Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chanel Goodies! Part 2

Happy Easter everyone! Are you all eating chocolate eggs until you vomit?
I got the most gnarly white chocolate rabbit from my neighbour. I will have to take a photo and show you guys. I think it would be over 1kg of chocolate. Cray cray! If anyone remembers the xmas post i did, he is the same one that made me the chocolate santa. It's seriously the best chocolate in the world. I'm not lying. I would rather eat his chocolate than Godiva. 
I will post some Easter photos soon.

How cool is this mural next to Chanel in melbourne? Why is it there? Does anyone know?
I wish I had my good camera to take a photo. 
When D's brother took this photo of me some crazy man took a photo of me. WHAT A CRAZY.
I got so freaked out. He had a full on paparazzi style camera and he's just taking photos of me and then of D's brother taking photos of me. HOW WEIRD. I full cracked it.
What a creep.

Anyway, here is what was in the second box !
I got a new bag. YAY. It's some sort of reissue bag. Hahah I'm really not in on the whole reissue thing because this is my first. It wasn't planned or researched. I just saw it in the store and loved it. It's a small size which is exactly what I was after.
My arm gets so sore from lugging around that Jumbo. Bag. This one can kind of squish down and its perfect for going to a gig or clubbing/dancing etc.
YAY. I love it so much.
I think the photo is a bit out of focus. Sorry about that.

Here is a close up shot of the detail on the chain. They told me it was done by hand. D thinks its a rubbish gimmick. Hahaha. He doesn't believe me !!


How was your Easters?? Did anyone get to do an Easter Egg hunt?!!!
I didn't. I miss them v much. I remember the first year D and I got together he did one for me. 
What a distant memory... It was fun though. He hid them with a high difficulty level. Argh! 

I had the most gnarly lunch today. I think i will be full until tomorrow. Then i had an 2 hour afternoon nap on the couch! ha!
As if I'm going to sleep tonight now. Booooo!!

I've noticed lately a few new readers are commenting.
Hi there guys! Thanks for reading my blooogggyyy :)


  1. How exciting! I love your new bag :) That is rather strange re the paparazzi guy! Perhaps a photo of you will pop on a street style blog soon :) Happy easter lovely :)

  2. That is a truly beautiful bag. Gorgeous. And I believe the story about the handmade chain, I think it's all true.

  3. The mural is so cool, keep an eye on it because it changes every month or so, and its always amazing landscape images, i love!

  4. the chain is gorgeous (whether it's made by hand, or not)! lucky duck getting a chanel bag! if only my country road income could afford such pretty things.. lol

    your hair looks gorgeous in the 'dancing outfit' post!!! envy!

  5. I have the same bag in the Jumbo size and I heart it! Its very sturdy too and kinda scratch proof as it looks so beat up already!

  6. wowowow! its amazing, congrats! and yes that mural is awesome, and the chain is just gorgeous! hope you enjoyed your easter :)

    as for my easter treats, I'm allergic to chocolate, so my boyfriend makes me "brocky road" (my name is brooke), with white chocolate, marshmallows, snakes and cashews... it's pretty damn good! haha. and I get lots of turkish delight... mmm.

    happy easter!

  7. I want that bag!! So cool. and oh lala you also have the chanel particuliere nail varnish.. amazing, hun!

  8. Love the nails:)
    The polish was a great brown color:)

    Have a nice day Cotton...

  9. that bag is really really beautiful and the mural is as well. happy easter!

  10. I'm looking at your new bag and drooling all over the keyboard!!! Enjoy.

    I found you through FF blog, just joined to follow :)

  11. This is such a great post. Love your photo and love the baggg!

  12. cute outfit :)


  13. Great bag and great photo you look adorable. That is creeeeepy re the man taking photos. Weird. Happy Easter. Must stop eating NOW.

  14. Wow, it looks like you got a great lot of shopping done there. Can we see what's in the other bags, too?

    I really like the chain detail on your bag, also think it was done by hand, and don't know what a reissue is.

    Unfortunately, no chocolate for me. Soy is just not the same. Enjoy your white bunny, and please do post pics.

  15. Noice bag! I wanna see this chocolate bunny.
    Have you tried Koko Black chocolate??? Better than Godiva by a long shot IMHO. So delicious. I am having serious cravings. That's twice I've mentioned them in 2 hours (or whenever i posted my latest blog post). Hmmm. I think this is a sign.

  16. thanks everyone!!

    brooke - that brokyroad sounds so good! what an awesome boyfriend!

    Esz - my neighbour has made chocolate for Koko Black before so maybe you have tried it!
    I'm not sure if he still supplies them though.
    He did the 1.2 kg eggs for easter last year.

  17. ahhh i need that bag. Do you know what size it is? Thanks!!

  18. I love that bag! I never notice the detailing on the chains.

    I love easter, yay for chocolate!

  19. Gorgeous new bag, I love the detail on the chain!

    Just want to say I looooove your blog, and great nail colour!

  20. Love the photo of you! That's sooooo weird and creepy that a random started taking photos of you! Maybe your photo will pop up on a blog somewhere! Some random guy once took a photo of my friend at oak's day one year. He had a cool LV belt, but that did not make it ok. If only people asked first! Love your bag, its super prettiful!
    Happy easter :)

  21. Hi girl:)
    I have awarded you with a beautiful blogger award:)

    Come and pick it up:)

    Have a nice day -sp

  22. that bag is i love;) and that mural is alos so fab, it looks like a photo!

  23. Wow, your bag is amazing. (Oh, and I take photos of random people sometimes when I love their outfits or their vibe...take it as a compliment, haha)

  24. This bag to coin FF is killer. I think this is my favourite Chanel bag ever. It looks so modern but timeless. A great investment piece.
    I like your arty pics that you do on your blog. But particularly like the humourous element to them.
    You keep it real.

  25. how excitingg :) that's a beautiful bag. I'm jealous!:)

  26. Anonymous - I think the size is called Small but i heard its different in other countries.

    Thanks everyone and especially KateB :)

  27. I love that mural, need to go take some photos pronto... and your bagggggg *faint*

  28. I am so so jealous of your reissue! I have been drooling over them for quite some time, but too afraid to make the commitment, haha! Loved that Chanel mural too!


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