Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm in Ginza trick.

Yay. I have finally uploaded some photos. It is not the thrilling task one would think it is.
D and I are sitting in the hotel drinking some sake from the minibar. He said I must blog. What a demanding boyfriend. He is playing with some internet knobs. Ha. Sounds dodgy. It seems like its some sort of synthesizer thing for music. ANYWAY,

In this photo below. I look like a b.l.o.g.g.e.r.
Let's all pretend I'm not screwing my face up all weird yeah?
It looks as though I'm focusing on something but in reality I was probably embarrassed by the camera and all MEHDHSLFKSJDF and it was windy and about -99 degrees celsius.

I wore Sportsgirl jacket
Lover tshirt
Kookai skirt
2 x pairs of black opaques from probably myer?
Zara boots

Please excuse my GHD straightened hair. I haven't lost the plot. I still aim for Texas hair. Its just the hairdryer in my hotel is rubbish and it was some sort of last resort measures.
With this small hair people might start thinking my brain is shrinking.
Well I know I am.

After strolling around the main streets I started to wander in the back streets to find those infamous Hermes resellers.

One can dream yeah?
Although, in my dream I buy it from the shop.
There's something less special about these resellers. It could be the less specialness.

Still really fun to see lots of Hermes in one place like that though!!
Gimme Gimme!

I wonder if the owner takes em all out on the town for a spin? New Birkin everyday.

We don't know what we are doing tomorrow.
Maybe Disneyland.
I cant say no to cute.
I miss all your blogs and will have a massive catch up when I get bizack!
Hope all is well with everyone in bloggyland!

Matta Ne !


  1. Hi Cotton:)
    Hope you are having a wonderful time:)

    We bloggs...Bye from Norway,and SP

  2. Good Morning!

    Awesome - How much do the Birkins Resell for? I didn't even know there was a reseller!

    BTW totally digging the "blogger" pic, non GHD hair/screwed face and all. Looks great :)

  3. That's so exciting! I love Japan :) Definitely go to Disneyland and if you bf is in to electronic stuff go to the Sony building, my bf was like a kid in a candy store there :)

  4. Sooo jealous you're in Tokyo! Went twice last year and I absoluely looove the city! :]

    And I agree with you on the reselling...it's so nice when you get it from the actual boutique, in a shiny new box...untouched and all yours! :]

  5. So exciting!

    I'd love to go to Tokyo one day.

    Thanks for posting about the H resellers.

    I am seriously tempted.

    Can't wait to read more.

    SSG xxx

  6. Holy moly, all that Hermes! If that was me, my face would be pressed up against the glass haha.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. I'm in Tokyo at the moment too, more for visiting friends then shopping. You should head out to Koenji or Shimo Kitazawa for some cool locally made clothes. More interesting than Ginza (in my opinion) :P

  8. Oh that first shot is amazing and looks so stylised!
    Good luck with the Hermes resellers. I heard the mark up may be more than the actual Hermes store but if its your dream bag why not!

  9. ooooooh last time i was in tokyo i went to disneysea... i loooooooooooooved it :D my sister and i went in the evening and there were no lines anywhere = multiple turns of everything!

  10. Thst black birkin is so beautiful...

    Love your all black outfit :)

    Oh and re NYC prep, YES OMG JESS the blonde one with a slightly lazy eye? She is wow, she makes me "LOL SO HARD" hahaha.


  11. Have fun in Disneyland! Disneyland in France is my favourite place in the world. I must go to the one in Hong Kong sometime, although I must admit the crowds overwhelm me.

    Lovely blogger pic too - fabulous composition!



    I am dreaming of going to Tokyo.. thinking honeymoon! Can't wait to hear all your tips and reccommendations, and hopefully I will have some cash to splash on a crazy cool bag!

    (never made a choice on the bag.. going to keep thinking about it.. the PS1 mania has made me a lil hesitant...)

    The photo looks v professional by the way! Almost like effects for a fashion spread, neato!

  13. ps. Keep your eyes out for Sea of Shoes Jane Aldridge.. i think she's there this week too!

  14. You look adorable. Have just got back from a work thing at a hotel with a very substandard dryer- feel your pain! Hope you got a birkin x

  15. You do look like a blogger!!! I wish I have a camera that can take decent pics!

    The Hermes bags are sooooo tempting!!!

    I got my 200 denier tights from Woolworths!!!

  16. Yay Tokyo!

    Is it bad that my first thought was that you can go to Issey for me and buy some stuff?

    Your hair isn't flat, by the way. But I almost didn't recognise you without any S+B.

    Make sure you go to Tokyo Dome Land thingy with the roller coaster. Where are you staying?

  17. I am very interested in this reseller concept as well. Are those bags real? Anything wrong with them?

    Hope you're having a great time! Don't freeze, buy mittens!

  18. I'm very newly subscribed to your blog - which has come on high recommendation from a friend. So far I love it, you have a great sense of humour and beautiful style! ♥

  19. Just came across your blog! It is lovely! Love your style so much!


  20. We are hopeeeefully going to JP in Sept... if my stupid house sells!! enjoyyyy x

  21. love, love that first photo! Jealous, nice pics, hope youre having fun :)

  22. Nice outfit!


  23. JAPAN!! I am so jealous :D Love shopping in Japan, the sales assistants are sooo lovely! Have lots of fun & eat lots of yummy Japanese food :)
    Cant wait to see the photos!

  24. Hey all !!

    The bags are 100% real.
    Its kind of a popular thing here in Japan.
    But as Kate B said, they are more often than not, more expensive in these resellers stores.
    Unless they have marks etc.
    The stores are more about finding the colour combinations you want etc.


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