Wednesday, July 29, 2009

S&B blackkkk

arghhh i hate the way that blogger does photos. its so annoying. its like they purposely want to make it difficult to upload and move pics around. grrr. anyways, this was the best i could go *shakes fist*

So, I love S&B and black. Lucky for me, S&B does lots of black stuff. double yay.
I love this jacket! cute! i will have to try it on one day. Im so lazy at trying things on, especially when its cold. ughhh.

I really like the look of this and I think it would be perfect!! BUTTT
the model turns around and....

BAM!!!!!!! razor back!! ughhh. hate. i need to wear a bra . k thnx. bye

so that ones a NO. im not going braless !!!

I love this vest too!! i have so many things like it though..and I could probably achieve the same look with my Alpha60 Accordion scarf. hmm. but I still want it....decisions.
I think I will wait and see what the rest of the new stock comes in before I make any purchases!

On second thoughts...I might just get the jacket and vest. hahahahahhaha. much for saving :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009


My missoni cardigan makes me feel like im wearing a cape so i ran around like superman hahahahahhaa wooooo!!!

ahhaha my mouth looks so funny. Hahahahhaaaaaaa "wooahhhhh"

here is a close up of the pattern !
love missoni stuff!

im wearing my new House of Harlow leather stations necklace in these photos.. too bad you cant see it :(

Missoni cardigan
black witchery cardigan underneath
sass&bide shorts (obsessed)
pink sportsgirl tee
mogil boots
coles stockings ( need to find less shiney black opaques. i feel ive tried a million brands :( arghh

Friday, July 24, 2009

pink skies

i took this photo last week at skies remind me of summer and mojitos.

simple is best

Sometimes I don't have the time to think about an outfit so I just throw all black on. So easy. And slimming. heheheheee. Then to add a slight bit of interest, a scarf in another colour.
In this case, beige. Who ever thought that the beige could be the interesting part? haha.
I got really excited by making my face leopard print. perhaps too excited. tee hee.
plz excuse random flowers which were supposed to be on coffee table. whenever we eat on the couch my bf always just dumps them somewhere. they look awful next to the candelabra and books. so cuttered. ughhh.

i dunno if there is a point in listing what im wearing as it all kind of blends into one big black blob.
black top - zara
black cardigan - witchery
black opaques - coles
black ballet flats - bally
black jumbo chanel
beige scarf - louis vuitton

Oh hello there, little chipmunk. who are you? a new puppy ? YAY
PUPPY. my mum got a new dog for herself. good on her. i hope she makes her happy
her name is nobu. nobbuuuuuu
hahahahah we were at nobu the day after we got her and thought nobu is cute. and when we said "nobuuuu" she turned around so nobu it is...even though she is a girl and nobu is a boys name. oh wells. little nobu is a tomboy at heart.

i still havent photographed any of my new purchases. i think its because it is quite cold and the thought of putting on summer clothes is never appealing...the only time i kind of feel like doing it is at night and then night photos look awful. u really need that nice sunshine on the pics.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

how to get snapped by the sart

I saw this on Bryanboys blog and thought it was hilarious....

and it seems blogspot doesnt want me to show it its original size. ok cool whatevs u and photobucket are against me, i get it.

plz go here to see full size

Monday, July 13, 2009

kinda new zimmerman dress

I know I'm really slack with blogging lately. I'm sorry.
I only just managed to upload these pics and I still haven't done my other purchases from the other week.
Last week I might of bought another Zimmerman top too. hahah oops. I cant handle all this new stock at once. I'm like a kid in a candy store....And when you find a white top that sits nicely you have to buy it right? YES. Finding a white top that isn't totally see-through is rare for me.

Here is a close up of the neck line..I like the gold little bells but I didn't do a good job of getting them in the photo...

Here is a close up of the gold medallions on the belt....I love gold..

And here is the whole dress.... I much prefer the long sleeve on me...I originally tried on the strappy style a few weeks ago but the boobs sat all wrong on me...Plus I have a weird thing with armpits so I rarely wear non sleeve clothing. Too much info? hahaha

I was thinking of shortening it...I am quite short so I think I might...not sure...I might be lazy and buy that fashion tape and just fold it up. Hahaha that is quite my style...

My boyfriend comes back next week so I will have some more outfit posts coming soon. YAY so much better than 'hanger on the door' photos.
I really hate doing hanger photos. So I will try to minimise the amount I do...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sleeping on goods

I have been lazy with the blogging lately. My bf was in town so there was no time!
Now he is gone so I am bored and blogging becomes my friend again.
We had a very busy week...
I only got to go shopping once! booo :(
On Friday we went into the city and THANK THE LORD there was some new stock in stores.
I found the long sleeve Zimmerman dress i wanted and went into Sass&Bide and they had new stock! YAY so i picked up something there too. I will have to do a post on my new buys!
I just really cant figure out how to do the self photos yet. oh and i also got some fast fashion at Sportsgirl. very unlike me. I needed some hot weather clothes asap so it was easy.
i will post those too!
I really needed new boots but I failed. It felt like we went EVERYWHERE ...Myer, DJ, Zomp, Miss Louise, Luisa where else can I buy boots? ughh. I NEED new ones stat!

Anyways, back to the post,
Last week I spotted these new items on Net-A-Porter....I love them. But in true me style, I slept on it and now they are SOLD OUT. ughhh sold out is like the worst shit I can hear. It gives me a sharp feeling in the heart.

Christopher Kane Chimp tee
Fendi Boots

Next time I should just buy shit without thinking.....or maybe not...
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