Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When i saw this cool kangaroo statue i knew i had to have a photo of it.
and i thought it would be funny to jump like a kangaroo. hahha.
u can see my stupid goofy laughing face. hahaha how embarrassing.
people were watching me do this as well. ughhhhh!!

this sass&bide maxi dress...i love...but because im short...and stupid..i keep getting my foot caught in it and tripping...

as shown below. i dont know why D took a photo of me falling over instead of helping me...ass

sass & bide maxi dress
sass & bide tshirt tied in a knot over

AHAHHAH speaking of tripping over,
yesterday on swanston st i tripped over and my boiling hot coffee pushed up in my mouth.
ARGHhhhh ahhah so embarrassing....yet so funny if anyone saw.


  1. This post is awesome! Action AND fashion. Why don't boys act like gentleman anymore? And why do people stare and make us self-concious. PS Sass & Bide is badass.

  2. This is without a doubt the best photo I have ever seen on a blog!!!

    Go you! I love your sense of humour :)
    Ohh and the maxi is gorgeous!
    <3 xxx

  3. ah i didnt see any of these comments.
    im always late to realise i have comments.
    thank you everyone!

  4. I couldn't believe it when the s+B shopgirl suggested wearing the maxi without a bra! haha. it's so 'open' !!!


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