Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hyatt Regency Perth

I thought i'd do a little review of this hotel incase anyone else is going to perth and needs help making their mind up.

The first room they gave us was foul and we had to ask to see several rooms before getting a spa suite on the executive floor. but we arent executives. oh well.
my lovely partner took some photos and forgot to take photos of the most important thing. the bathroom with the spa. err its a spa suite douche. oh well. he tries. bless him.

anyways, the bathroom is important because this is where you wash and do hair makeup etc so it cant be gross or hospital/motel like.
the bathroom was quite nice but nothing special.
if you want a luxe hotel in perth its quite hard to find.
anyway the thing that lets down this hotel the most is the staff. i found them to be hopeless. maybe i was expecting too much but i had quite a few circumstances where i was like " ZUH" 
eg, not telling us we need to make a booking in our own hotel resteraunt when we asked about it 1 hour prior and being told we cant have dinner because we didnt make a reservation. um what ? we were at the restauraunt an hour earlier and were never told.
2nd point the concierges seem retarded.
3rd point um i dont want to sound like a snob but when u are in a 5 star hotel, staff dont get in a lift before you. they wait until all guests are in a lift and then enter. thnx.

4th point um, when u show someone to their room, how about telling us that we have free meals in the executive lounge and um, THAT WE HAVE A BALCONY yeh cheers thnx staff at hyatt perth. you all reek !

p.s your room service is worse than la pochetta. im a hopeless cook but even i can cook better than that.

p.p.s nice fresh flowers in room is good

p.p.p.s UM WHATS WITH THE FOUNTAIN IN THE LOBBY? how do lions and elephants relate to perth? cool in africa, but confusing here. i could hear americans saying " i didnt know they had elephants and lions in australia wow" how about having some nice aussie animals on ur fountain? kangaroo? platypus? change it asap plz

p.p.p.s ok so i didnt hear americans say that but im sure they were.

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