Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Melbourne Aquarium

Last week I went to the Melbourne Aquarium with a friend.
She wanted to see the baby hammer head sharks...or swim with them..or something. I dunno.
I agreed to go because I thought I would try new things this year.

The first exhibit when you enter is the penguin jail. I mean, penguin enclosure.
Maaaaannnnn. I felt so bad for the penguins.
What kind of life is this?
There is nothing for them to do.
It got me thinking " I wonder if penguins do much in the wild?" Do they just stand around.
I'm sure they don't tap dance like Happy Feet would like us to believe.

What is this penguin doing? Sleeping?
Haha. Clearly I didn't learn much about penguins.

I like the penguins with the yella best.

I liked to take photos of the ugly fish the best.
No one else did.
I felt bad for the ugly fish.
I could relate to them. HAHAHAH

This one was probs the ugliest.
I liked him best.
I want to get lots of derma fillers in my lips so I can look like him.
Maybe I'll take this pic to my appointment.

How cool are these little see through fish?

These crazy frogs were so green and bright in real life.
If I saw one in the wild, I would probably think it was fake!

Awkward face.
I feel like such a dick when taking a photo in public.
I hope people think I am a tourist.
Here I am wearing my birthday handbag. Cant really see it though.

For some reason there was a fake plane wreck on top of the shark tank.

Opposite the faux plane wreck was some sort of tiki man.
Not sure how this is relevant to the aquarium but meh. I took a photo.
How unflattering are downlights?
Who invented them? What was wrong with them?
Clearly a man invented downlights.

My psycho friend picked up the Starfish.
I poked it and then screamed and ran away. Like a little baby.

I liked this cool sting ray.
or manta ray.
I dunno.
some sort of Ray.
It had a cool pattern and a long tail/ray?
I dunno.

I think.
A, are these jelly fish?
Who cares.
They are cool.
I see dead ones on the shore all the time when I take Taco to the beach.
I poked on the other day.
D said it was still alive.
I dunno if I believe him.


If you squint your eyes real good you can kind of see the HAMMER HEAD SHARK.
Kind of.
They were in a net so they couldn't swim with the fish.
How odd.
Why not promote them once they are swimming and we can actually see them?


Hee heeeeeeeeee
It was such a funny night.
I think you should all go and look at the fish and protest the penguins.
It's such a weird thing for me.
I feel very weird about zoos.
I feel so bad for the animals and don't like them being caged,
but then you see how much the kids have fun and learn about animals.
I dunno.
What are your thoughts on zoos?
I feel so conflicted.


  1. i feel conflicted too!
    i know as a i kid i adored the melbourne zoo and various aquariums - the one in sorrento is great. but now i'm older i always get a little bit depressed at the zoo.
    it's good for conservation/education, though, right?
    you should find the david attenborough doco about penguins, it's grand and edumacational.

  2. hollypop - i love him!
    i watched all the planet earth eps.
    one had a bit on penguins.
    i feel so sad for them when they are in snow storms.
    and the bit with the polar bear was devastating!!

  3. It can be really hard seeing animals when they're not in their natural environment (although you probs wouldn't want to see them in the wild as they'd just attack you or run away haha).
    But zoos are okay so long as there are good conditions. Aus has good conditions. The animals are provided with enrichment programs which keeps them learning and active throughout their lives. And Zoos are great for conservation and education too!
    But yeah I do know what you mean - some animals i feel just shouldn't be in cages like birds etc. I dunno!

  4. Haha, that fake plane is hilarious!

    I'm in 2 minds about zoos/aquariums.

    They are very educational most of the time, for us to see animals up close and personal. To learn about them etc.

    But I hate seeing animals in small enclosures.

    My favourite aquarium is in Osaka, it's amazing. I cannot wait to take my daughter there one day.

    Penguins are so cute, I love them. Apparently they are everywhere in Sydney harbour, although I've never seen them. I'd want to take one home with me!

  5. Great shots!
    I think if animals were in the wild - sometimes they wouldnt have survived as long.
    They are loved and looked after in the zoo. Sure, it's not natural - but i think they are still happy. x

  6. That looks like fun! My favourite zoo is Australia Zoo. I think it must be ok for the animals because no-one loves animals like Steve Irwin did.

  7. SEVEN!!! SEVEN!!!


    I do NOT like zoos with animals in horrid cages... BUT I do like zoos like Singas and open plain zoos. PLUS good zoos look after endangered animals and support breeding programs. I feel sorry for aquarium animals because they are so....inside.... there is no space... do fish have spacial awareness if they have memories that don't last V long?

    Your hair looks PERFECT. Le sigh.

  8. You have to take the photo to the appointment at the plastic surgeon. Thanky for the laugh!!

    The penguin-box looks depressing. Can you see how they fake a horizon so we people feel as if we were looking at the pink horizon on the south pole ... or are they from the north pole?
    I hope there was some water for the penguins, too. The green frogs look like blue men group transformed to green and morphed into frogs, don't you think so?
    Will you do a cleansing/detox-weekend this year?

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  10. Oh my gosh!! Me too - the last time I went to the aquarium in June 2010 the penguins were there are and I felt so awful - the enclosure is so tiny and boring. I beleive animals shouldn't really be owned - they deserve to be in their natural environment. Dogs and cats are different because they thrive in human company but even then some humans are a bit crazy and do bad things to their pets.

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xxxxx

  11. Hair looks amazing- good to see. Love penguins. Hope they are happy there. x

  12. So sad to see the penguins in that little box. Reminds me of the aquarium in Singapore, with that sad little manatee swimming around on its own. Well, not totally alone, but she is the only manatee. I stood there with my forehead on the glass and cried.

  13. I'm ok with zoos - they do a lot of great conservation work for endangered species, and animals like routine, generally. if their enclosures are large enough, it's fine.

    wow I really loved your little commentary, might have to get my butt down to Melb aquarium before unistarts!


  14. penguins are hilarious, really cute post!



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