Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yoyogi and Omotesando

On Sunday the weather was nice ( for the first time in my trip) so we head down to Yoyogi Park.
D hadn't been to Yoyogi on a Sunday.
We like the rockabilly crew.
They have great facial expressions. They put in a lot of effort.
One crew had a pink cadillac and some douche keyed it. I bet it was the rival gang.
I think the denim gang don't like the black leather jacket gang.
They do dance offs and turn their radios up louder to project more rockabilliness.

Go denim gang go !

Oooh black leather gang you are so bad.

White jacket? Maybe he is the leader.

Chicks get in on it too.

Here are some little low quality vids I took on my point n shoot.
It makes me smile.
I love the Japanese rock and roll music.
Here is denim gang

And here is leather gang.

I didn't take any photos of "harajuku girls" because it's kind of awkward. I don't take photos of people without their permission and I didn't want to ask them. I get the feeling maybe they don't like it? Because a million tourists would take their photos? I dunno.

Here is some graffiti in the park..

Here is me taking a photo of D taking a photo of me.
Did your head explode just them?

Lovely trees.
Spring is lovely.

More trees. Don't fall asleep just yet. THERE IS MORE TREES TO COME!!

Here is me looking to my right whilst scratching my head. I am back in Sass&Bide so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.
The sass and bide singlet/dress underneath has a weird american wrestler shape.
The black long sleeve top over it looks really see through in the photos but its really not so much in real life...
The guy in the background was juggling. Pity I missed that.

Here is a photo to set the scene.
They like to sit around the pond.

And look at this fountain that shoots water up and down.
I think that ball games are very popular like some sort of tennis ping pong type hitting game.
Also lots of people play their instruments and walk their dogs.
I saw about 500 cute chihuahuas but felt weird taking photos of other peoples dogs.

Me again.

Even though official cherry blossom season is over, there are still quite a few trees around the city that still have some bloom.
So pretty !

After that we walked down to Omotesando. I like the area.

D took this photo of some tulips blooming on the side of the walkway.

We got an espresso from this little van in an lane off Omotesando.
It was real espresso and it made me very happy.
I really miss real coffee when we leave Australia.
I felt even the coffee in Paris was rubbish compared to coffee back home..

I like his pot plants and bottles with random flowers in it.
Hope this post didn't chew up your bandwidth!

I am off to run some errands.
Have a lovely night !!!!!!
:) :) :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toy Shoppe

After we went to Hermes in Ginza, we went into this toy shop.
My "t" key isn't wanting to work today and I have to keep going back to fix it so if some words are missing "t"s, just imagine they are there please.

I was very happy to find different flavoured KIT KATS. Yessssssssssss.
I saw strawberry but we have that here and strawberry is off.
I got a green one which I think could be green tea but it sure didn't taste like green tea... hmm
and the other flavour I got was raspberry and passionfruit!! weird yum?
I just checked the green packet and it appears it is green tea and cherry blossom.
Can you even eat cherry blossom? I'm not sure.
It was yummy. Kinda tasted more like white chocolate though.
Wish we had flavoured Kit Kat in Australia :(

I look hardcore tan in that photo. It's a lie.
Stocking up. I don't know when I will eat them. I will probably save them forever and then they will go off.

How cute are these tea cups with lids???!!!!!
Ohhhhhhh I regret not getting one. I was too lazy to carry it around all day.
Now I wish I had one.

More candy overload. Pink is popular it seems.

How cute are these cards? I'm so stupid for not getting any. My little cousins would love getting these cards for their birthdays...

I think in this photo I'm trying to figure out what the blue thing is.
I see Doreamon but whats that thing with the red nose?
The lady behind me has a nice hair cut.

KITTY CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhh kitty.
Why didn't I buy you?
You would of fit nicely into my collection of HelloKitty.
I am silly.

So apart from the KitKats, I got only one little bear charm. I will take a photo later.
It is super kawaii.

