Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeeennnn!!

Happy Halloooweeennn bitchhheeess !!!!

Eat LOTS of cannnddyyy..
sweeeett cannnndddyyy!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

House of Harlow 1960

Nicole Richie is pimpin out her jewelery line.
....i expected this line to be quite expensive..i was really suprised to see how affordable it is.
kudos to nicole richie.
i love this ring from the collection
i might have to see how much kitson charges to ship to aus,....if they do
damn u cruddy aus dollar !!! dammmnn uuuu
link to the range at kitson

now its back to watching the "fast track" prison break on ch 7. ughh. yes wentworth miller, i DO notice your sudden double chin. *vommy*

Cottonsocks has moved!!

ok well i havent yet but i am on saturday ! yay !
hoorah for me.
into the big bag world.
sister doin it for herself.

so anyways, my last week has been filled with furniture hunts.
its hell. i hate it.

i FINALLY think i found a couch i like from freedom today but i wont get it till next year ! BAH WHATS WITH THE FURNITURE SHOPPING ???

i think i found a cool shag pile rug too so i will be update with photos of my new household goods and things i would like to buy, like this night light up here !!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny Friday

Friday was such a lovely day and i had the day off work. What is better than that? Well, lots but this was still good.
I went to my friends house and we went for a bike ride.
She rode my bfs bike , i imagine it hurt her britney. HA.
the weather was beautiful and we rode down to Bay St and had a "beer" (kiwi abosolut with red bull ) hehehhe. and then rode back home.
She then succumb to the biking ways and purchased a bike on impulse ! eeep!!!

Now we can welcome her into our biker gang.

Here is a photo i took near the ship whilst riding.
I also had one of me in it but my ass looked huge on the bike seat, but then, so does everyones right? ....RIGHT?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Restaurant Review


Last night I went to dinner with two girlfriends in Footscray. Luckily we didn't get knifed ! HA! I feel safe there but my friend who lives close told us " Don't show anyone your cash" and i told them to hold onto their bags with both hands. Haahaha.
Im sure Footscray isnt as bad as its made out to be. Anyways,

I love this place. I took my blogger camera with me but was too into the food and convo that i forgot to take any pics. My friends are THAT entertaining ;-)However, luckily i found a google image that is almost identical to what i ate

I got the vegetarian combination which is served on injera. Its like a flat bread/savoury pancakey kind of deal.
We all ate with our hands and it was delish !! Perhaps eating with your hands is part of the fun of Ethiopian food ?

My friends opted for a lamb dish because its not dry and a vegie dish to compliment it.

All in all, this place never dissapoints so I suggest you all give it a go some day !

Other pluses include, its nice and clean for Footscray and they have $5 Ethiopian beers!! Open till 2am Thurs-Sat !

I'd probably book because sometimes its quite busy!

Address and details are all on this link below.

p.s Little Lady Lost, are you happy that i used a little more grammar this time? Its this time only. never again!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hyatt Regency Perth

I thought i'd do a little review of this hotel incase anyone else is going to perth and needs help making their mind up.

The first room they gave us was foul and we had to ask to see several rooms before getting a spa suite on the executive floor. but we arent executives. oh well.
my lovely partner took some photos and forgot to take photos of the most important thing. the bathroom with the spa. err its a spa suite douche. oh well. he tries. bless him.

anyways, the bathroom is important because this is where you wash and do hair makeup etc so it cant be gross or hospital/motel like.
the bathroom was quite nice but nothing special.
if you want a luxe hotel in perth its quite hard to find.
anyway the thing that lets down this hotel the most is the staff. i found them to be hopeless. maybe i was expecting too much but i had quite a few circumstances where i was like " ZUH" 
eg, not telling us we need to make a booking in our own hotel resteraunt when we asked about it 1 hour prior and being told we cant have dinner because we didnt make a reservation. um what ? we were at the restauraunt an hour earlier and were never told.
2nd point the concierges seem retarded.
3rd point um i dont want to sound like a snob but when u are in a 5 star hotel, staff dont get in a lift before you. they wait until all guests are in a lift and then enter. thnx.

4th point um, when u show someone to their room, how about telling us that we have free meals in the executive lounge and um, THAT WE HAVE A BALCONY yeh cheers thnx staff at hyatt perth. you all reek !

p.s your room service is worse than la pochetta. im a hopeless cook but even i can cook better than that.

p.p.s nice fresh flowers in room is good

p.p.p.s UM WHATS WITH THE FOUNTAIN IN THE LOBBY? how do lions and elephants relate to perth? cool in africa, but confusing here. i could hear americans saying " i didnt know they had elephants and lions in australia wow" how about having some nice aussie animals on ur fountain? kangaroo? platypus? change it asap plz

p.p.p.s ok so i didnt hear americans say that but im sure they were.


So today i am back from perth. i left from Melbourne on friday night and then came back on Monday morning.
Perth is like a full on country town. i was quite suprised. the city is very small and low rise.
it was nice to go to perth though.
i didnt end up doing anything!!
we were catching up with my boyfriends family which was the purpose of the trip. so there was no time for sightseeing.
i managed to squeeze in a small shopping trip on king st though which was nice.
i was really suprised with how good the shopping was on king st. it was awesome to see heaps of australian/NZ labels as well as some cool internationals.
I really liked this shop called Wasteland on King ST
for anyone going to perth i recommend you check this place out! had cool art, cds, accessories, clothes etc.
if i lived in perth i'd defo be a regular !!!

here are some piccas from my trip !

