Monday, May 3, 2010

Laduree in Tokyo

I wanted to go to Laduree while we were in Tokyo so I could try their macaroons once again.
When we went there in Paris, I was really sick and lost my taste so I really had no idea if they were nice or not.
Here is the lobby of the hotel.
Those trees and plants are real. I checked. Hahaha

I am wearing a top from the mature ladies section of David Jones
Icebreaker snow thermal ( haha it was cold !!)
2 pairs of 120 opaques
Zara boots
Chanel reissue.

Here is downstairs at the entrace. (The lobby is on level 42)

Here we are at Laduree. We had a nice seat at the window so we could people watch. Fun!

We had the exact same meal we had in Paris. It was so nice that everything was the same as Paris. It was like a trip down memory lane to remember our engagement.

We had vegetarian club sandwiches. They were nice. I liked the gold toothpick things.

Lovely espresso. I love espresso.
I think it was some stupidly outrageous price like $15. Pffft !

And here come the macaroons!! Woooooo!!!
They were yummy. I liked the licorice one best. It had a very subtle licorice taste.
The dark pink one was nice and sour and the orange one had some weird flavour we couldn't quite pick up on.
The chocolate one was okay.

I think I prefer the ones at Lindt Cafe though....

After that we headed to Tokyu Hands.
Which is popular in Japan it seems. I guess its some of or random department store that sells arts/crafts/kitchenware/toys/bicycles/partyware etc

I wish I got this cute teapot. Why didn't I buy ??!! WHY?!

Bat glasses?
Kind of like an extreme version of those new Wang sunnies. I tried them on in Tokyo. They looked too weird on me. Pity. They are cool.

He he !
Beer googles!!
Hahaha. They had so many funny sunnies.

But I went home with this instead.....

Now I just have to be invited somewhere to wear it .......


  1. omgosh that outfit is so freakin cute! i want it!! xx

  2. LOLZ!! FUN!! :D
    I am heading to Paris in July will DEFINITELY have to check out Laduree...looks divine!!

  3. omg pingu, how did you get your hair to look so good. I swear there's a penguin cartoon character in japan called pingu...well it sounds japanese, so your costume seems appropriate! (although i could have just made that up in my mind because pingu sounds like penguin). oh well. but THE HAIR!

  4. HAHAHA! Loving the penguin outfit. I dare you to wear it out and about!

    Your hair looks really good!

  5. I love how you live your life! or in FF's words: "adorable"!
    The pink maccaron probably was raspberry. The brown could have been caramel or Tiramisu/coffee?

    Is the Lindt Cafe in J or AUS?

    I am lucky this time my coworker isn't in the room, I laughed out loud. hehe

  6. LOL that made me laugh!!

    and i agree, lindt cafe maracoons are the best!

  7. Love love this post :) the penguin suit is adorable!

  8. Oh my fricking god, that costume is too cute! You look just like a real Pingu! I dare you to wear it in public.

  9. I'm not into macaroons so i can't really taste the difference between a good one and a bad one...actually the only one i've ever tried is at a japanese starbucks. It was quite good imo. There's a great bread shop in Ginza, it's really famous... and it has a cafe on the second floor and restaurant on the third...this place also charges like 15$ for a coffee but it's awesome. I hope you went/go.

  10. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you like my penguin suit. After i tried it on i left in the room and housekeeping found it and folded it up. HAHA.
    Imagine what they would have thought?!

    martha, i love pingu! its such a weird cartoon with the play-doh and the weird noises it makes. haha
    i didn't go to the bakery. do you know its name?
    i love carbs so i will go next time.

    Paula, the Lindt cafe is in melbourne. I've been to the one at Chadstone but i just saw on google there is a couple in sydney too!

  11. i'm going to tokyo in a couple of weeks and i was wondering what the prices were like in comparison to the paris location? are they outrageous? (i.e. how are the macarons priced there??)

  12. Is it macaron or macaroon? Wikipedia tells me they're different things, but both cakes. Macaron matched the pics you have.
    I'm cake confused.
    Your trip looks amazing dear x

  13. Baahahahaa the Pingu outfit, love, love, love it!! The macaroons look so moorish. Have you seen Peep Show, when he goes on about things being moorish. Funny shiz, you should watch that. Watch Peep Show and don't drink that heinous Vitamin Water. I'm going to shut up now. ♥

  14. 15 $ for espresso??? what!?!??

  15. Hey Nicolette -
    I think the pricing was pretty on par with the prices in Paris Laduree. It could even be cheaper in Tokyo because our dollar is a tad stronger to the JPY.
    Have a lovely trip!!

    Laura -
    On the Laduree website it spells it as Macaroon but perhaps that is a French thing? I see on wikipedia it says Macaron. Maybe thats the English way?
    I guess it could go either way depending on where you're from? Not too sure!

  16. Hi Sweety:)
    Love your photos, and you in the bath...awesome:)

    Have a lovely day - SP

  17. your photos are really really nice

  18. EVERYONE NEEDS A PENGUIN SUIT! Those vego sandwiches look delicious, it's so refreshing to find decent vegetarian food while travelling.


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