Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chanel Goodies! Part 3

Hello new shoes,

Because sometimes tacky is a good thing.

Close up of the nice stitching.
I wonder if it was hand stitched? I'm sure they'd tell me that it was. Haha.
Couldn't they put double Cs on the shoelaces too? Then it could be naff to the max.

Isn't the sole cute? Just incase you didn't get they were Chanel by the side you will know when I kick in the air that it is.

Okay okay,
I know the whole logo thing is gross and I agree. But these were super cute and I couldn't say no!!
Plus they are very comfy! They will be good for my travels when I have to walk whole days.
I have been looking for a black sneaker that has a black sole for what feels like ever. I'm glad I found these.

I will dub them my " dress sneaker"
AHHAHAH No really I wont. I hate "dress sneakers" *shudder*
I'm looking at you shoe with the M on the side. Whatever they are? I just dont get the whole "formal sneaker" thing that some dudes are doing now.
It's either sneaker, dress shoe, boat shoe, boot.
No merging of the two with a formal sneaker. Can someone explain it to me?

I will wear these with black opaques and denim shorts. Yay.
Now it's colder in Melbourne boots and real shoes are back!
Goodbye sandals !!

Btw, how was everyones weekends? Mine was shit ! I was gnarly sick with food poisoning.
Booo! Atleast i lost a kilo. YAY!
Tonight I'm off to a gig and I will freeze to death.
The sacrifices one makes for musical talent.


  1. I love these shoes :) Loving your chanel purchases! have fun at the gig.

  2. 1 kilo... pfft
    gastro is where its at, dropped 5 kilos since friday night

    completely agree on not merging dress shoes with sneakers on guys

  3. These are Too cute and very you. Get well soon, well done re weight loss x

  4. Are you going to Jean Grae?

  5. aw, opaques and denim shorts would look amazing with these! so cute :)


  6. Thats the only good thing about being sick - is that SUCH a bad thing? lol..

    Those shoes are soooo cute. I think you can set the sneaker trend Cotton. Bring the sneakers back ;)

  7. so cute!

    do u mean Etnies shoes? It's an E and I thought for like ever, that it was an M.

    i have an old school AS pair of etnies. so chunky. but i can't bear to part with them as they were expensive (for a 17 year old!) and a present from my bro!

  8. Damn sucky food poisoning :(

    Make sure you post a pic of your outfit when you wear these shoes - I'd have no idea what to wear them with.

  9. Hi:)
    Know what you are saying about the shoe logo, but still they were really cute...

    Nice tattoos on that man of yours:)

    Have a nice day down under...In Norway the summer is really starting:)


  10. She definitely means M for Merrel or something like that.

    They are leather shoes that bogans think are smart dress shoes.... Cop Out. Get some dress shoes

  11. I'm imagining Karl wearing these when he's just kickin' it at home. And now, so are you.

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  13. Hello, excuse me, your Chanel purchases make my heart sing and make me feel all warm and gooey.

    MEANWHILE, I thought I saw you on Queen St yesterday and was so excited I almost chased you for half a block... before realising your doppelganger was carrying an ugly bag and could never be you.
    That's my story - don't you stress though doll, my eyes are PEELED for potential Cotton Socks Spotting around our fair city.

    Hope you're completely recovered now - common colds, so humbling. Love your work xx

  14. dude i am totally dying of jelousy from all your chanel goodies. you must have the best closet!!

  15. I saw these and laughed - because they are cute...but so random, I didn't know Chanel did sneakers!
    Can't wait to see photos of you wearing them, and I hope you feel better soon! :)

  16. cute shoes
    Where are you I have Cotton Sock blogging withdrawls.

  17. hey anonymous,
    i am back! yay! thank you for checking in on me :)
    i was slack.

    theloveofpink -
    ohhh i wish it was me!
    I haven't been to queen st in forever!
    and i was in tokyo!

    Thank you everyone!!!! :)


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