Monday, April 26, 2010

Park Hyatt Tokyo


I am finally back and trying to settle in. Starting my 20 million loads of washing. YAY.
D and I decided to take a quick trip to Japan after he finished a huge project at work, just to take a minute out and relax.
The whole work/engagement thing has been so much lately and we just wanted to get away from it and spend some quality time together.

We took an overnight flight and flew Singapore Airlines.
Those of you who know me know I dislike Qantas with a passion ( been screwed over one too many times).
I recommend Singapore over any other airlines.
The service/meals/seats are miles above other airlines. Especially Qantas.
Singapore don't treat vegetarians like second class citizens which is nice.
It was also really nice to have a full bed to sleep on.

Here is the standard photo before take off that I like to take on all holidays. D hates it.
I think its fun to take a photo of us together before we leave. He doesn't. Anyway he took one of me and sooked about taking one together. Typical men. Boo.

Homie behind me likes pointing to his forehead. He did it a lot during the flight.

Here is our room in Tokyo. We stayed at the Park Hyatt. It's where they filmed Lost in Translation with Bill Murray and that other girl...whatshername Scarlett Johansen.
We stayed here last time in Tokyo and the service is second to none...worldwide...I say this even though I haven't been to hardly anywhere to compare. hahahhaha. I just imagine!

Do you like the leaves above the bead? Yeah me too. I often dream of leaves in my bedroom as a feature.
I think they were actually real but I was too scared to scrunch one up. hahaha!

Here is our bathroom. It had a BIDET. This is my 5th time to Japan and I only just tried one for the first time. It was SCARY but not as bad as a though. If you don't want to hear about it move on.
So, I thought the bidet would shoot the water straight into my a hole and I'd go screaming across the room. But actually, it's like a low pressure stream that shoots at the top of your crack and trickles down. You can adjust the water pressure. It was also warm water. I thought it would be cold.
Then there is a fan system that dries you off.
It was odd. I didn't feel violated like I thought I would. I'm not sure if I would use it again.
Have you guys used bidets?
How did they make you feel? I WANT DETAILS!!

Below is our little gifts we got. You get new gifts every 3rd day.
Here we have some herb water in "rose hips" and chamomile flavour.
There is some sort of Japanese sweet. I'm not sure what its called but it was good.
Does anyone know what it is?
It was all different flavours like green tea, sesame, sweet potato...hmm

Down below is the New York Deli where we had brunch nearly everyday we were there.
Just squint and you can kind of see inside the delicatessen. ( on both sides and there was a side on the right too)

The view on the other side looking out...

Here I am scoffing down.
You can see I am STILL wearing Chanel Elephant polish. I think I'm finally ready to move on for a couple of weeks though. It has been about 6 weeks straight.

Some lovely babaganoush...Is that the right spelling?
Looks a bit like spew doesn't it? Lovely tasty spew.

Let me tell you.
I ordered this little strawberry cake thinking it would taste like shiz. When a cake looks pretty, it very very rarely tastes as good as it looks.
This tasted amazing.
I think I could go as far as to say it was the best cake I have ever tried in my life.
I should of bought 100.
Mmmm I will miss you strawberry cake. I will.
It had inside the spongey bit some sort of beautiful strawberry sauce.

Here I am pretending to buy a train ticket. If you look close, I already have the tickets in my hand but D made me reenact the process for a photo.

Here I get on a train at Harajuku station.
What a cute looking couple.
I noticed just then if you look to the left of the picture you can see a girl in a weird pink get up.

I am finding the whole japan/photo/blog thing overwhelming.
Its taking like 30 years to go through photos. Blogger is taking 50 years to upload them.

On the upside, I was pretty excited to have a real soy latte this morning. Pretty excited indeed!
I must go and check up on everyones blogs too!
I am v excited to see what you have all been up to!

