Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland

D and I decided to visit Disneyland last minute in Tokyo. I thought we would give it a miss this time because we had been before, but we decided to go because we always have such fun and the weather forecast was clear for a nice day.
We headed in after lunch around 2ish and there was ZERO crowds. So bizarre.

So as soon as we arrived it started raining. A lot. Even though every media outlet said it was 0% of rain that day at the skies were clear. That is my luck. It has rained the last THREE times I've been to Disneyland. Weird huh?


Sucks to be Peter Pan because he had to fight off the pirates in his poncho.
I'm glad they had a Time Out before starting their sword fight to get weather appropriate.

Tigger joined in the pirade. He is very fluro isn't he?
Look at ol Pooh Bear in the corner down there.

We went on mandatory Teacup ride.
I got Mickey ears btw. And I bought a big black hoodie because it was a lot colder than I anticipated.

I take the Teacups ultra seriously because it is my mission to make D spew.

We got some chips to try and get our energy levels up. It's one of the only vegetarian snacks at the park that is not 99% sugar. The kids love sugar don't they? Disneyland knows it. Everything is sugar x 100000.
But thats not important,
What is going on here?
Where is the rest of my chips?
Why do they only fill it up HALF WAY?
McDonalds in Japan does the same thing.
Cant they see I'm a greedy overfed westerner here?
I need my fat intake for the day.
How dare they.

Here is a little video I took in the Winnie the Pooh ride.
I didn't have the camera up to my face so it's a bit all over the place but you get the general idea.
It does have sound, so for those of you who are being sneaky at work, put our computer on MUTE.

Cute yeah? If you watched it with no sound, try and watch it again later with sound so you can hear the cute Japanese narrative.

Here is some snack we had. It was sweet potato in a stick form type of donut thing.
We had a chocolate flavour one too but it was way too chocolatey and had to go.

Thank you D for being my hand model on that shot. Nice work.

Below we have a Disney Duck that just wanders around looking cute and begging for food.
Everyone walks around with popcorn tubs at Disneyland and you fill them with different flavours in the different lands. So I think that duck man here wants popcorn.
You can get honey, curry, soy sauce, salt etc. Lots of different flavours.

Here we have the infamous
"It's a small world" ride. It is great. I LOVE IT.
You are allowed to take photos. It is probably the only ride that allows them in Disneyland.
First off
YOU ARE ON A BOAT. What's not to love?
It has this marvelous chlorine smell. Mmmm.
Everyone loves the smell of chlorine. If you say you don't, you are probably lying to yourself.
It's a pretty marvelous smell.

Here are the lovely kids of the world.
They do look like they want to stab you in the face.
How can this not creep children out?!

I think all the kids of the world have the same face and just different hair to determine their nationality/race.
What clever cost cutting Disney. It looks like the boys and girls even have the same face. hahaha

Here is a video. Once again, it has sound, so if you are at work, hit the MUTE button again.
But if you get a chance to watch again, do, its funny because its the song in other languages.
The whole thing is crazy.

The crowd at Disneyland was basically non-existant.
The longest we waited all day for a ride was 7 minutes and that was for Winnie the Pooh.
The were no lines. It was weird but amazing.
We got to go on rides several times.
We would just come out the exit and go straight back to the start of the line on the other side.
My favourite rides at Tokyo Disneyland were:

Haunted House
Pirates of the Carribean
Winnie the Pooh

Then for dinner we had this lovely pasta. It was very nice for Disneyland food.
Very unexpected.

We headed home before the park closed because the fireworks were cancelled due to the rain.
In between 2.30 and 9 we would of gone on at least 10 rides and had lunch and dinner and did shopping and snacks and rests etc
That must be some sort of Disneyland record.

The princess castle makes me very excited.
I am not a girly girl. I dunno why. Maybe all the child hood memories of watching Disney films and how much I loved them?

My favourite Disney film as a kid was probably Roger Rabbit or Aladdin.
I did love Little Mermaid as well.
Too many to pick just one!!!

What was your favourite Disney movies??


  1. may the Tokyo-stories never stop! I really enjoy your postings on Japan. Did not expect you to visit Disneyland, did not even know they have one!

