Thursday, October 22, 2009

rock art !

D and I drove down to the burrup peninsula to see if we could find some indigenous rock art. apparently its one of the biggest collections in australia.
im such an idiot. i thought it'd be like easy to find and signs and stuff ( ha!)
but you had to actually hike around this huge national park. as if. im wearing gladiator sandles and its 40 degrees celsius.
so we drove around a bit...walked around a bit...the flies made me MENTAL. i may have screamed curse words loudly
imagine having atleast 5 flies on you at all times. so gross! i need me a bushmans hat with corks attached pronto!!

anyways, we found one.
a lizard or something.
ughhh. whatever. atleast we found something. hahah
oh and i found a bazillion kangaroos. photos coming soon! YAY
so cute

oh yes and here is a closeup of the neckline on my dress.
its like a brassy metal pieces that is detachable for washing. yay. i think they look like bones.
pretending to look up into the tree so i dont have a double chin! i fooled you guys right?!

outfit details
sass & bide dress ( ugh soooo annoying always falls down cuz of the heavy neckline and shows off your tatas to the max. i will probs never wear this again. so mad and not only that the material creases so easily it looks gross after 10 mins of wear)
witchery leggings
sam eldeman shoes
diva cuff
ray ban sunnies

if i look greasy in these photos its because i have SPF on + 40 degree sweat. anyways.
i hope everyone is proud cuz i never wear SPF. yay. all my friends who read this get off my case! i wore SPF!! Happy now? yayyy


  1. Looks amazing there! I think they try and keep a lot of the rock art secret :/

    I feel the same about the dress... i wore it to work today, it was pressed beautifully, but the time i got there it looked TERRIBLE. and i go INSANE lifting the neck up all the time. A girl told me you can wear the chains clipped together as a necklace, but meh.

    It looks good on you anyways!! I have been wearing with rolled jeans cause my bum is ALWAYS visible.

  2. next time i go up in the cooler season i will hike around for some rock art!

    maybe with the dress we need to spray it with starchy spray? does that even work? ive never tried it.
    my bf said it adds character but he's trying to be nice. hahaha.
    im wishing now i got the top version instead of the dress.
    i want to wear a singlet underneath it but cant think of a nice colour to go with it.
    maybe try to match the necklace with a burnt orange singlet. i dunno
    its annoying me.


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