Hope you all had a lovely ANZAC long weekend. I got to catch up with some family and my uncle showed me my grandfathers old hat. I got to try it on.
He passed when I was 2 or 3 so my memories of him are very limited.
It was so cool to see his hat. It was a very cool paperboy kind of style one and I'm glad it has been kept after all these 25+ years.
I also got to wear my other grandfathers war medal.
Both my parents went to the dawn service and then my dad let me wear it after that.
It was a good day. A very weird one seeing as though I came home from Japan that day and thinking about how my grandfather was in Japan all those years ago.
He was posted there after the war on some sort of peace keepers mission and fell in love with the country. He made lots of Japanese friends and I think he would be happy to look down on me and see that I got to love the country that he loved all those years ago.
Do you guys have any ANZAC stories? Please share!

Over and out.


  1. What an awesome break!

    Feeling refreshed at all!?

    I know what you mean about the engagement craziness.. have you set a date?

    I've found it's become the default topic of conversation everyone has with me now... what happens when I'm married and noone has that chit chat entree!?

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  3. I like photos, mostly the ones Im not in. hehehe.

    Plus.. I much prefer taking photos of you Cotton.

    I know I lived it, but I still like the Cotton twist. Its like re-living my holiday on the internet.


  4. I'm with the boy on this one, more blogs please!

    Your hotel looks amazing. We had ours booked for us, and it was much, much less spacious/glamourous/well located than was yours. No fancy loo, but at that point I was just grateful for hot water and wifi.

    So, anyway, more pics of everything please.

  5. Haha, I love your experience with the bidet. I'm way too scared to put my heinie over a potentially high pressured stream of water ;)

    PS. I think Singapore is the best too!


  6. wow, amazing holiday! congrats on buying #6 - it's such a beautiful colour, it was one of my options :)

    plane looks amazing, so roomy! and wow at the park hyatt, my friend stayed there late last year and just loved it, looks stunning!

    nothing compared to that strawberry cake though - delicious! could really go for one of them about now :)

    weird about the bidet. i had one in my room in the loire valley but wasn't at all game to use it!

    my boyfriend and I went to a dawn service, was lovely - my first one! we'll find somewhere different to go next year though.
    We've got my grandfather's medals hanging with his war photo in the hallway, it's lovely to walk past them every day - and grandpa was so attractive! he passed away when I was about 10 so I haven't got a lot of memories of him either.

    hope you had a great holiday and long weekend!


  7. wow, a first class flight to Japan and Hyatt in Tokyo, what a big-time-life you two lead! :)

    Isn't it a nice feeling, having Japan sitting there and waiting for our next visit. It will always be there and always please us with its culture, details and politeness.

    I love the paper-lids on the glasses. So 100% japanese. Taking care of everything...

  8. PS: your profile says you work in a non-profit organisatio. please tell me your secret, how you manage to travel first class and stay at the hyatt when working non-profit what usually equals not-high-income.

  9. hey paula!
    its actually business class!
    singapores business class is v big.

    i dont work for non for profit!
    i didn't set up the blog in the begining.
    i will go find where it says this and change it!
    thanks for letting me know. :)

    the lids on the glasses is so cute!
    one night we opened a bottle of sake and must of thrown out the lid. the next arvo after room service came, they obvs couldn't find the lid so they placed a tissue over the bottle!!
    haha so cute!
    one of my favourite things about japan, is what you mentioned! the politeness!
    i wish all societies could adapt this a little bit stronger.
    I love how thoughtful and polite they are.
    for example: on the way back to australia, we were all lining up in long customs lines and a women at the back was struggling with her toddler and infant screamy crying. Everyone in the line let her skip straight to the front so she could clear customs and then go and settle the baby on the other side.
    it was so considerate of everyone and they all did it without thinking.
    I feel you just wouldn't see things like that anywhere else...

  10. usually i hate people's vacation photos but i honestly enjoyed every picture you posted! you and your dude look like you had an awesome time. i wish i could just up and leave like that...jealousjealous :)


  11. Love these photos, you look adorable.

    I love seeing all the food in your travel posts.

    Someone has left you a snarky message under your comment or my blog. Sometthing to do with tracksuit pants. God I am getting bored by that type of thing.

    Anyway, you look like you've had a fabulous trip. Looking forward to more pictures.

  12. Awesome trip! Looks like you had a great time :-D

    Those sweets might be mochi. Where they kind of gummy and gooby in texture? I think they're made of rice flour dough or something and usually filled with a flavouring.