Here is some more snacks I got from Lawsons.
Those cheese sticks come in a salad flavour too and let me tell you they are like crack!
You cannot NOT eat the whole box in one go. If you guys see these chips in an asian store please try them because they are the best. The salad flavour comes in a green tub. I think they must have MSG or something. I'm not sure.
The blueberry chocolate is a bit weird. I still haven't finished it.
I finished the CRUNKY though.
What a good name for a strawberry chocolate treat.
Does anyone know where I can get those riceball things in Melbourne?
I love them. They have some sort of bean inside and sesame etc. They are vegetarian.
I looooveeeee them!!!

I want more Japanese snacks.
They are very fattening so it's probably a good thing I don't have access to them.

I got that keratin/brazillian treatment thing yesterday. I cant wash my hair until Friday.
How foul is that? Hopefully it will repair some damage though.
I dunno.
I will keep you updated.
Its so greasy, I'm too embarrassed to leave the house.

Keep thinking its Tuesday but its Wednesday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Park Hyatt Tokyo


I am finally back and trying to settle in. Starting my 20 million loads of washing. YAY.
D and I decided to take a quick trip to Japan after he finished a huge project at work, just to take a minute out and relax.
The whole work/engagement thing has been so much lately and we just wanted to get away from it and spend some quality time together.

We took an overnight flight and flew Singapore Airlines.
Those of you who know me know I dislike Qantas with a passion ( been screwed over one too many times).
I recommend Singapore over any other airlines.
The service/meals/seats are miles above other airlines. Especially Qantas.
Singapore don't treat vegetarians like second class citizens which is nice.
It was also really nice to have a full bed to sleep on.

Here is the standard photo before take off that I like to take on all holidays. D hates it.
I think its fun to take a photo of us together before we leave. He doesn't. Anyway he took one of me and sooked about taking one together. Typical men. Boo.

Homie behind me likes pointing to his forehead. He did it a lot during the flight.

Here is our room in Tokyo. We stayed at the Park Hyatt. It's where they filmed Lost in Translation with Bill Murray and that other girl...whatshername Scarlett Johansen.
We stayed here last time in Tokyo and the service is second to none...worldwide...I say this even though I haven't been to hardly anywhere to compare. hahahhaha. I just imagine!

Do you like the leaves above the bead? Yeah me too. I often dream of leaves in my bedroom as a feature.
I think they were actually real but I was too scared to scrunch one up. hahaha!

Here is our bathroom. It had a BIDET. This is my 5th time to Japan and I only just tried one for the first time. It was SCARY but not as bad as a though. If you don't want to hear about it move on.
So, I thought the bidet would shoot the water straight into my a hole and I'd go screaming across the room. But actually, it's like a low pressure stream that shoots at the top of your crack and trickles down. You can adjust the water pressure. It was also warm water. I thought it would be cold.
Then there is a fan system that dries you off.
It was odd. I didn't feel violated like I thought I would. I'm not sure if I would use it again.
Have you guys used bidets?
How did they make you feel? I WANT DETAILS!!

Below is our little gifts we got. You get new gifts every 3rd day.
Here we have some herb water in "rose hips" and chamomile flavour.
There is some sort of Japanese sweet. I'm not sure what its called but it was good.
Does anyone know what it is?
It was all different flavours like green tea, sesame, sweet potato...hmm

Down below is the New York Deli where we had brunch nearly everyday we were there.
Just squint and you can kind of see inside the delicatessen. ( on both sides and there was a side on the right too)

The view on the other side looking out...

Here I am scoffing down.
You can see I am STILL wearing Chanel Elephant polish. I think I'm finally ready to move on for a couple of weeks though. It has been about 6 weeks straight.

Some lovely babaganoush...Is that the right spelling?
Looks a bit like spew doesn't it? Lovely tasty spew.