Here is a little shopping i did ! YES A TOOTHBRUSH! WOW!
for some reason i cant format these photos today so its a big mishmash
here are some pics of my plane meal on the way over. everyone loves of plane food. done lie.
vegetarians always get the worst meals. unfair.
and on the way bake i got a sky bed i was more than excited. ive never had a skybed before so i slept YAY

Rachel Zoe Project

Raisin face annoys me but i was still sucked in to downloading her tv show. ... just cuz i wanted to know what she was like in real life.

the show is really annoying but strangely im addicted. ive watched 2 episodes, and nothing happens, yet i want more. i get annoyed yet im downloading the next one.

her mean assistant "tay" reminds me of me. ahaha " quiet time now" ahhaha.

anyways, i think the reason i love the show is because of all the clothes and accessories, its a nice inspiration because i feel like ive been in a rut lately with the new summer season i am going to try new things and try and wear a tiny bit more colour! and bring back some gold jewelery! i am so sick of wearing silver now. im boredddddd so i will try rock the gold !

and if i hear her said " I DIE" " D . I. E" "omg i DIIIIEEE" one more time i might actually stop watching.
its like shes trying to coin her own catch phrase.

is her husband like..i dunno...NOT heterosexual or something?
yeh i thought so too

Thursday, October 16, 2008

some food in japan

are you all sick of japan posts yet? probably.
i thought i'd do only a couple more. hehe he!!

this post will be a little bit about food. or the food i took photos off...that dont have me in it. so its limited. HA

im blogging from the westin. i ordered an espresso martini and over ten minutes later its not here and ppl who ordered after me have got theirs already. im giving death stares.

back to bloggin. hehehhe
here is a photo of a sandwhich i ordered which cost $40 ! AH. oh well. it was the tastiest sandwhich i ever had. or " sando" hahaha. 
this is a photo of some yummy tempura i had at a resteraunt in tokyo. it was mainly a
 vegetarian menu! which is very rare in tokyo. i will add a link later when i find it !!!

here is some 7-11 snacks YAY!

and here is our morning deli brunch at the New York Deli at the basement of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. that place seriously saved my trip. we ate there a lot and it was fantastic. yum ice tea. YAY

and here is the loveliness that is TokyoDisneylands vegetarian option. only one in the whol
e park
ahha. im not even quite sure what it is...and i ate it. im going to say it was a vegie burger perhaps. i dunno. but it kinda tastes like car tyres. or what i think they'd taste like.

end blog

p.s i had a harajuku crepe but i didnt get a picca.
but there is a harajuku crepe at melb centre which i will take a picca off and pretend it was my tokyo crepe.


I went to Tokyo about 5 years ago and loved Shibuya. i bought clothes, i dug the vibe. i thought it was the shiznit.but this time, i found it to be less than awesome.
i actually kinda...didnt like it.
i think ive got old.
there was too many people. too many little girls dressed like whores ( cover your asses plz k
 thnx) and trashy shops and blaring music that was like ravers techno awfulness with chipmunk vocals.
there were some aspects of shibuya that were good. but ughh next time i'll stick to harajuku and omotesando. 
p.s i thought ginza was over rated too.

Here is a picca of my lil hermes haul from ginza though.

Here is a pic of my boyfriends BBC/Bape hawl. what a girl. he sure shops like one! HAHAH.
:-) In the week we were there he got way more stuff than me! i should post his spiffy Zara jackets. i love them. sometimes i look like a shlep next to him. :)

And you cant have a blog post about Japan without a plastic food photo!


I wasnt sure what to write about in this blog. 
I still dont really get blogging. my friend said to blog about my recent trip to tokyo.

i got back 2 weeks ago so hopefully the memories are still fresh!

here is a little picca of a hotelllll in shinjuku!
the Park Hyatt Tokyo was wonderful.
i love the fact they dont do check ins!
as soon as you arrive they greet you by name and take you directly to your room. then, in your room you can sit and refresh and they take an imprint of your card. its quite a lovely concept and i wish they did this at other hotels! nothing worse than travelling for 20 hours and then when u get to the hotel having to wait around for ages to check in !!

They gave us some complimentary chocolates and japanese sweets as well which were really cute and sweet . at the airport i got some tokyo banana cakes! yum!

They have this weird jizz like stuff in the middle. GROSS! ahhaha it kinda freaked me out a little but they were yum! i wish i got the chocolate ones though. chocolate banana cakes! YAY

Ok i might have to do some work now ( at work ) so more about japan later.

Hello WORLD !

Hey Little Lady Lost !
I am writing this blog for you while i sit at work.
For anyone that stumbles onto my blog, the name has no significance.
I was at my darling friends house one evening for "wine time" and she started a blog for me. PEER PRESSURE! 
It was entertaining at the time, just like her partners story of their wheely bin being stolen. Which, I think in the end, wasnt stolen. ahhh. drunken times.

Anyway, Im  already sick of this blog and ive only written a paragraph.
I really hate using correct grammar on the internet. It takes up far too much time.
so i think from now on im going to stop using grammar and capital letters.
pushing the shift button is far too much work if im not getting paid or graded for it. 

 i should of called this blog " bless yo bad grammar" instead of "bless yo cotton socks"
oh well.
too late now !!!!

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