Friday, May 18, 2012

i makes the margaritas

some body got a new job. so i makes the margaritas to celebrate.
tequila, cointreu, lime, lemon, my dog. ha just kidding. thats for the dogs.

how do you make yours?


nini says " gimme my dog now"
its her crack.
gurl is obsessed.
she refuses the fancy healthy dog food in favour for the super market kind. is she really my daughter? i haven't taught her well.

 if any of you have a foot fetish please see below.

and voila, marts are ready. they always taste better in a bodum glass. keeps them extra gold. 
you can't have a room temperate marg. its just wrong.


My fav boots for winter.
These Chloe boots are so damn comfy. I regret not getting them last year so I'm glad i got them this year.
I've worn them to death already.
i love you chloe boots.
i want them in all three colours.
who wan give me $3000?? WHO?


Fav winter kicks. they are so sparkly. they distract from my face and down to me feet. always a winner
they are still surviving. only just. 
my friend and i both knocked our full glasses on ourselves at the prince concert. my leg went numb from the ice. we are SPECIAL.


How do you guys feel about lisianthus?
They last forever. I've had these for about two weeks now and i think they have another week left in them.
they remind me of roses.


similar right? flowers are the bomb dot com.
why they no cheaper?
i bought a succulent today. i think it will be for my front door.
i will keep you all updated.


i think i am going to go paint my face tranny styles now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Din Dins

Yo bitchheezzz.

Long time, no see.

I am watching Giuliana and Bill.
She is very thin.

Ages ago, back in the good ol' days of summer. I had a lil BBQ with the girls.
Holly took some photos. FULL PROFESH STYLES.
I am sharing them with you because they were made the night look much nicer than it was.
Candle light has that effect.

I made some snazzy cocktails.
Mojito at the back and a Agwa Mule in the front. ( Agwa, Ginger Ale and Lime)

We had some delicious cheese. D'aff, St Agur, Holy Goat, cheddar and a tallegio that Nat bought. 

Here is me taking a photo of our argileh! I couldn't get it to work so I had to ask D. We got it going tho! Woo!!
My hair looks so flat here. Ew. I needed some bumble and bumble white powder spray.

Holly sent me this photo of Mez wiping something off my kitchen floor?
I have no idea what happened.
Dodgy bitches.

Nini says hi. She is plotting to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Roses and green tricks from the market.

Nini seems much happier when being receiving pats. Only in small amounts. She needs to get back to her planning. 

Wyn Tang is here pouring the bubbleeehhhhh.
Look at my fancy salad. HA!

Everything looks nicer in low light.

Here is Nat. She says hi. Look how nice her skin is. What a bitch.

So delicious.

The rest of the night go really messy. Photos will remain hidden forever.

Including but not limited to :
Mexican dress ups
Yeti dress ups
yekelele jam offs
sing star comps
whitney houston sing offs
xtina dance offs

I think my neighbours hate me.

It's very rare all five of us are free on the same night, so when it happens its awesome!
Miss you ladiesssss

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