Let me tell you.
I ordered this little strawberry cake thinking it would taste like shiz. When a cake looks pretty, it very very rarely tastes as good as it looks.
This tasted amazing.
I think I could go as far as to say it was the best cake I have ever tried in my life.
I should of bought 100.
Mmmm I will miss you strawberry cake. I will.
It had inside the spongey bit some sort of beautiful strawberry sauce.

Here I am pretending to buy a train ticket. If you look close, I already have the tickets in my hand but D made me reenact the process for a photo.

Here I get on a train at Harajuku station.
What a cute looking couple.
I noticed just then if you look to the left of the picture you can see a girl in a weird pink get up.

I am finding the whole japan/photo/blog thing overwhelming.
Its taking like 30 years to go through photos. Blogger is taking 50 years to upload them.

On the upside, I was pretty excited to have a real soy latte this morning. Pretty excited indeed!
I must go and check up on everyones blogs too!
I am v excited to see what you have all been up to!

Hope you all had a lovely ANZAC long weekend. I got to catch up with some family and my uncle showed me my grandfathers old hat. I got to try it on.
He passed when I was 2 or 3 so my memories of him are very limited.
It was so cool to see his hat. It was a very cool paperboy kind of style one and I'm glad it has been kept after all these 25+ years.
I also got to wear my other grandfathers war medal.
Both my parents went to the dawn service and then my dad let me wear it after that.
It was a good day. A very weird one seeing as though I came home from Japan that day and thinking about how my grandfather was in Japan all those years ago.
He was posted there after the war on some sort of peace keepers mission and fell in love with the country. He made lots of Japanese friends and I think he would be happy to look down on me and see that I got to love the country that he loved all those years ago.
Do you guys have any ANZAC stories? Please share!

Over and out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm in Ginza trick.

Yay. I have finally uploaded some photos. It is not the thrilling task one would think it is.
D and I are sitting in the hotel drinking some sake from the minibar. He said I must blog. What a demanding boyfriend. He is playing with some internet knobs. Ha. Sounds dodgy. It seems like its some sort of synthesizer thing for music. ANYWAY,

In this photo below. I look like a b.l.o.g.g.e.r.
Let's all pretend I'm not screwing my face up all weird yeah?
It looks as though I'm focusing on something but in reality I was probably embarrassed by the camera and all MEHDHSLFKSJDF and it was windy and about -99 degrees celsius.

I wore Sportsgirl jacket
Lover tshirt
Kookai skirt
2 x pairs of black opaques from probably myer?
Zara boots

Please excuse my GHD straightened hair. I haven't lost the plot. I still aim for Texas hair. Its just the hairdryer in my hotel is rubbish and it was some sort of last resort measures.
With this small hair people might start thinking my brain is shrinking.
Well I know I am.

After strolling around the main streets I started to wander in the back streets to find those infamous Hermes resellers.

One can dream yeah?
Although, in my dream I buy it from the shop.
There's something less special about these resellers. It could be the less specialness.

Still really fun to see lots of Hermes in one place like that though!!
Gimme Gimme!

I wonder if the owner takes em all out on the town for a spin? New Birkin everyday.

We don't know what we are doing tomorrow.
Maybe Disneyland.
I cant say no to cute.
I miss all your blogs and will have a massive catch up when I get bizack!
Hope all is well with everyone in bloggyland!

Matta Ne !

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey everyone!
Sorry for the no explanation blogging hiatus.
I am on a short holiday!


I just saw that I reached 100 followers!
I am so shocked!
Thank you everyone who reads!

I will be back soon with some holiday snaps to share :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chanel Goodies! Part 3

Hello new shoes,

Because sometimes tacky is a good thing.

Close up of the nice stitching.
I wonder if it was hand stitched? I'm sure they'd tell me that it was. Haha.
Couldn't they put double Cs on the shoelaces too? Then it could be naff to the max.

Isn't the sole cute? Just incase you didn't get they were Chanel by the side you will know when I kick in the air that it is.

