Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So today i am back from perth. i left from Melbourne on friday night and then came back on Monday morning.
Perth is like a full on country town. i was quite suprised. the city is very small and low rise.
it was nice to go to perth though.
i didnt end up doing anything!!
we were catching up with my boyfriends family which was the purpose of the trip. so there was no time for sightseeing.
i managed to squeeze in a small shopping trip on king st though which was nice.
i was really suprised with how good the shopping was on king st. it was awesome to see heaps of australian/NZ labels as well as some cool internationals.
I really liked this shop called Wasteland on King ST http://www.wastelandone.com.au
for anyone going to perth i recommend you check this place out! had cool art, cds, accessories, clothes etc.
if i lived in perth i'd defo be a regular !!!

here are some piccas from my trip !

Here is a little shopping i did ! YES A TOOTHBRUSH! WOW!
for some reason i cant format these photos today so its a big mishmash
here are some pics of my plane meal on the way over. everyone loves of plane food. done lie.
vegetarians always get the worst meals. unfair.
and on the way bake i got a sky bed i was more than excited. ive never had a skybed before so i slept YAY

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