Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Xmas Everyone!!

Last time i was up in K town i took this photo. So when i went back this time and saw it had an xmas make over i HAD to take a photo. I had a bit of an toe issue ( still cant walk on it 9 days later!!!) so i had to do a one legged kangaroo jump.

Hope everyone has a lovely xmas/ holiday season !!

I have eaten so much food over the last 2 days and had way too much alcohol.
xmas is the season of dark spirits. dry manhattans are the only way to go.
best cocktail ever!
straight liquor makes me happy.

tomorrow i have another xmas party, and then xmas day.
i will be a good 5kg fatter by the end of the week.
expect a double chin in my next post.

Tonka Truck

On the way back from Cossack we drove through Wickham and i had to take a photo with this huge dumper.
Thats me "pushing" it. Ha. Funny. D thought it was really unfunny. Every party has a pooper.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


D and I like to take photos of us jumping and compare who got the most air. I think we have photos from all our holidays of us doing this. Cheap thrills.

We took a drive down to Cossack on Sunday. It's now a ghost town but was established in 1871 to house all the pearl divers that came down hoping to strike it rich.
Up above I am jumping in front of a shop that was built in 1890. Most of the town has been destroyed by age and cyclones but there are still a few buildings around. But I wont post photos of them all. Snoozey. Plus it's more of a suprise if you ever go there yourself.

Down below is the view from a lookout point in Cossack.
I'm pretty sure this was low tide. It was about 5pm

Here is what I wore... I look like a "blogger" here don't I? HA! D took a photo of me getting shitty at the flies and storming back into the car.
But it totally looks like I'm trying to "werk" it.

I made him take a close up photo of my vest. I like all the beading. It's really heavy though.
The vest is by a brand called Kachel. I thought I was really stepping out of the box here with this vest. But then two people have already asked me if it's Sass&Bide. So clearly I'm not. I thought I was doing great but not buying something S&B for once. GAH!
Although, I just realised the t-shirt and shorts are. shit.

I spotted two cute gallahs on a power line and made D get out in the blistering heat and take a photo for me. He is a LADIEZZZZ man. swoon.

I've given up on sandals in the 42 degree heat. My feet get too dirty. Sandy. Grimey. Annoying.
Next time I come up I'm bringing more closed toe shoes.
Orange iron ore feet isn't pretty.
I'm getting a nice iron ore tan though.
Pity it comes off in the shower each night.


I really enjoy when I hear middle aged women with top 40 ringtones. I'm next to a lady who has Katy Perry as her ringtone. She has children. She'd be in her late 30s. But rock on with the Kate Perry ringtone. It's especially funny when they can't find they phone in their handbags that carry the kitchen sink and it goes on for ages and they get flustered.
This is so my mum. If she could figure out ringtones. Or how to answer a mobile phone.
As for me, I always have my phone on silent. I like missing all my calls.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sitting on a palm tree. like i always do.

It's pretty hot up here but i still refuse to wear shorts and t-shirt. I'm just not kind of girl.
I have been seen wearing long pants and long sleeves when it hits 42. i dunno.
im just not into skin. its like wasted space that could be used on clothes.
im suprised im not wearing a cardigan in this shot. ha! in my defense it was really hot. like sweaty hot. eww.
these photos turned out pretty average because D was covered in (no joke) about 25 flies at any given time and he was getting frustrated. and i was too because i was hungry.

Remember how I posted ages ago about the kirrily johnston maxi skirt?
well i finally got around to taking a photo of it.
YAY. its hell comfy. Wish it was more flared at the bottom but then i'd run the risk of looking like a hippy. ok maybe not.

How cool is this palm tree?
I thought it would snap when i sat on it but D assured me it wouldn't. ha.

Here is a close up of my belt. Yay for cheap finds.

T-shirt - sass and bide. I love these ! i have three now. sssshhh.
Skirt - Kirrily Johnston
Thonnngsss - thats how we do up in the pilbara ok.
Belt - Forever New . I bought this when i bought that blush jacket ages ago.

I know it seems silly to spend so much on basics, such as plain white cotton tee and plain black cotton skirt but i wear basics A LOT so i want ones that look decent after washing them. and feel nice to wear. the fit always seems better as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fleetwood Mac

Here is my room up here in K-town. The flowers where from D. How sweet.
T-shirt - Fleetwood Mac tour tshirt
Nails - OPI My Chihuahua Bites
Lipstick on mirror - Housemates girlfriend


I went to Fleetwood Mac last week and it was SOOO amazing. I don't usually do band tshirts but I can't say no to a penguin in a top hat. Can anyone?
BTW, this was an EXTRA LARGE.
The people who make concert tees are gross perves. Why are womens tshirts always "baby doll"???
I hate that shiz so bad. So off.
Anyway, the concert was seriously so good. I was pretty far back but the sound was really good. They played for about 2.5 hours. Crazzyyyyy. I wish people got up and danced though. I was holding back. I heard on the radio it wasn't allowed. Ha!
Highlight of the night was TUSK. Soooo good. Crazy good. I got so drunk though. Didn't have time for dinner. I looked a mess. Eww. My hair was all greasy from the hot day. Off. So no photos from that night.


So I arrived safely in K-Town last night. My second flight wasn't as bad as the first. Quite smooth actually. Snooty male flight attendant but whatever.
I went to a local restaurant for dinner and the owner remembered me. YAY. She said in January she is starting a new menu which will have vegetarian options. Double YAY. Usually they have to make something up.

Oh and a MASSIVE gecko ran in front of me before. On his HIND legs. HAHAH so cute.
How funny are they? I need to get some footage of this. It's just so funny.

My mission for the week : Make one with the flies. About 237 have tried to befriend me since I've been here but I'm just not ready for it yet.... Maybe later.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WARNING : massive crazy rant ahead.

Watching "Up" while eating my povo lunch. seriously qantas. step yo game up. I'm a vegetarian. not a second class citizen. why are you giving me a childrens meal fruit cup for dessert? it's an insult. and you will be hearing from me.
this is why im switching to singapore. and virgin for domestic.

im sitting in the lounge. where one TRIES to do work. but for some STUPID reason. their internet never works on my MAC. and i wrote a massive post and the internet timed out as i hit PUBLISH post and i lost it all.
i hate qantas more than any other company. they have taken over telstra in my hate ranks.

half way through "Up" the video system fucked up and i couldn't watch the end.
typical qantas.
cant get anything right.

anyway, to clarify, im not leaving qantas because of a fruit cup.
its because of the fact that they always screw me over. i wrote a long list of things they have done over the past but it got lost now. HOW CONVENIENT QANTAS?!!

its the fact that everyone else gets a nice normal dessert of ice-cream and wavers or cheese and fruit platters and i get a fruit cup. " oh ill see if there is anything left over that you can have. your dessert was the fruit cup"
UM WHY? im not a vegan, i didnt request a vegan meal, and im not a child. and i paid the same amount as everyone else. this is bullshit.
all i want is to be treated equally. and not like some big hassle.
on my last international flight my meal was steamed rice with green beans. NO SEASONING. imagine that for 12 hours. hellz yeah! TASSTYYYYY qantas. THANKS! everyone else gets neil perry designed menu and i get that shit steamed carbs and green beans. that'll tide me over nicely. YUM. (sarcasm off)
ITS almost 2010 YO!!!!!!

yes yes, this post makes me sound crazy. but whatever. big companies love to screw the little guy. like how they treated that blind lady !!! wthheell. i heard on the news this morning. so typical of qantas.
they're an embarrassment of a national airline.

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