Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Love

Here is my loveeeeeeeeeeeee.
Taco. He he!!
She is a 3.5 yo chihuahua. I don't know what I would do without her. She makes me so happy.
She doesn't like photos so much. Or maybe it's just photos with me. Haha she looks like she is thinking "Muuummmaaa leave meeee alloooonnneee"
But before I picked her up she was crying at my feet for ages.
You can't win sometimes with dogs.
Pick up, put down, pick up, put down. Ahhhh!!

Atleast she likes my new Willow jacket/dress thing. I will take some better photos of it next week.

Taco aka Nini bee likes to play with water bottle lids. She wont share.

She also loves sleeping, walkies and shmackos.
Tell me about your pets!
I loveeeee pets!

Monday, May 24, 2010

nail polish and dancing.

Here are the nail polishes I got in changi duty free! Apart from the "particulere" which I found in Tokyo. Had to get a spare one incase something happened to my original one. Haha. I know that sounds crazy.

They were so cheap at Changi. I think around $22 each. I stocked up. It's easy to go into a frenzy whilst duty free shopping. The possibility of a bargain takes over and you lose all sense of rationality.
On the upside, I think I have my winter nail polish colours down pat.
I think my favourite is "Fire" right now.
It's just a nice red.

We went out on Saturday night for a friends Birthday! Woo.
Here is what I wore on the left and D's lovely outfit on the right. He always "makes fun" of me and my blog photos but really, I think he loves it. You can tell by this photo he is loving every second of being a model. Hahahaha!!

You can also see my new lamp that I tweeted about earlier last week!!!
YAY! It's a Kartell Bourgie lamp that I got from Space.
I want everything in that shop. At 90% off or free. Either one.

Don't worry. I pulled my skirt down before we went out. I'm sure it did. It looks WAY too short here.
Anyway, I wore
Sass & bide tshirt
Sass & Bide harness ( that I ripped off another top)
Topshop skirt
Nine West boots ( so old! so comfy!)
Hermes cuff

Gahhh I wish my hair would stop being so straight from the Global Keratin treatment I did. I can't handle having dead straight hair all the time.

How was everyones weekends? I got sick on Saturday night. Either the flu or something with flu like symptons.
Sore throat, blocked/runny nose, muscles ache
I felt like balls yesterday but today I'm much worse.
I am taking all the tablets and teas and what not so I'm hoping to be up and running by tomorrow. I will keep telling myself that.

Now I am off to catch up on all your blogs that I love so much !
Have a lovely Monday night everyone :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Let me show you what we ate on the plane to Singapore.
It was so much food I felt like chucking.

Here some sort of weird chopped vegetables in cups thingy we had as an appetizer.
My favourite part is the random bit of wriggly red capsicum.

Here is the entree salad. I like how it is presented. I found it weird that they cut off the skin of the cucumber.
The skin of the cucumber is the best part. I like how it is crunchy.

Here is the main. It was quite tasty actually! For plane food it was good.
Especially for a vegetarian meal. Usually I get rubbish.
The fresh basil leaf made me happy.

REAL ESPRESSO ON A PLANE!! Qantas if you are reading plz take notice!
Another funny thing about Singapore Airlines is the crockery. It's Givenchy.
How Hillarious.
Why would one want to use designer crockery in the sky? hahaha so funny.

Japanese dessert thingy. It was SOOO NICE.
I have no idea what it was though.
Similar to Panacotta but I think it was some sort of soy number. It wasn't milky tasting.
Hmm. Not sure of the sauce either. It wasn't berry. It was sweet and kind of floral.

Real strawberries in icecream.

Cheese and crackers!!!!
Can you see how much cheese there is? And they give me 3 crackers. What are they crazy?
We asked for more crackers.
3 crackers.....crazy people...I think the yellow stuff was dried pawpaw maybe? Not sure. it was nice.

Here we are in Singapore!
I didn't really pack for hot weather. I kind of worked something out.
I wore D's hat. It covered my hideous humidity hair.
I think I only wore it for about an hour.
I like hats, but I feel silly wearing them.

YAY! I love Singapore.
Two of my favourite stores..

D and I ate at the Food Republic Food Court on Orchard.
Here he is having a nice cold beer.

Look at all the yummy Indian food!! It was very very nice. Probably the best Indian food I have had. Suprisingly from a food court!!
The green spinach one on the left was my favourite.

Garlic naan and mint paratha make me so excited!!!
I loveeeeeeee them !!!

This is out the front of Takashimaya. They were setting up for Singapore Fashion Week.
Which was ages ago now. Wish I could of seen Bryanboy.

Here is some things I got !

Duty Free perfumes!!

