Thursday, November 22, 2012

Final Bali Photos.

I have been lazy with bali photos. this is true. it is depressing looking at photos of sun and fun with friends when you are in freezing melbourne.
everyone can judge me for a second because i have not finished writing my thank you cards.
i am a bad person and i am going to hell.
this i know

here is a photo of the pool.
on closer inspection, it is a photo of sarah riding a statue.

here is another photo of rock bar.
don't worry mez, no nipple action.

here we are in the hotels main restaurant where they do the buffets and amaze balls biriyani.
miss it
my camilla kaftan resembles an acid trip. well, I've never taken acid so what i a assume happens.
can anyone clarify?

Here is the view from our villa.
i dunno about these pink flowers.
i could take em or leave em.

Here is a view of the sunset from rock bar.
in our little cave zone.
there were no crabs or bats this year and i think i was a little saddened.

lychee daiquiris made from fresh blended lychees.
you can't beat this shit.

Look at Kiz's fancy slow shutter shot of the waves crashing on the rocks at rock bar.
He is such a photog.
so artsy
so fancy with his fancy lenses.

this was my survival potion in bali.
it's pretty much the bomb dot com if you get sick of hydralites.
i get dehydrated so easily and start vomiting all over the shop so electrolytes are essential in asian. especially when drinking.

my fav clutch to use in bali! AND I FORGOT I HAD IT.
it's an old school sass and bide number.

The famous FAUX BANS

Some traditional bali dancing in the buffet area so we don't have to leave the resort to feel cultured.
look how sweaty all the men are.
so awkward.

One night we came back to our villa and our butler had set up a romantique rose, candle and towel swan theme.
we decided this was a perfect time to take awes photos.
please note the leopard shoes i made D wear in bali.
i dunno if he likes them or not but i do.


also, Holly, if you are reading, please notice the armpit.


I had this awesome hazelnut pasta in the resort too.
it was really yummy and i expected it to be average.
by this time, the fake tan on my hands was weird.

my shoes are the giuseppi zanottis that are nearly falling apart from so much wear and K has her amazing Balmain sandals.
so jealous.

I have no idea what this photo was supposed to be of but it happened after shot buckets at rock bar.


Faces are hilare.
Im clearly way too late.
we all held hands to try and co-ordinate our jumping times and it clearly didn't work.

i really miss bali.
also i think I've gained like 10 kilos since bali in a booze and chocolate filled 2 month binge
time to go into whippet form for the rest of summer

r.i.p fun times.

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