  13. Great post - that strawberry cake does indeed look delicious!

    I find the whole bidet thing a bit strange, but my parents have on in their house. I've never been to another home here that has one so I assume it's more common overseas? They do frighten me a bit haha

  14. Looks like you had an awesome break! The hotel looked amazing - I love staying in hotels - must do more often. Good to have you back! BTW - I am now following you on twitter. Y'know - just so you know I'm not some random freakazoid following you!

  15. arggghhh i am so jelous/excited for you and cool times in japan x

  16. Hey

    Nice bloggles

    You missed out on Monday cafe times..... take away and then to doggy park, We have to go to Death by Espresso i really really like their coffee.

    I like the Cotton twists comment that D made... its true your writing is super

  17. Lovely to know how a bidet works, they've always scared the crap out of me too! Haha.

    Looks like you had an amazing time, that strawberry cake has made me want to go and attempt to bake something similar. Mmm.


  18. ahhhh i was freaked out by the heated toilet seat in tokyo... i probably would have run screaming all the way back to narita to head home if i'd seen a bidet! lol props to you for being brave and trying it!

    i find it hilarious that you've described the experience even though D reads your blog... i think my john would be mortified if i even mentioned using a bidet haha.

    did you get to go to disneyland or disneysea ???

  19. Just gorgeous!! How lovely to be able to up and go to Japan!
    I would love to visit there one day. The architecture is beyond gorgeous.
    I've missed catching up on your blog!

  20. I love your hair, it always look so perfect!

  21. Wooooooooooo!!! Love these photos, they have made me SO much more excited about going to Japan land to snowboard next year. I'm going to ask Hamish to make me a strawberry cake like that, he isn't a pastry chef but I figure he's got the training to do it. nom nom nom. ♥

  22. Cotton, I loved the bit at the end about your Grandad. Nephew FF's paternal Grandma is 1/2 Japanese, so he is 8th Japanese. I love these photos and LOVE YOUR blog. It is honest and refreshing and interesting. You have some nice clobber and stay in some luxe places but that's not why I check it out- I like the stuff you say- we are not the same age and we work in different industries (Cotton WORKS for a living in egineering/mining People) and have different looks clothes wise, but I like the way you are family and friend focussed and I like how funny you are. Keep up the good work.

  23. How cool! Tokyo is on my top three of where to go! I just need to save my pennies, I will not have to be a tight ass when shopping in T-town! What did you buy!??

    Singapore air is great! They have the best stocked bathrooms as well! I have never had any beef with Quantas, but KLM and Finnair. Ouch. I'm sure Finnair served us leftovers for dinner.

  24. I seriously love Japan SO much, cannot wait for more blog posts from your fabulous trip away. Super kawaii!! :D

  25. Oh wow, flew in the new A380 huh? :D I've only gotten to sit in the economy section of the plane...but it's still pretty darn nice!

    The Grand Hyatt in Tokyo is indeed amaaazing! I'm so jealous of your trip, looks like you had a fabulous time!

    And Japan does indeed do the most amazing desserts. I find the majority of them not only look good but taste delicious as well, I miss getting Mont Blanc desserts from the department store basements....mmmm!

  26. KittyMeow-
    Yessssssssss! I'm pretty sure its mochi!!!
    thank you so much!
    i will try and find mochi in melbourne.

    thank you everyone else!!
    especially FF for defending me !!
    you are the best :)

    rubyslippers -
    i did go to disneyland but not disneysea
    the rides looked too scary and it was raining so i didnt want to be around more water.
    i will try blog some photos!

  27. I have said it before but I rarely have the patience for lengthy text blog posts but I ALWAYS make an exception for your amusing anecdotes.

    I liked this post so much I even tweeted about it!


  28. The Park Hyatt in Tokyo is the best!
    I love the bar upstairs, although they were the most expensive cocktails I've ever had!

    SIA 1st class looks great, best way to travel :)

    Sounds like an amazing trip. I want to take my baby to Japan, maybe in September though. After the heat has passed through.


  29. Hello, I found your blog by accident, whilst searching for information about Laduree in Tokyo. You mention ANZAC weekend. You know the 'Man on the Donkey?' He is my partner's Great Great Grandad! (or is it Great Great Great? I never get it right).


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