Monday, October 12, 2009

my nose is filled with red dust.

It is sooooo hot. well compared to melbourne..
today hit about 33 and with full length sleeves and pants boots etc its hooooot.

snazzy onsite outfit.

underneath the ship loader.
i hate heights!! and i especially hate heights when you're walking on grid mesh! and there are sharks swimming underneath. !! ARGH!
the photo below doesnt really show just how high it is. it actually looks quite low.

i wish i could show how tall i was in perspective so you can see how high it is. ughh nervessss

the water is such a pretty colour here.

They would kick me off site with this outfit above . hahahhaha. but there was nothing dangerous at the top of the hill so i had to jazz it up a bit for the photo.
first off,
WRONG glasses. the safety glasses are off and i kept changing whenever no one was looking. some sort of stand issue bolle gross sunnies. ughh.
shirt must be tucked in.
no hard hat on. oops (its so annoying)
plus i dont think green doc martins are classified as steel capped safety boots.
oh wells. i try hard but seriously, why is safety wear so freaking ugly?! i'm pretty sure they can merge safety and stylish together. right?


  1. High Visibility Clothing never looked so good. HOOOTTT!!!!

  2. woah! is THAT where you work??


  3. wow that looks so interesting. What do you for a living if you dont mind me asking???


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