    Roger Rabbit as the fav childhood-Disney-movie is a funny thought. Because I am too old! I was already babysitting in the late 80's.
    My favs were The Rescuers (aka Bernard and Bianca) and the Aristocats (lots of reruns back in the 70s).

    Mystery, Fun, Intrigue - is what the Rescuers-poster says at Doesn't sound too girly, no?

    It was very hard to overcome the disappointment and grieve, when I was not allowed to go and see Peter Pan with my older sister - because I was too young, the story too brutal. boohoo.

    Glad to see they dress appropiate in Tokyo during the fight. it seems as if they had to laugh, looking at themselves.

  2. Loving your tales-of-Tokyo, although they are making me jealous. Aside from my wedding day, I don't think I've ever smiled so much as the day I went to Tokyo Disneyland. Even though the teacup ride was closed. Only time I stopped smiling was when I went on the It's a small world ride... that singing, those awful dancing figurines... creepiest ride ever.

  3. Yeah now i want to go to Japan... and those kids are creepy... LOL

  4. Your posts are making me want to go to Japan ASAP!

    My favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid :)

  5. I had a dream once where all the creepy children from the small world ride rose up and took over my town. I had this dream when i was a kid - coincidentally I have never wanted to go to disneyland. It looks rad though. I love Winnie the Pooh. Was Eeyore there? He is my fave.

  6. I had no idea there was a Disneyland in Japan! Your posts are making me want to pay Japan a visit!

    My fave Disney movie is Aladdin. It still makes me crack up when I watch it now - and I'm 20! The genie is the best haha

  7. Hi =)

    I found your blog through vogue forums ;)
    And I love it!! I have been clicking on ur site daily..eagering awaiting new posts haha (everyone has 'daily hits' right? Just sites you visit every day?! just me? hmm haha)

    Just wanna say you're doing a great job and I love the fashion posts best ;)

  8. I love Mickey's silhouette! At first I thought they were balloons in the first photo of the entrance, and then I realised they are lamps. How cool! I want one for my front door! I want your Micky ears as well. They are a great accessory when tea cupping! The tea cups are mandatory - I love them because a)they don't go up in the sky and b) i am always nervous they will spin so much that they take off and spin into the onlooking crowd. Kinda a scary pleasure.

    Frothing on your Tokyo posts! Keep them coming!

  9. Aladdin and the little mermaid for sure! also the lion king. tokyo disneyland looks like so much fun! nice mouse ears ;)

  10. Paula - I haven't seen the rescuers but it sounds good!! I am going to find a copy to watch.
    I think i might go back and watch all the Disney classics.

    Bonsai - I'm so glad you agree its creepy!! I'm glad you enjoyed the park though. Some people get disappointed by the lines and let it ruin the day :(

    miss_aimes - i cant remember if i saw eeore or not. i think it would be a hard one because he walks on all fours. hahaha they'd have to have someone crawling over all day in costume. how funny! haha

    holly - hello! thanks for reading! I have lots of blogs that i check daily. hahah sometimes i wonder if they can see that im doing that even tho they probably cant! its like watching home n away or neighbours but in blogging form!

    FlitAbout - OMG i hate rides that go up in the sky too! Especially that Dumbo ride. Kids must be crazy!!!

  11. i guess the chucky dolls are all the same in dinsey world/land! I saw the same ones in florida :)

  12. such fantastic photos! i have never been to disney land and i am regretting so much! in fact i adore all the diney cartoons, but the beauty and the beast and little marmaid are my fauvorites! donald cuk is my first serious love as well :D

  13. very jealous and it looks like you're having lots of fun in Japan, minus the food in Disneyland. I am amazed at the pasta though. Looks decently portioned too! x

  14. Fantastic photos! Your Disney pasta looks good. x

  15. starting the Tokyo-trilogy you asked for apologies, because of the large bandwidth. I had no problem with my bandwith so far, but it seems as if you are getting beyond your picture-upload-limit?

    All the pictures turned invisible.

  16. Horray! the pics are back again!

  17. photobucket had a spazz over the bandwidth being exceeded but its all fixed now!
    i might have to change to flickr or something!


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