Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rachel Zoe Project

Raisin face annoys me but i was still sucked in to downloading her tv show. ... just cuz i wanted to know what she was like in real life.

the show is really annoying but strangely im addicted. ive watched 2 episodes, and nothing happens, yet i want more. i get annoyed yet im downloading the next one.

her mean assistant "tay" reminds me of me. ahaha " quiet time now" ahhaha.

anyways, i think the reason i love the show is because of all the clothes and accessories, its a nice inspiration because i feel like ive been in a rut lately ...so with the new summer season i am going to try new things and try and wear a tiny bit more colour! and bring back some gold jewelery! i am so sick of wearing silver now. im boredddddd so i will try rock the gold !

and if i hear her said " I DIE" " D . I. E" "omg i DIIIIEEE" one more time i might actually stop watching.
its like shes trying to coin her own catch phrase.

is her husband like..i dunno...NOT heterosexual or something?
yeh i thought so too

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