A whole heap of Chanel makeup and nail polishes duty free. Some toys and see the star and black thing? They are scourers for washing dishes. Cute yeah? The yellow dog thing goes over spray n wipe bottles. CUTE.
Some DiorShow mascaras and that Dior Addict lipgloss is so good! Sephora bronzer brush. Love these!
Finally I got my ye old faithful Clinique DDML and Frederick Fekka hair treatments. Hope these work out good!

And here is a stack of clothes I bought in Japan and Singapore.
I'm sure they will be in up coming posts as well.

YAY Finally finished blogging about Japan/Singapore.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

I wish we were all on the same time line with Gossip Girl episodes.
I wanted to write about it but I think a lot of people aren't watching in with the US and it would spoil it for people watching it on Australian TV.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


D and I had dinner at the Japanese restaurant in the Ritz Carlton Osaka, Hanagatami.
It was really nice.
The staff went above and beyond to accommodate us. We don't eat meat,fish or meat or fish stocks. That rules out a lot of traditional Japanese recipes but the chefs changed their recipes slightly for us.
I was so amazed at how good they were!
I should really write a letter to say thank you.
The surroundings of the restaurant were lovely but I didn't take any photos.
It would of been a bit awkward. You know what I mean!
Look a the "Japanese Garden" aka trees in white stones.
It was really pretty.

For appetizer we had this lovely tofu dish.
It had a sweet sauce. I think it was miso. The butterfly was made from sweet potato. The cucumber was nice and crunchy.
Cute huh?
I may of had two. Hahahhahaaaaaaa

Entree we had this tofu dish with zucchini and okra. It was delicious!

SUSHI! D hates it when I take photos of sushi because he thinks they all look the same.
So wrong.
Plus I want to remember what I ate on my holidays for some reason.
Not sure why. Just do!

Tempura. I'm still not quite sure what vegetables we ate..
But can you see the cute dipping salts almost cut off in this photo?
They were all different flavours. Eg, the pink was cherry blossom, green was green tea, there was curry, seaweed and one other I cant remember.
I think they were some sort of special fancy salt. They were trying to explain it. I didn't really catch on.

I liked the use of different plates. It made it interesting when each dish came out.

We had a glass of champagne and a half bottle of sake.
How cute is the sake presentation?

In this photo D made me pretend to pour sake.
I explained how its supposedly bad to pour sake for yourself in Japan. So I pretended to pour his.
I wonder how seriously the Japanese people take it now.
I'd die of thirst if I waited for D to pour my drinks. haha. I think its a nice gesture though.

For dessert we had some Japanese style dishes.
Not sure of what they are called.
This was some sort of gooey thing with powder on the top.
Not sure what it was. Can't really explain the taste either.
It was nice and interesting though.
Very chewy.

I love red bean.
Who doesn't? It's the best!
We also had delicious green tea. The REAL kind. The powder stuff. I have to find some of it in Melbourne. I'm not too fond of the tea bag variety of green tea.

Staying at the Ritz Carlton was funny.
I'm not into their style of decorating
ie, floral, ye olde worlde.

How funny is the bathroom?
It had 2 chandeliers.
Haha. Funny.
I took this photo at the time thinking I would post it on my blog.
I have no idea why a toilet would inspire me to take a photo for my blog.
Kinda gross.
I'm wearing the Kirrily Johnston dress again.
It's such a good dress when you don't have time or your not in the mood for fuss.

After dinner we went to the bar in the hotel called "The Bar"
Now do you get what I mean about the decorating?
I think its a fun novelty though.
This Dry Manhattan made me so happy. Words cannot describe.
There was a man playing the piano to the left of me and "singing"
By singing I mean, slurring words to a melody.
It was like he knew no one could speak English so when he forgot the lyrics he'd just make a word up. Hahah It was funny.
He did some Elton John and Billy Joel numbers.

Here are a few more random photos so I can finish my Japan posts.

Kyoto Station.
I like how ultra modern it is compared to the very traditional city.

Here is another restaurant in the hotel.
Here is a more realistic photos of me eating dinner.
Scoffing down and looking at D weird.
I think I had cabbage spaghetti. It sounded gross but it tasted v nice.
The prices were really good for hotel dining in this place too.
Lots of vegetarian options and a macrobiotic menu too.

I'm wearing a Karen Walker dress that has a spider-web print.

Here is a cool chandelier in the restaurant.
I liked it.
Not all chandeliers have to be crystal right?

Here is the view from the window of our hotel room.
We could see people in the office building on the right with our zoom lens.
I wonder if anyone looks into the hotel?

Here is me leaving the hotel!! BOooo :(
On our way to the airport :( :( :(
My face looks a bit stupid and awkward.
It probably looks like that majority of the time. Hahahha.
I liked the crazy flower arrangement a lot.

