Thursday, October 16, 2008


I went to Tokyo about 5 years ago and loved Shibuya. i bought clothes, i dug the vibe. i thought it was the shiznit.but this time, i found it to be less than awesome.
i actually kinda...didnt like it.
i think ive got old.
there was too many people. too many little girls dressed like whores ( cover your asses plz k
 thnx) and trashy shops and blaring music that was like ravers techno awfulness with chipmunk vocals.
there were some aspects of shibuya that were good. but ughh next time i'll stick to harajuku and omotesando. 
p.s i thought ginza was over rated too.

Here is a picca of my lil hermes haul from ginza though.

Here is a pic of my boyfriends BBC/Bape hawl. what a girl. he sure shops like one! HAHAH.
:-) In the week we were there he got way more stuff than me! i should post his spiffy Zara jackets. i love them. sometimes i look like a shlep next to him. :)

And you cant have a blog post about Japan without a plastic food photo!

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  1. Plastic food owns my heart. I was thinking of getting some for my house.

    P.S Shibuya overrated? NOOOOOOOO! I've always wanted to go since seeing Lost in Translation.


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