Friday, November 26, 2010



This week has been so busy and bleugh.
Family heath issues resulted in me helping to run a lunch shop and it was damn HARD.
Kudos to all you people who work in kitchens and lunch shops.
Dang. It's like 50 degrees in there.
I think I will be back next week too.
I can whip up a ham + salad roll like nobody's business.
Which is weird...because I don't eat ham. Hahah.
I can also deep fry potato cakes well.
Important skills to have in life!
I think my aunty is all in clear now so I am happy.

I haven't taken any photos this week so here are some photos from Perth when I was there 2 weeks ago.
I look foul in them.

Hello regrowth.
Thank god I don't have it anymore.
I got my hair done last week.

D and I went to Greenhouse in the Enex Building for lunch.
It was really average.
I think it'd probably be better if you ate meat.
There are no vegetarian options and the pizza oven wasn't working.

They made this.
I dunno where the taste was.
Bland Town.

Let's all laugh at D in his work attire.
He looks a bit like a banker or something in the white collar.
Is that what its supposed to be?
I dunno. I thought white collar shirts where popular in the finance industry but I have no idea where I got that idea from.

Look at the potaties.
If I had my way I'd eat them every day.
Chips, mash, baked potati, roast potato with garlic and rosemary.

This was the only photo of what I wore so I will post it and embrace the fuggers.
It looks like I have no eyebrows or something.
I barely do.
I felt so weird in this outfit because I was wearing colours.
Every now and then I try to wear something that isn't black/white/grey but then I always feel weird.


The pink shirt is Sportsgirl and the t-shirt is Evil Twin.

I sent these baby xmas tree decorations to my cousin last week.
This one says " Baby's First Christmas 2010"

I hope she liked them!

And I bought some cute new ones for my tree.
This deer? It is a deer right?

And this koala!!
How cute!

We went last week but the farm was closed.
The farm doesn't open until Dec 1.

I like decorating it and putting the lights on etc.
I hope everyone posts photos of their trees this year!!
Or atleast tweet them to me!
I'd love to see them all !!!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Perth CBD at night.

Perth CBD becomes quite pretty at night because it's basically a ghost town.
It's nice to walk around a bit.
Xmas decorations are now being put up so I took some photos.

I walked in on a dress rehearsal for a choir.
They were doing all the wiring etc so I didn't get to hear the singing.

Some weird $2 fairy lights in the main strip.
I wonder if someone will rip them off before Xmas?
Most likely.

Ghost town....
This was outside of Myer/David jones at 7.30pm.

The always pretty London Court.
I wish there was good shops or cafes down here.
Such a pity that it isn't used to its full potential.
It's so cute.

I look so hagged after walking around Perth all day.
We spent some time in the hospital visiting D's new baby cousin!
She was so cute!
We went from the hospital in Subi to Northbridge for dinner and then walked all the way back to East Perth.
You can imagine how sore my legs were for the next 2 days.

$20 shoes that I got in Haji Lane in Singapore.
They're so comfy and crap. I love them.
I will wear them a lot this summer. Unless they break in 2 weeks. Which is likely.

More of London Court..

Some weirdo sculpture thing they were putting up on St Georges Tce.
Pretty cool huh?
Reminds me of those things that suck your thoughts out in Harry Potter.
What are they called?
You know the ones that fly around and suck something from you?
It looks like those but in white.

I love this building in Perth!!
Can anyone tell me what it is?
I love that it changes colour.
It flashes all colours of the rainbow and then does a multi-colour thing.
It's like an all year round xmas tree.
Love it.

Here is the lobby of our hotel.
Which always confuses me.
Not sure how Lions and Elephants are relevant to Australia.
Oddest Lobby feature ever.
It's just so out of place.
Especially with all the indigenous art paintings around the hotel.

As we were walking back to the hotel in East Perth,
a tourist asked me where the main bit of the city was so he could go find a restaurant to eat at.
I kinda thought.....there is none.
I never eat dinner in the CBD.
Is there a strip of eateries for dinner in the CBD that I don't know about?

I'm watching Junior Masterchef now and I NEED THAT GREEN DESSERT!
Does Zumbo post to Melbourne?
Can I get that dessert sent to me and then the next day the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Singapore Mandarin Oriental, Little India and Haji Lane

Here is some more Singapore photos.

View of the pool from our room.
It looks like the middle of winter. It was very hot!

Lazy Pool Days!!!
I got to wear my Bali pants again! YAY.
What a lazy beach whale. HAhahahhaaaaaaaa

Yummy Poolside food.
I love fries. It's my weakness.
I have to really pull it together not to eat fries all the time.

Yum. Fries.
Vegetarian type of club sandwich.

Hazlenut and Apple ice-cream dish..

The rest of the day when
I spent 4 hours lying under wet towels like this..
(im on the left under the towels......)

And then the vomiting started...the throbbing headache...blurred vision..
I had to go to hospital to to get the hydration saline? stuff in my veins and injections to stop the vomiting.
The doctor thought I might of caught a bacteria from Bali because it had been exactly 3 days since I left Bali.... The blood tests didn't pick up anything but it took me a week to get back to normal.
I felt much better the next day and just avoided alcohol and rank lots of poccari sweat.

We went over to K and Ks hotel and look at how awesome their bed was!
My fav thing in Singapore.

I want one SO BAD. Does anyone else have a pregnancy pillow?
I want one. Would it be weird to buy one?

We went upstairs to their roof top infinity pool.
D pretended to jump off the edge and raise my blood pressure through the roof.

Here was the view from their pool at night.
They stayed at Naumi Hotel.

