Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some more photos from my phone.

I've been so lazy with the camera lately. I really cbf taking photos and just take random snaps with my iphone instead.

Taco and I went for breakfast last week.
I got lemon curd crepes with berries.
She got to watch me eat it.
I felt guilty.
She did try and eat some though.

D's mum took me to Lionel Richie.
How exciting.
It was so much fun!
The sound was awesome and had a little dance.

I went with my friend A to Izakaya Den on Russell street for dinner.
There wasn't much I could eat.
All the vegetarian dishes weren't really clear on whether they had fish stock or not.
Like dashi and bonito or whatever?
I was excited by the panda glasses though.
My face doesn't really show this. It looks more like I just saw a ghost?
HAHA I dunno.


Here is my apple, celery and walnut salad.
There were some currants in there too.
IMO, it needed about a billion times more celery.

I also had some sort of capsicum stir fry that tasted chinese food court.
The corn was nice though!
And I had some delicious salty rice.

I LOVE sake. It's so nice. I don't know why it's not more popular.
I had a sake mojito and then this bottle of sake.

For dessert we had the fondue and the black sesame brule.
I love black sesame so much.
It's so delicious.

Retro-licious fondue action!!

After dinner we went to Siglo and drank too much.
It all went downhill from there and I ended up at home with my head spinning.
I woke up on the couch the next day with this little piglet on my stomach.
I had my iphone there so I took a photo.
How I didn't want up from Taco sleeping on my stomach, I have no idea!!
I wonder how long she slept there?
So funny!
So cute hiding under the blankets.
I love her.

I went to chaddy today to help my friend K find a dress for her engagement party.
It's a nightmare on a Sunday.
Remind me never to do that again.
It was SOOOOO busy.
I hid in the corner at Lord of the Fries and had me some Canadian Poutin chips and a spicy burger to soak up all the alcohol.
So gross.
Im never drinking again! Until this Saturday.

One of my friends is giving up alcohol for lent.
Are any of you guys giving up anything?
I was thinking about doing the urban remedy juice detox whatsy again.
I'm so lazy organizing it though.
I might go watch some more Parks and Recreation.
Good nighttttttt :)

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