Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Melbourne Aquarium

Last week I went to the Melbourne Aquarium with a friend.
She wanted to see the baby hammer head sharks...or swim with them..or something. I dunno.
I agreed to go because I thought I would try new things this year.

The first exhibit when you enter is the penguin jail. I mean, penguin enclosure.
Maaaaannnnn. I felt so bad for the penguins.
What kind of life is this?
There is nothing for them to do.
It got me thinking " I wonder if penguins do much in the wild?" Do they just stand around.
I'm sure they don't tap dance like Happy Feet would like us to believe.

What is this penguin doing? Sleeping?
Haha. Clearly I didn't learn much about penguins.

I like the penguins with the yella best.

I liked to take photos of the ugly fish the best.
No one else did.
I felt bad for the ugly fish.
I could relate to them. HAHAHAH

This one was probs the ugliest.
I liked him best.
I want to get lots of derma fillers in my lips so I can look like him.
Maybe I'll take this pic to my appointment.

How cool are these little see through fish?

These crazy frogs were so green and bright in real life.
If I saw one in the wild, I would probably think it was fake!

Awkward face.
I feel like such a dick when taking a photo in public.
I hope people think I am a tourist.
Here I am wearing my birthday handbag. Cant really see it though.

For some reason there was a fake plane wreck on top of the shark tank.

Opposite the faux plane wreck was some sort of tiki man.
Not sure how this is relevant to the aquarium but meh. I took a photo.
How unflattering are downlights?
Who invented them? What was wrong with them?
Clearly a man invented downlights.

My psycho friend picked up the Starfish.
I poked it and then screamed and ran away. Like a little baby.

I liked this cool sting ray.
or manta ray.
I dunno.
some sort of Ray.
It had a cool pattern and a long tail/ray?
I dunno.

I think.
A, are these jelly fish?
Who cares.
They are cool.
I see dead ones on the shore all the time when I take Taco to the beach.
I poked on the other day.
D said it was still alive.
I dunno if I believe him.


If you squint your eyes real good you can kind of see the HAMMER HEAD SHARK.
Kind of.
They were in a net so they couldn't swim with the fish.
How odd.
Why not promote them once they are swimming and we can actually see them?


Hee heeeeeeeeee
It was such a funny night.
I think you should all go and look at the fish and protest the penguins.
It's such a weird thing for me.
I feel very weird about zoos.
I feel so bad for the animals and don't like them being caged,
but then you see how much the kids have fun and learn about animals.
I dunno.
What are your thoughts on zoos?
I feel so conflicted.

Monday, January 24, 2011

It was my Birthday. heeee

It was my birthday a few weeks ago.
30th of December to be exact.

D got me balloons.

He also got me a cake for breakfast.
I find it hard to eat in the morning but I made an exception.
I wonder why he chose green candles?
He is an interesting one.

I got a new purse
It's the baby version of the classic flap.
Forgot to take a photo.
Will take one soon.
Just imagine it for now.

We went to Nobu for dinner.
Where else? WHERE ELSE?
I think I only eat at the same 5 restaurants.

PEACE SIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Sake!
I find it so weird that people dont like sake.
mmm It's one of my favourite alcohols for sure.
I've never tried warm sake though. Too scared.

I want this cool roof feature in my house.

Some sort of weird crispy oyster dish that the meat eaters had.

One of my favourite things is maraschino cherries. Where can I buy these?
I can only find glaze ones at coles.
I had this shochu cocktail with an ice ball in it.

Some dessertssssssss..

There was no photo of my outfit with crazy pants so you will have to look at a group photo.
I had to blur peoples faces because who knows if they want to be on my blog or not?
Probs not.
Is there some random lady doing a peace sign in the background?
That's kinda rude.
I just noticed.
How tacky.
I find it odd when drunk people like to include themselves in strangers photos.

Crazy pantttttttttsssss!!
They make me look about 10kg heavier but I am trying to be okay with that.
I think I need to go back and photoshop the drunk bogan out.
She ruined my family photo.
I also got the necklace I am wearing from a dear friend. I think it was from Alpha60.
See the pink bag I am carrying?
I also got an Alexander Mcqueen Scarf !! Woo.
Am I spoilt or what?
Thanks K1 & K2.
You guys are the bomb.
K1s grandpa just passed away this morning.
We will all be thinking of you sweetie!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Xmas Pups

I forgot to post these pics of the pups over xmas time!!

Here is Batman who is my friends french bulldog.

And here is my little baby Taco. Heheeeeee!
She is NOT happy at me. You can tell because she wont look at me in the face.

My mums friend held her and I dressed her and took a quick photo and then took it all off and she ran away! hahaha Poor Taco.
She hates clothes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello! Merry Xmas. A bit late, i know :(

Merry Xmas. Happy New Year.
It's been forever since I have blogged.
December was a very busy month.
My mum had breast cancer last year but as of a few days before Xmas, she finished her radiotherapy and the cancer is all gone.
Best Xmas Ever with that news.
It was a very hard time. I didn't want to talk about it. Remember Bali? That was a family trip to help relax my mum and spend time together during the stressful period.
I am so glad it is over.
I just ask one thing, PLEASE EVERYONE, get your mums to go for regular mammograms.
My mum probably wouldn't be here today if she didn't.
I never thought it would happen to someone so close to me, but it does.
Force your mums if need be!

Back to Xmas. I will make this quick.
I'm sure you are all over it by now.
D took some photos when we went to get a tree
Xmas tree farm is my fav thing.

Note to Self:
Don't keep phone in back pocket. It makes your ass look weird.

The dogs go spazzo at the farm and run around like children on red cordial.

Hahaha look at the tongues out.
So funny.

Must find a good tree!

D and I decorated the tree.
And by that, I mean he puts the lights on and I do everything else.
That includes all the wrapping.
Is it like a male genetic thing that they cant wrap presents?
He could possibly be the worst present wrapper of all time.
I wish I took a photo of the one he wrapped.
There was no star at the top.
I had one, but we never got around to putting it on.
I think I prefer no star.

I have a few decorations that I got from Paris Disneyland when we were there last year.
I love them!

This Mickey Snow Globe is probably my favourite.

Sadly, none of them are mine.

I bought this Poinsettia plant that lasted well over a month.
It died when I was in Perth last week.

Last year I did holly and red roses and got so many cuts I vowed to never do it again.
I dunno why I did it again this year.
I love the look of real holly but gosh its so prickly!

We had some friends over before Xmas for our traditional Xmas Cognacs.
We also had cherries and gingerbread mens.
I miss Christmas Cognacs.
I think I need to start a tradition of Easter Cognacs.
Easter is more champagne though maybe. I dunno. hmm

Do you like the spitted our cherry pips in the corner? Hahhaahha!!
Sadly there was no before photo when the platter looked nice. Sorry.
We had been drinking and playing the dancing game on Xbox Kinect.
So much fun.
It's like a full work out !!
I love it!

Thats all my Xmas photos.
Just realised I dont have one photo of the actual Xmas day.
Was way too busy! We had over 32 people for a full English dinner/lunch at my parents house.
It was a lot of work.
So glad Xmas is over!!!

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