Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Xmas Everyone!!

Last time i was up in K town i took this photo. So when i went back this time and saw it had an xmas make over i HAD to take a photo. I had a bit of an toe issue ( still cant walk on it 9 days later!!!) so i had to do a one legged kangaroo jump.

Hope everyone has a lovely xmas/ holiday season !!

I have eaten so much food over the last 2 days and had way too much alcohol.
xmas is the season of dark spirits. dry manhattans are the only way to go.
best cocktail ever!
straight liquor makes me happy.

tomorrow i have another xmas party, and then xmas day.
i will be a good 5kg fatter by the end of the week.
expect a double chin in my next post.


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS or Festivous for the rest of us.

    Love the cripple kanga jump

  2. Karratha huh? That's only 6 hours from where I live in Tom Price. Whereabouts are you livin now?

    Merry belated xmas btw.
    Hope you had a fab new years too!


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