Saturday, October 10, 2009

why do hairdressers like to screw me?

ughhh!!!! i went to rokk ebony south yarra and they totally screwed my hair!! i was blonde. now im grey/orange poo colour. so mad. and i paid $250 for the privilege.
" oh come back next week and we'll fix it" YEAH OKAY COOL ILL FLY BACK TO MELBOURNE JUST SO U CAN FIX IT.
ugh idiots
so now im stuck in rural WA with horrible hair.
im not posting until my hair is fixed.
im so mad. so so mad. grrrrrrrr.
grrrrrr x10000000

last week i went on a pyscho shopping blitz. so i have lots of things to post about.
but im going to photoshop out my horrible grey hair.
i have two weddings and a work function as well. nice meeting new people with horrible grey hair. awesome. thnx rokk ebony. u reek. k thnx bye

S&B dress
sportsgirl jacket
marc by marc jacobs shoes
diva ring

( this was taken the morning of trip to rokk ebony. i preferred my hair with the 7 week regrowth to this horrible excuse for foils)

looking back at this pic its so hard to imagine how cold it is in melbourne when its so freakin hot here. 33 degrees right now. arghh!!!

i got this cool cuff from Diva !!
i just took this in photobooth
also i got the S&b singlet a few weeks ago too.
its my favourite singlet right now. i MIGHT be wearing it to death HAHA
also in the photo im wearing my new S&B crackerjacks. which i think i will wear to death this summer. kinda over leggings right now and i needed something loose. i feel like a bit of a fat heffa in them tho. hmmz.

its so good up here.
im so happy to be back. YAY
everyone come visit me!!!!
we can sit on the patio and breath the humidity and then laugh and think that this is australian.
outback towns rule.
everyone is so super nice.
and you can park anywhere for as long as you want and you dont have to pay! HUZZAH!!

i am clearly going a bit psycho from the heat and need to step away from the blogger.

till next time!


  1. Aw, WA.. amazing!

    I have been mega screwed lately too when it comes to my hair, im going this week, and if they f/ck it up (again) i will be SO mad.

    I have the same S+B dress i loooveee it i wish i bought the jacket!!!!

    BUT...My crackerjaks basically fell apart! I took them with me overseas and all the bits detatched in the first week, they're all raggedy! They are all torn around the side pockets- pre washing them! I was thinking id take them in and ask to swap them over.... do you think they'd accept?

  2. PS OMFG THE SHOES!!!!! Are they the pony hair ones!??! niiiiice.

  3. Aw not cool about the hair. Its so hard to find a good stylist!
    I do love your outfit though..great cuff too!

  4. OMG so sorry to hear your hairdresser drama :( I hope you are able to fix it!
    Love the singlet, too! x

  5. THANK YOU everyone for feeling my pain re. hair.
    it sounds so silly but its important to me. i feel better when my hair is right. (confidence maybe?)
    and i have a few weddings in the next 3 weeks so i cant have shit hair!!! arghhh


    the cracker jacks!! whhahtt. take them back for sure!
    i think you should take them to the stand alone boutique and show them and ask what they think. because DJs will have to send them back probably?
    unless you kick up a stink, then DJs will probably exchange to keep the peace.
    if that doesnt work id ring head office, im sure they'd exchange without a problem.
    that sucks! im going to be careful with mine!

    and yes they're the pony hair ones! they're about 3 years old now but they're still kickin on and i wear them A LOT. i hope he re-releases them so i can get another pair.


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