Here is me at the Kansai airport Starbucks.
Stupid photo I know, but I wanted to show the card.
So cool!
In Japanese Starbucks if you order SOY you get given this card and you have to give it back to the barista when you collect your coffee to make sure you definitely pick up the soy milk cup.
Thats so cute.
Never seen this at a Starbucks before!

This photo scares me.
The weird face I'm pulling makes me look like my dad.

I am watching Modern Family now.
It looks funny so far.
Then a friend is coming over to watch the GOSSIP GIRL FINALE!!
Can't Wait !!


Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey Everyone!!
How was your weekends?
Did your Monday suck?? I hope not! I get excited for Mondays. I think it's because of the possibilities that a new week can bring. Eg, a new week of tv shows to download. YAY! Hahaha.
For about a good year, I don't think I would of got through Tuesdays without Gossip Girl.

I'm trying to finish my Japan posts quickly so here it goes.

Here we are at the Kinkaku-Ji Aka Temple of the Golden Pavilion.
The trees were so beautiful. That shade of green really came up well through the camera.
Cute Japanese School Uniforms. I wish we had them here.

Here I am looking all arty.
Don't I look pregnant in this shot? D's mum would be so excited. Sorry C. I am not preggers. It's just my scarf under the oversized cardigan!
Sometimes when it's raining and freezing outside, you just want a huge chunky cardigan!

More beautiful trees. I took A LOT of photos of trees in Japan. I wont bore you with them all. Hahaha

Here is the actual Golden Pavilion. From what I understand, it was basically built as a retirement pad for some old important Shogun back in the day. Back in ol' 19diggity2. OR 1397. Same thing.
It has been rebuilt since then. I think perhaps more than once.
But you get the general idea.
Can you imagine us building a golden house for a retired military general here in Australia?
Hahahhahahaha. It would never happen.

Thank you RAIN. Thank you for making my photos look FAB. Haha.
It rained ALL DAY. As in from 8am to 9pm. Ahhhh. I think the rain follows me on holidays.

Here is a photo of me with some Japanese school kids.
In Kyoto so many school kids wanted to talk to me and take photos with me.
It was cray cray.
I don't really know why.
Anyway, those two girls were SO CUTE. omg.
I wish I got their emails so we could be pen pals and I could practice my Japanese.

Next up is Fushimi Inari-taisha.
Wikipedia says Inari is the God of business and people worship for good wealth.
Dammit. Wish I knew this then. Would of stayed longer and prayed.
HAHA just kidding.
Wiki also says during Japanese New Year the shrine gets just under ONE MILLION visitors a day. Cray Cray !!
How funny is it that there is a convenience store right at the front?
Old/New Japan at its finest.
Also, how cool is the Japanese boys school uniform?
It's like some sort of Ninja suit.

Here is D and his pretty baby blue umbrella. He bought it for $3 at the shrine and it broke within 5 mins. He refused to take an umbrella from the hotel so I didn't feel sorry for him! HA!

There were loads of foxes through the place and they all had different objects in their mouth.
I liked them. They were sassy.

People write their prayers on these little wooden things and then the monks will burn them and your wishes will come true.
I wished that all my blog readers would win the Power Ball this week. Let me know how it goes.

Ok and finally we have,
Kiyomizu-dera !!
Look at that crazy mist!!!
It looks so magical and mystical. Ooooohhhh. Spoookky!! Hehehhe

Wash your hands and face/mouth before you go in.
No one does.
But I think it could be a Buddhist tradition. Perhaps it's to cleanse yourself spiritually before you enter? Not sure.
Maybe one of you guys know for sure?

Here is the main building. It was built in 1633 but the temple dates way back before then.
Wikipedia tells me that not one nail is used in the building.
I wonder how it is built then.
Maybe D will know.
He is good with this kind of thing.

How Karate Kid is this place?
D and I did a little Karate Kid photo session when no one was looking.
Had to keep it respectful! Hahaha.

Here you can see my oversized cardigan more.
I don't know what brand it is but I got in the plus size department of Myer.
I didn't realise until I was at the register.
I like it though. YAY. It's very comfy.
I wish the umbrella from the hotel was black. The navy blue doesn't match my outfit.

Here is D lost in a sea of umbrellas!
This photo makes me laugh.
He couldn't find me. I could see him trying to look for me. It was funny.

How cute are the pink blossoms!
Cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I like the misty background too.
Look how the rain made my hair frizzy. Thanks rain! Cheers.
I felt so darn comfy that day.
Thank you outfit for keeping me warm and comfy.
I couldn't of done Kyoto without you.

I hope that when you guys visit Japan you will get a chance to visit Kyoto.
It's so beautiful.
I know that Tokyo has all the lights and crazy stuff but Kyoto offers an amazing insight into the country's history.
When you are standing in those shrines you can't help but think about who was walking in that same spot centuries ago...
Maybe even a samurai?!
Maybe even Hiro Nakamura?!
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