Later we decided to go to the observation deck at the new Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino.
D and I didn't bring our passports so there was so casino action.
Here is the view from the pool there...
Mmmmmmm/.....nice 60yo beer

After we head down to Little India for lunch.
It's so colourful and cray cray!!

We ate at a banana leaf restaurant and I had a coconut to rehydrate.
According to a Nudie bottle I read, young coconut water has 3x the amount of electrolytes than water has.
I had to Sepia this photo because I looked so pale and off.

I didn't get a photo of the food before we ate it.
We all scoffed it down so fast.
It was so delicious!!
I dunno how I stomached this a day after being in hospital.
I ate lots of garlic naan and cheese naan.

The next day D and I headed down to Haji lane.
I liked the shopping here a lot.
Got a few tops.
Wasn't feeling well so didn't want to try on clothes. Otherwise I think I would of got a lot of stuff here!
It looks like a back alley yeah?
If the cab hadn't dropped me here I would of drove straight past it.
It stank too.

After looking through the shops I needed to pee and sit in air con so we went into this random place that ended up being some sort of tourist middle eastern style restaurant.

We ate mushrooms and salad and the WORST HUMMUS OF ALL TIME.
How can you screw hummus up? Especially in a middle eastern place.

Here is a nice photo that K took of a Mosque near Haji Lane.

On my last day I went upstairs to the hotel pool to take a photo of this Fish Lion and it was all smoggy or something!
What a pity!!
I love LionFish and want a good photo of him.

I took this photo while we were checking out of the hotel.
What a cool wall.
I want this wall in my place.

I'm in Perth now and the weather is crud.
It's been raining for ages now.
Good opportunity to blog though!
Simpsons is on now!

Btw I have bought some cool new xmas tree decorations!
Cant wait to do my xmas tree.
I will take some photos of my decorations when I get back to Melbs.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. It's so fun.
Costumes are funny.
Here I am in my penguin costume that I bought at Tokyu Hands in Tokyo.


Candy Overdose!

Yummy delicious cherry flavoured candy.
Cherry Twizzlers.
Watermelon, cherry & strawberry Jolly Ranchers.

I also carved a pumpkin!
I bought the whole pumpkin from coles and cut it open, scooped it out and carved it!

D's brother and I did it together.
Pity it went rotten and collapsed before I could take any real photos.
These ones were from my phone.

I put two tea lights in it for displaying.
wooo. spoooookkyyy.. hahahahha

I will do a better one next year!
Did any of you guys dress up or get pumpkins?
This was my first year getting a pumpkin!
It was fun though and I will do it again next year!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore

Here are some photos from Universal Studios on Sentosa Island in Singapore.
You can tell it's still in its soft opening stage. Not all rides are open and during the day, two rides were closed for a period of time for repairs.
It was still such a fun day and I would recommend it. I think tickets were only around $35 because it's still in its early stages.

Universal Studios did NOT have enough novelty food like Disneyland does.
We need more trashy goodness!!
I thought this photo of D and K2 hilarious.
We got buckets of popcorn to eat during ride lines.
However, there were no lines all day. YAY!

We went and watched the Shrek 4D movie which was lots of fun!
I may have screamed like a baby.

We ran over to the Jurassic Park ride to find out that it was closed for repairs. I had a tanty.
K2 and I took a photo looking like dinosaurs though.
So did K1 and D but theirs was inferior so I didn't post it. HA!

I went on this dinosaur ride while the other guys went on a roller-coaster.
I was too scared to go on it.
I was scared on this kids ride to be honest.
I am woosey.

This is the "main street" area that is supposed to look like NYC I'm assuming.
None of the shops are open yet though.

Although there was a hat shop.
I tried on a Pharaoh hat and did my best impersonation.

We ate in this cool 60s diner place and listened to Elvis.

Here is me at Shrek and Fiona's castle!

We then went back to the Jurassic Park ride which had been fixed!! YAYYY!!
The sign said "You may get wet" so we bought some ponchos to wear!!
Imagine if I didn't wear a poncho.

So with my hair ruined and clothes INCLUDING UNDERWEAR being soaked we decided to walk around to try and dry off.
U.S should REALLY have hairdryers at the exit of the ride. They dont even have the hand ones in the toilet that you can put your head under.

We left U.S and next door is a Hershey's store.
We decided not to buy anything though because it would melt in the heat.

Then we went over to Hard Rock cafe for some cocktails and nachos!
YAY. I had a traditional margarita. I love them. mm salty.

Still soaking wet.
Sitting in air con while wet is balls.
At least you can see the cool shoulder pads on my tee shirt!

Then on our way back to U.S I bumped into a Reese's Peanut Buttercup!

Then a few minutes later some more characters came out!!
I dunno WHAT D is doing to that Hershey's Kiss.
Maybe trying to eat it?!

Then we went back to U.S
The main rollercoaster was broken down but looks how scary it would of been!

My friends all went on The Mummy ride a few times and loved it! I was too scared.
We went back to the Jurassic Park ride and I think in total, we went on it about 8 times. AT LEAST.
The staff thought we were nutsos.
By the end of the day we were all HEAD to TOE SOAKED.
We couldn't be any wetter.
We all stank of chlorine.
It was 7pm and we weren't drying so we jumped in a cab home.
It was disappointing not to have a Parade or Fireworks at the end of the day like Disneyland does,
but maybe they will introduce this after their full opening?
I'm not sure.
The Park is VERY small and hopefully it will be expanded over the years.
It was still a fun day though! All due to the company I spent it with.
Thanks guys!!

(btw if anyone is interested,
S&B Tee
Zara Pants
Hav thongs)
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