Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello WORLD !

Hey Little Lady Lost !
I am writing this blog for you while i sit at work.
For anyone that stumbles onto my blog, the name has no significance.
I was at my darling friends house one evening for "wine time" and she started a blog for me. PEER PRESSURE! 
It was entertaining at the time, just like her partners story of their wheely bin being stolen. Which, I think in the end, wasnt stolen. ahhh. drunken times.

Anyway, Im  already sick of this blog and ive only written a paragraph.
I really hate using correct grammar on the internet. It takes up far too much time.
so i think from now on im going to stop using grammar and capital letters.
pushing the shift button is far too much work if im not getting paid or graded for it. 

 i should of called this blog " bless yo bad grammar" instead of "bless yo cotton socks"
oh well.
too late now !!!!


  1. Wine time brings out the best in people.

    You could get famous from this blog. Who knows? All types of sponsorships, freebies, celebrity endorsements etc.

  2. hello lovely! i was enjoying your blog so much i went right back to the beginning!! we are quite similar in i think you write exactly the same way as you would speak! well that whats i do. haha. anyways hope you're having a great day :)


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