's from the 15th century.

Here is the only photo I have of my Bali Pants.
I had to over expose it so you could see them.
How funny are they?
I love them.
I got them from Supre.
I got them for wearing around the resort but now I really want to wear them back in Melbourne.
I miss my Bali pants. I want to wear them now. :(

Here are some hotel workers setting up for a wedding.
Everyone naturally hassled D and I. Blah.
I'm not getting married any time soon OR in Bali.

Here are a lovely bunch of coconuts.
I ordered one. It's coconut water and not milk.
I read that they have 3 x the amount of electrolytes as water.
My dad poured dark rum into it and half a glass of long island ice tea.
It was then deemed " the most disgusting drink EVER"
and had to be thrown out. No one could drink it.
I now know not to let my dad near my drinks.

Here is one of the bajillion pools at the resort.
I wish I got some photos of all the pools and the water slides.
D and I were obsessed with the water slides like 10yos and played on them for hours.
I was sore the next day.
Why can't they have a chair lift for water slides?

Hello Pinhead!!

One night we went for dinner and drinks at the The Legian. I didn't get any photos of the hotel. What a pity. It was lovely.
I ate this tasty tofu dish.

It was right on the beach and we walked down there to have a look.
There was bats swoopin all over the place!! Wahh I got scared I was going to get rabies so I ran back quick.
As a result, in the photo I look like a ghost.
I hope one day this photo turns up somewhere as a ghost photo.
Oooooo SPoooooKkkkyyyy!!

I want to go back to Bali ASAP!


  1. Wow, looks so gorgeous! Might convince me to go to bali!
    I like your necklace too, wheres it from?

  2. Bali looks so pretty! Love the bali pants, I'm going to thailand soon and think I might pick up a pair of bali pants. Hopefully they translate well for thailand haha.

  3. Looks beautiful!
    Love the last picture, nice work!

  4. now I'm determined to go next year after backing out TWICE last yr from all the bombing stories! Place looks beautiful - love ya pants too =p

  5. majorly jealous! was meant to go to bali over christmas to stay at the ayana, but plans changed. boo :(

  6. Where are your pantaloon?! I love saying that to little Italian men, that can't speak english... and I can't speak Italian... then they yibber on about (assuming) where their pantaloon are. I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF PANTALOON IS ITALIAN FOR PANTS. hahahahahaaa. Bali looks gorgeous, now show us pictures of SINGAS yayaayayayayayaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  7. Love the holiday pics, feel relaxed just looking at it. On the topic of S&B, I think in your last Bali post you were wearing the tee that I want - such flattering colours.

  8. LOL! Miss cotton socks your style of writing never fails to crack me up. Are you back from Bali now? I can never keep track of where you are girl! But I am glad you are posting more! xx

  9. what a fabulous family this must be! is it D's family or yours? mum, dad, sis, cousins? tell us more! :-)

    you know what I like about you, what makes me smile every time I read your new postings: you have no problem admitting you have no idea where the hotel was situated at. you were 5 min walk away from a 500 year old temple and did not make it there. facts other would fake or camouflage and you tell them firsthand. this is uplifting, really! I need more people like you around me!!

  10. Ahhhh Bali is so beautiful! I'm reading this as I'm doing my exam revision, your post is such a fabulous escape!


  11. what a lovely photos. . I guess you're such a cool gal! super like you simple outfit, white and bali pants=)
    the fashion suggestion

  12. Dear Blossom
    I love these photos! Glad you are posting again. It's 4am and I can't sleep because I do not kow what to pack to take o/s. I want to pack "lightly" but it is hard! You look so pretty. I am glad you went to Bali and hope you've bbecome a FAN of the fam holiday now (like me) xxx

  13. Tea - Thank you! The necklace is Sass&Bide.

    Emily - At the Pan Pacific when you drive in they have security at the gates checking all cars for bombs in the boots etc and they use mirrors to check underneath the cars. It makes u feel a bit safer i think. They did that at the Legian hotel too.

    Bonsai - Yes the tee was from S&B resort! U should get it! The colours do make u feel v summery.

  14. Paula,
    haha! The trip was all very last minute with less than a week to prepare.
    Because it was a family holiday, I decided to just go with the flow and let every else decide what they'd like to do and just go along with it.
    It was nice to just spend time and bond with my little cousins who are almost 3 and 5 years old!


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