Saturday, October 31, 2009


Everytime i see a kangaroo i must take a photo. They are quite good models. They manly just sit there like a deer in headlights....dunno why...they might get scared? im not sure.
perhaps they think they are camouflaged better still?
very likely!

look how well they blend into the land!!
can you spot the two kangaroos in this photo?

happy halloween everybody!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When i saw this cool kangaroo statue i knew i had to have a photo of it.
and i thought it would be funny to jump like a kangaroo. hahha.
u can see my stupid goofy laughing face. hahaha how embarrassing.
people were watching me do this as well. ughhhhh!!

this sass&bide maxi dress...i love...but because im short...and stupid..i keep getting my foot caught in it and tripping...

as shown below. i dont know why D took a photo of me falling over instead of helping me...ass

sass & bide maxi dress
sass & bide tshirt tied in a knot over

AHAHHAH speaking of tripping over,
yesterday on swanston st i tripped over and my boiling hot coffee pushed up in my mouth.
ARGHhhhh ahhah so embarrassing....yet so funny if anyone saw.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

rock art !

D and I drove down to the burrup peninsula to see if we could find some indigenous rock art. apparently its one of the biggest collections in australia.
im such an idiot. i thought it'd be like easy to find and signs and stuff ( ha!)
but you had to actually hike around this huge national park. as if. im wearing gladiator sandles and its 40 degrees celsius.
so we drove around a bit...walked around a bit...the flies made me MENTAL. i may have screamed curse words loudly
imagine having atleast 5 flies on you at all times. so gross! i need me a bushmans hat with corks attached pronto!!

anyways, we found one.
a lizard or something.
ughhh. whatever. atleast we found something. hahah
oh and i found a bazillion kangaroos. photos coming soon! YAY
so cute

oh yes and here is a closeup of the neckline on my dress.
its like a brassy metal pieces that is detachable for washing. yay. i think they look like bones.
pretending to look up into the tree so i dont have a double chin! i fooled you guys right?!

outfit details
sass & bide dress ( ugh soooo annoying always falls down cuz of the heavy neckline and shows off your tatas to the max. i will probs never wear this again. so mad and not only that the material creases so easily it looks gross after 10 mins of wear)
witchery leggings
sam eldeman shoes
diva cuff
ray ban sunnies

if i look greasy in these photos its because i have SPF on + 40 degree sweat. anyways.
i hope everyone is proud cuz i never wear SPF. yay. all my friends who read this get off my case! i wore SPF!! Happy now? yayyy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

night lights

So pretty....

I took an outfit photo yesterday but i forgot to upload the photos...oops least i uploaded all the work photos...
i thought this one was pretty...

oh and i may have taken about 50 photos of kangaroos. should i upload them all? i dont think i can pick which ones i like best! D thinks i should make a calender with them. hahahhaha
i may have gone slightly overboard but its exciting to see wild kangaroos right!!??!!

ahhhhhhh i thought so

and now for the shit news
qantas completely trashed my samsonite suitcase. its got HOLES IN IT. and now i have a hole in my new sass&bide maxi dress. ughh RUDE. and they wont do anything about it.
um lucky it was only in the dress. D's "good" suit and my marc jacobs jacket were in there too! if they had holes in them i'd be going completely mental. qantas is such a rubbish airline.
boooooo qantas booooooo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

biggest strawberries ever!

When I look at this photo they dont seem so big...there should of been a point of reference.
this punnet is actually a jumbo punnet and not a normal size punnet or strawberries.
they are huge
i couldn't resist taking a photo! they were so yum i ate them all in one sitting

YAY summer fruits are BACK!!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

charity clothes!

I recently went to Witchery and snapped up this vest. It was $150 ( i think ) and 100% of the money goes to charity! Im not sure how long this is going on for, but they are selling a few different pieces and it all goes towards research for ovarian cancer! ( weird cuz i thought it was breast cancer month?) oh wells. atleast its going to a good cause! thats how i justify things! yay!

and here is a close actually zips up in a weird way. dont think i'd wear it zipped up. i like it to hang loose...
its so soft and light..perfect for summer!!!
and it was hooootttt this night.

Witchery black tee underneath
Witchery cream vest
S&B black rats
Wittner wedges
regular jewels ( HOH, diva, disney couture)

my nose is filled with red dust.

