Sunday, July 26, 2009


My missoni cardigan makes me feel like im wearing a cape so i ran around like superman hahahahahhaa wooooo!!!

ahhaha my mouth looks so funny. Hahahahhaaaaaaa "wooahhhhh"

here is a close up of the pattern !
love missoni stuff!

im wearing my new House of Harlow leather stations necklace in these photos.. too bad you cant see it :(

Missoni cardigan
black witchery cardigan underneath
sass&bide shorts (obsessed)
pink sportsgirl tee
mogil boots
coles stockings ( need to find less shiney black opaques. i feel ive tried a million brands :( arghh


  1. Those shots came out really well. That was fun hahahaha.

  2. MISSONI CARDIGAN!?!? you lucky cow!
    (jk about the cow part!)

    I love the eastern pearson cardis from last season, bright coloured, they were sold in husk and looked v MISSONI.

    I should have bought one when they went on sale...

  3. two top photos are amazing.
    You make jumping and running in heels look so effortless.


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