Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New York Bar & Grill and Shinjuku at night.

After our long days in Tokyo we liked to go upstairs to the New York Bar & Grill for nightcaps.
It had nice cocktails and a live jazz band every night. They were v good.
It is one of my favourite places in Tokyo.
The view at 52 storeys high is pretty amazing too ! It's where they shot Lost in Translation as well. If you have seen the movie you might remember the scenes in the bar?

I wore this Kirrily Johnston kaftan style dress. It is such a good travel dress because it is crinkle style so no ironing required! WOO!!

I wore this Make Believe necklace that D got me for Christmas last year. I don't think I have blogged about it yet?? Not sure.
Anyway, here it is!
It's pretty heavy. I get neck pains wearing it.
I might have a sensitive neck so don't let it put you off if you were thinking about getting on.

I wore my hair up this night because it was quite late and no time to get ready.
I think it makes me look like a boy. It's a very rare sighting of me with hair up. Haha!

Here we ordered a "Dessert tasting plate for 2"

UM Who are these 2 people? Giants??!!!
This is huge !!!
It's seriously like a dessert plate for 8 !!
I'm not complaining. We smashed it.
Ha ha ! It did take about an hour though.

New York Cheesecake with raspberry and cream.

I think this was strawberry ice-cream and kiwi fruit gelati. I'm not 100% sure. D correct me if I'm wrong.
I love fresh mint though. I always eat it and D freaks out because he thinks its for decoration only.

This passionfruit tart was ULTRA tangy. My mouth goes all weird just thinking about it.
It was nice though.

Some sort of chocolate brownie number.
I would say this was the least nice of the 4 because its nothing special really.
Just a bit of chocolate and flour.

Nice clear shot of the sky?

How funny is this photo?
With the flash off it creates the weirdest photos if there is movement.
I look like I'm doing some sort of karate action.

The lights of Shinjuku.

Here is Pachinko. I've never played. It looks boring to me.

Lots of bikes.
D makes a nice little cameo there on the left.

Cute penguin.
This shop sold so many random things. It was open 24 hours.
On our last trip to Japan we had to make a emergency suitcase purchase at midnight and it saved my ass. Thank you penguin shop!

Down a side street...


Laneway bar..

And that is the end of the post!
I have to get back to Mothers Day duties.
I just wanted to post today because I realised it has been a little while since the last one.
Hopefully I will be able to finish the Japan posts this week!

Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day!!


  1. Freaking awesome photos homie! You've made me so, so, soooooOOOoooo excited to go snowboarding in Japan land. Plus the food, Hamish is dying to check out the food there. Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm all good, it's just a bittersweet feeling. I think I'm going to go to Common, my peep's doing support for the Brizvegas show and is hoping to get support for the Melbourne show. Woooo hoooo! ♥

  2. Gorgeous photos! I absolutely adore Lost in Translation. When my bf and I went to Tokyo last year we went to the New York Bar, I loved it :) I so should have had that dessert, I would have gobbled it down so fast! Love your necklace too, is it the same one that 's on the front cover of Frankie this month?

    Loving your Japan photos :)

  3. Woah I love the pics - the one of you two in the reflection is awesome. You look like a pair of hard-ass assassins. Your man has awesome tatts too :-D

  4. omg omg omg omg. the necklace. i want to go to Japan NOW.

  5. Oh, the heavy necklaces ... I just passed over a heavy necklace to my mother today because it makes my head tingly after a while. :(

    D is quite brave, showing off his tatoos in Japan! They must have thought he is a member of the Yakuza. Did he ever have any problems at an Onsen? In capsule-hotels they have this no-tatoos-policy because they don't want to interfere with Yakuzas under no circumstances.

    This dessert-plate looks like a nice dinner. These are the reasons why it feels good to be an adult: I can eat what I want, where I want, when I want :-D

    I would not mind if the Japan-postings continued!

  6. Eeep! I love those Make Believe necklaces. Trying to con someone into buying me one for my birthday haha. That dessert plate looks delish. All your Japan photos are making me want to book flights over pronto. Pity I just wasted a buttload of money on Splendour festival tickets.


  7. I love love love that necklace! They didn't have red orses perchance? Cos that would rock. Your photos are amazing. I wanna go now!

  8. Does anyone know why I'm getting all these comments in Chinese lately?
    Is it just spam?

    Lola - I haven't seen Frankie this month! I'll have to check it out.
    So glad you loved new york bar !! its a really nice vibe with the music!

    KittyMeow - Thanks! I will tell him. I should take some proper photos of his sleeve one day and post about them!

    Paula - I think at the park hyatt they would be used to tourists having tattoos. the staff were very nice. they are mainly young so they would understand.
    he wasn't allowed in the hotel baths though, because of the tattoos!

    miss aimes - i dont think they have red. I'm not too sure. they have white, black, pink, dark pink and blue from memory.
    they might do red next season tho! it seems like an obvious choice right? hopefully they will do a red! it would be nice!

  9. I love your ninja in the lift pic! And that cheesecake, are you trying to torture me?

    I see that D. went to Bape. LH went there too, and in typical fashion, managed to buy the blandest most Country Toad like thing they had - a navy hoodie in a waffle cotton texture! I hope D. got something more exciting.

  10. PS yes, your chinese comments are spam - they link to porn.

  11. Oh WOWZERS you have an awesome eye and camera. Your photos are so asthetically pleasing as my art teacher used to say. Oh also that necklace your wearing suits you to a T !
    I love your blog :)

  12. The Necklace is worth the neck pain, its beautiful!
    And the food makes me wanna go to a proper bakery *sighs
    Lol you should titled this post Welcome to the Good LIFE.

  13. Love love love the necklace. As usual your post is making me drool from the tasty looking food! xx

  14. I LOVE D'S SLEEVE! very sexy. and your hair looks pretty up!!! and the desserts look anaaaaaaaaaaaaazing....
    yum yum yum i'm jealous at work with a shit foul floury apple.
    price you pay for solid binging for a weeek. haha. but seriously yum desserts


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