It is sooooo hot. well compared to melbourne..
today hit about 33 and with full length sleeves and pants boots etc its hooooot.

snazzy onsite outfit.

underneath the ship loader.
i hate heights!! and i especially hate heights when you're walking on grid mesh! and there are sharks swimming underneath. !! ARGH!
the photo below doesnt really show just how high it is. it actually looks quite low.

i wish i could show how tall i was in perspective so you can see how high it is. ughh nervessss

the water is such a pretty colour here.

They would kick me off site with this outfit above . hahahhaha. but there was nothing dangerous at the top of the hill so i had to jazz it up a bit for the photo.
first off,
WRONG glasses. the safety glasses are off and i kept changing whenever no one was looking. some sort of stand issue bolle gross sunnies. ughh.
shirt must be tucked in.
no hard hat on. oops (its so annoying)
plus i dont think green doc martins are classified as steel capped safety boots.
oh wells. i try hard but seriously, why is safety wear so freaking ugly?! i'm pretty sure they can merge safety and stylish together. right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

why do hairdressers like to screw me?

ughhh!!!! i went to rokk ebony south yarra and they totally screwed my hair!! i was blonde. now im grey/orange poo colour. so mad. and i paid $250 for the privilege.
" oh come back next week and we'll fix it" YEAH OKAY COOL ILL FLY BACK TO MELBOURNE JUST SO U CAN FIX IT.
ugh idiots
so now im stuck in rural WA with horrible hair.
im not posting until my hair is fixed.
im so mad. so so mad. grrrrrrrr.
grrrrrr x10000000

last week i went on a pyscho shopping blitz. so i have lots of things to post about.
but im going to photoshop out my horrible grey hair.
i have two weddings and a work function as well. nice meeting new people with horrible grey hair. awesome. thnx rokk ebony. u reek. k thnx bye

S&B dress
sportsgirl jacket
marc by marc jacobs shoes
diva ring

( this was taken the morning of trip to rokk ebony. i preferred my hair with the 7 week regrowth to this horrible excuse for foils)

looking back at this pic its so hard to imagine how cold it is in melbourne when its so freakin hot here. 33 degrees right now. arghh!!!

i got this cool cuff from Diva !!
i just took this in photobooth
also i got the S&b singlet a few weeks ago too.
its my favourite singlet right now. i MIGHT be wearing it to death HAHA
also in the photo im wearing my new S&B crackerjacks. which i think i will wear to death this summer. kinda over leggings right now and i needed something loose. i feel like a bit of a fat heffa in them tho. hmmz.

its so good up here.
im so happy to be back. YAY
everyone come visit me!!!!
we can sit on the patio and breath the humidity and then laugh and think that this is australian.
outback towns rule.
everyone is so super nice.
and you can park anywhere for as long as you want and you dont have to pay! HUZZAH!!

i am clearly going a bit psycho from the heat and need to step away from the blogger.

till next time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

maxi skirt

arghhhh i really want this kirrily johnston maxi skirt thats on NOW
im going to go into the city tomorrow to try hunt it down and if i cant find it im ordering bizzzaaappppp.
i will wear it with flats (those heels look off with this skirt) and it will be in place of my leggings. i cant show my legs (they're off) and i hate jeans ( ugh on me) so maxi skirt. YAY black YAY

i will wear it similar to this style but without baby bump.
actually, my winter gut is starting to resemble a baby bump so maybe i should just embrace it and have a phantom pregnancy this summer.

maybe ill call the shop in the morning. but i prefer going to the city than armadale.
ughh armadale reeeeksssssssssss
high st. ughhhhh annoying no parking trams. etc.
but i NEED

p.s ill probs try it on and hate it. hahahahha
ill let you all know tomorrow.


oh i went shopping today and picked up some new pieces.
i will have to take some photos !! ( i always say that and it never happens)
oh and my miijo house of harlow order came in
picking it up from my parents tomorrow.

oh yes. photo up top from
photo down bottom goggle images.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


me wants..but for $2000-$3000 me not gets...

plus i'd feel weird wearing python on my foot...eeekkk

Christian Louboutin from net-a-porter..

if only i had an unlimited shoe budget. i'd go spazzos.
oh and the ability to wear heels without looking like im falling over or in agony from sore feet.

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