Okay okay,
I know the whole logo thing is gross and I agree. But these were super cute and I couldn't say no!!
Plus they are very comfy! They will be good for my travels when I have to walk whole days.
I have been looking for a black sneaker that has a black sole for what feels like ever. I'm glad I found these.

I will dub them my " dress sneaker"
AHHAHAH No really I wont. I hate "dress sneakers" *shudder*
I'm looking at you shoe with the M on the side. Whatever they are? I just dont get the whole "formal sneaker" thing that some dudes are doing now.
It's either sneaker, dress shoe, boat shoe, boot.
No merging of the two with a formal sneaker. Can someone explain it to me?

I will wear these with black opaques and denim shorts. Yay.
Now it's colder in Melbourne boots and real shoes are back!
Goodbye sandals !!

Btw, how was everyones weekends? Mine was shit ! I was gnarly sick with food poisoning.
Booo! Atleast i lost a kilo. YAY!
Tonight I'm off to a gig and I will freeze to death.
The sacrifices one makes for musical talent.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Please tilt your heads to the side because I don't like weird gaps on my blog when a vertical photo is posted.
ok GO!

Thank you. I hope you didn't strain a neck muscle. Here is a photo of when D and I went to the city to pick up something i ordered from Chanel. In the photo I'm pulling this weird kind of "hurry the eff up D cuz people are looking at me weirdly" face. He said I'm crap at taking photos and then tried to pretend to be me while I took a photo of him.
Clearly I don't hunch my shoulders over like a baffoon.

D is wearing this snazzy Marc Jacobs shirt he found at Aloha Rag in Hawaii. I love that shop. One of my favourites in the world. It matches a dress I have from Country Road. We should wear them together some day.

Anyway, none of my usual SAs were at Chanel so I gave up and left. We then met up with some friends in the city and wanted to go to Movida but it was closed. Balls. So we went to Mamasita. Which was also closed. Balls again. So we went to Rockpool.
I wasn't prepared.
I found this top worn below scrunched up on the back seat of my car and wore it.
It had some wrinkles in it but you cant tell in this poorly lit photo.
Ha! It is from S&B. Supriseeeeeed?!! So is the one above in the city. Please don't judge!

In this photo I drink a Grey Goose Martini. Don't order a Manhattan from Rockpool. They are awful. Stick to things on their menu.
I ate this vegetable cous cous thing which has a fruit on it. It could be a quince. If you look at the bed of cous cous you can see it. Does anyone know? I think it looks like a turd. hahahahaha

Here is what everyone else ate.
D had spaghetti and omg it was amazing! yum!
K and some sort of prawn and cheese tortolini thing and K v2.0 had a steak. Ew. I didn't want it on my blog but I know some of you guys out there like the meaty goods so its for you.
For side dishes we got onion rings, cheesy cauliflower gratin and not pictured, roasted sweet potatoes. Yum!

Now to the good stuff. Desserts.
Here is what K v2.0 got. A trifle. It was very delicious but very full on. The crystal bowl it was served it adds to flavour I believe.

I had this chocolate thing which resembles a boob with a nipple. Hahaha.
I am feeling v mature today.
It had this kind of crunchy thing as a base which was nice.

D ( and by D, I mean, I made him order it so I could eat two desserts without looking foul) ordered this strawberry number. It was a strawberry macaroon, filled with strawberry icecream with a strawberry salad. Full on.
D mentioned the icecream also looked like a turd. Haahahhahahahaaaa.

There was also a creme brule but they all look the same so no photo of that.

Writing this post I now realise how often we compare our food to gross things or private parts. This is interesting to know about ourselves. Hmmm. Time to reflect.

Does anyone have any tips for me to take photos in a dim light restaurant with no flash?
It's v hard. I hate flash in restaurants. Hmm.

Anyway, Rockpool was fun and I like it there. Neil Perry was even there that night too!
Weird huh? Because last time we went to Nobu, Nobu was there. But that is more weird because he doesn't live in Australia.
I am going to go and do some exercise now to work off my boob and poo desserts.

Toodle-oo !!
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