Tuesday, April 30, 2013

kates bridal shower

Hi there.
Here are some photos from mates bridal shower.
i didn't have any time to take any photos all day! NOT ONE. boo.  so i have found some photos taken from other people. 

it was a mexican theme. duh.
we got catering from blue corn in st kilda and it was so delicious.
desserts were by lux bite.
i wish i had time to eat them all.

Hi kate.
you love your tackalicious sash and you know it.
bridal showers are not the occasion for classiness. its tacky fun all the way.
i got this sash custom made from etsy.
you know you want one.

it was so damn hot it was painful. it was 39 degrees. we were all dripping in sweat. it was sexy.

kates niece is half aussie and half japanese.
she looks like she was not having a bar of it but she was loving it.

Hello flowers. how are you handling the heat?

here i made a little bar area and served strawberry and lychee mojitos and pina coladas.

does a big bowl of limes get you going?
it does for me.

For floral decorations i got a few wooden boxes from daiso and sarahs farm and spray painted them. chucked some yuccas in from the garden.

Here is me making zee drinks.
It was too hot for a bra.
My boob is kinda slopping over to the left.
You may all be happy to know that I am starting to wear real bras now.
they are painful but i am trying to stick with it.

we played many a bridal shower game.
we played bridal bingo that spread over 4 rooms.
there was a lot of shouting to get all the words to 50 people

this one here is a game where you put a certain amount of ping pong balls into an empty tissue box and the first one to get them all out wins. simple yet hilarious to watch some people shake their rump.

can't have a bridal shower without the toilet paper dress competition!!!
you'll have to guess who kate chose as the winner.
oh the suspense.

after lunch we went to crown and saw the princes of the night burlesque show.
it was the funniest thing i have ever seen.
i would definitely recommend for a hens.
its hilarious!!! and there is no penis so its fine for the oldies.

then after that we all met up with the guys from their bucks day at silk road.
we had a private room upstairs and had snacks and what not.
it was such a fun day.

at 10pm it was still 37 and i was dying. sweating like a whore in church.
here is sarah and me.
god I'm ageing.

and here is the bride and groom.
i think he is looking for something on her neck. or giving a hicky.
or you know just being all nice and lovey


yay i am blogging
bloggity blog

ARGHHHHHLSDFJLSDKFJoiweut09wu234r5hnljnv ,xmcvs[d0fv9-0-ik;osldfv;sdgvg

give up

Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I Need..... okay want. bleh

I think i ned these items.
miss louise said they are getting the shoes in. yay. i tried them on in hawaii last week but they sold out of my size.
going shopping next week so the sass and bide tshirt will be my first stop.

i think i am going to start blogging again.
i am too lazy to take photos with a camera but i got a new iPhone and the camera works so i will use it.
maybe blogging will help me become motivated to lose the massive TEN KILOS i put on after our wedding. i am proud of all my eating. it was a glorious time.
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