Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last of Tokyo Photos

Sorry this post might take a while to load if you're at work.
I just wanted to post all these photos and move on.
Trying to catch up. Arghh!!!

Here is some yoghurt from downstairs that I had for breakfast.
I thought the bottle was very cute. I think the yoghurt was actually set in the bottle.

Toasted roast vegetable sandwich for breakfast.
Wish I had one now...Mmmmm Toasties in Winter are the best!

Pistachio cake. Sooooooooo good !!! Ommmggg. Makes Brunettis seems horrible in comparison. Haha!

Here is a photo of D taking a photo of me. We do this kind of thing. Haha.

Cool shop fit out in Shinjuku...
I really want it for my house.

Oh and I forgot to post about these Harajuku crepes last time I did my Harajuku post.
They are so yummy. A heart attack in a crepe!!!

Mmmmmm SO yummy!!

Crepe envy.

But then 2 mins later I get my own crepe! YAY

Taste test !!

Crepe Success!!
I got Strawberry cheesecake. SO gross but so yummy.
There is a Harajuku crepe style store in Melbourne Central if anyone wants to try one!

Here are some cakes we got from the cake shop downstairs at the hotel.
I have no idea what this was. I just got it because it looked weird.
Some sort of flour noodle cake that had some sort of booze in it.
It was weird.

Looks like raw spaghetti no?

This cake was SOOOOOO yummy!
I'm not usually all into desserts but the presentation of cakes in Japan sucks you in.
The cream and raspberries in this made it so nice.


Ordering coffee in different countries is always interesting.
I think we have the best coffee in Melbourne.
I don't understand why other countries have horrible coffee.
D and I ordered " 2 soy lattes"
and this came....

I think thats enough to make about 8 cups of coffee.
Not too sure what the brown stuff is...????
I think the white was just warmed up soy milk.
It was weak.

We received this lovely chocolate bar thing.
I remembered it from the last time we went to Japan. It's very nice. The apricot bit is my favourite. I love apricot!

This is the window in our room !!!
I was so scared to do this ! I think I asked D a million times "So, are you sure the window wont fall out?"
But I did it ! My heart was beating so fast. I hate heights!!

I think we were on the 46th floor. Is that right D? I cant remember.
My face is all sorts of weird here. I think I was feeling v nervous about being so close to the window and just wanting D to hurry up and take the photo. Eeek!
I wish I had another photo that wasn't so wanky posey but I don't. You can all laugh at this one. Laugh at my expense. Just not too much. Hahaha

On the 43rd floor we had a pasta lunch before leaving Tokyo! I think the place is called Grindole. I could be wrong.

I had some sort of power smoothy. It cost about 6 times the amount of a bloody boost juice.
It was odd.
I'm not sure if it made me feel better.
They had them in the Paris Park Hyatt too but I never tried one.
I was feeling a bit tired and lethargic so I thought I would try the power smoothy.
I liked the presentation.
The bread stick was really good.

Yummy salad!
All the salads I had in Japan were sooo nice! Crispy and crunchy. The lettuce was never soggy or soft.
Thank you Japan for your fantastic lettuce. I enjoyed it.

Some random bronze fish downstairs at the entrance.
Hello Fish.

Good-bye Park Hyatt Tokyo
:( :( :( :(

I want to go back nowwwwwwwwwww :( :( :(

Arghh. That took FOREVER!!
I am going to go get a coffee to restore my energy levels.
Have a lovely day everyone!!!!


  1. So much amazing food! Yum! I want that candy skull from that shop in my room. Its mad. You're brave standing up in the window like that, I dont think I couldve done it :S eeep!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!

    Drooling over the food too.

    SSG xxx

  3. Hi Girly:)
    Looks like you, and the man had a wonderful trip:)

    Loved the nails...

    Have a great day - SP

  4. Those crepes look yummy, but how do you eat them without wearing the filling?

  5. I have loved all of your Japan photos. I lived there in Akasaka in Tokyo for a year and loved the place. We have been back pretty much every year since for a week or so.

    Your photos capture so many cool moments! Lots of fun!! :D

  6. thanks a lot for this trip around tokyo

  7. You are too cute. I am sorry the posts are finished, I wanted more!!
    I can't get over your crepe envy look. That expression is priceless. Haha! I like the look of the layer cake thing! But not the mince looking cake, yuk!
    Where is your next trip to?

  8. Dear Blossom,
    This is all very Lost in Translation. You can be Scarlett, D can be the guy from Ghost Busters. Love the cakes xxx

  9. Yum those crepes look gorgeous! Ahh you are so brave, my little heart was pounding just looking at the window shot. My poor bf tried so hard to get a photo of me next to the windows at the New York bar and I just couldn't physically stand next to them :( You're a lot braver than me! Loved your Tokyo photos, FF is right they were very Lost in Translation :)

  10. Your photos make me miss Tokyo! *Sigh* there's nowhere quite like it!

  11. aww its a momburan~~ the spaghetti type cakee yummyy and gosh u make me miss japannn!! my auntie has a little cake shop that makes similar things but awwww... totally envious xx

  12. how fun!! you look like a model coming out of the crepe house~ and thanks for agreeing with my about the two men looking alike. haha!

  13. I would like to be the guy from Ghost Busters like FF said, Dr Peter Venkman (Aka Bill Murray). WHO YOU GONNA CALL???? If the photos are over? Is it time for another holiday????? :)

  14. This makes me want to go to Japan SO BADLY. And eat cake. Lots of cake.....

  15. this is probably the best blog post ever..
    the food looks AMAZING!
    thanks for the comment
    most definitely following

  16. This is such a delicious post!!!! heheh. Love ur blog!

  17. Omgosh, I am MAD for the cake that looks like noodles. Think they're called Mont Blanc's? I would always ALWAYS get one when I went to the department stores food basement and not let my family have any. Yuuum!

  18. wow i love all the pics of the food u posted. looks sooo good especially that raspberry cake *drools*.

    Do you work at one of the Hyatt hotels? Seems as if you guys always use them when you travel! I'm jealous haha

  19. Looks like an amazing trip you had! I am jealous city. Desserts look drool worthy! Great blog....

  20. great looking foods and packaging. especially yogurt....

  21. Great photos!

    The booties exist in black, go to , they're there ;)

  22. love the crepery at melb central. yumm


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